12 Must-Protect Anime Characters of All Time

12 Must-Protect Anime Characters of All Time

There are different kinds of Anime characters and some of them are so precious that when you see them, the instant thought comes up like these characters must be protected at all cost no matter what. These anime characters are not only naive but such simpletons that their innocence will melt your heart.

Anytime you see these anime characters suffering you can't stop yourself from getting irritated and wanting to protect them because they deserve all the love, care and protection in the world.

Their pain and suffering make your heart bleed and people who give them a hard time, start disliking them instantly. What are your top anime characters of all time that scream “Must Protect”? Did your character make it into the list?

12. Mitsuki (Boruto)

a young man using snakes as a weapon

Mitsuki from Boruto is a synthetic human Orochimaru created. Mitsuki is a calm and well-composed person who barely expresses himself. He cares about his teammates and often rushes for their help.

It was sad to watch him leave the village in search of answers and unfortunately to learn he doesn’t have the heart (or core) unlike others. Seeing his newfound friends die Mitsuki was sad. That was really heartbreaking.

11. Kawai Mai (Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu)

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Mai Kawai from Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu or Police in a Pod anime series is truly precious. Kawai joined the police force after graduating from school. She is often partnered with Sgt Fuji Seiko who was transferred on the day she decided to quit.

Unlike other characters in the anime, Kawai often ends up in problematic situations. However, thanks to Fuji, Kawai often barely manages to get by. Kawai learns new things from Fuji and that’s really heartwarming.

Kawai Mai is one of the most protected anime characters. She’s often overworked and has to deal with work oppression but let’s cheer her effort and spirit to continue working as a policewoman.

10. Onodera Ritsu (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)

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This list would have been incomplete without the mention of Onodera Ritsu from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime.

Ritsu can be defined as a hardworking individual who tries his best at work. His love life is a total mess. He can be described as a pushover both in work and love.

On top of that Ritsu gets to deal with a power-tripping boss and Yokozawa from sales who looked down on him a lot. Ritsu often gets played by Takano and well, Ritsu is a must to protect the character from all the people trying to take advantage of him or talk ill about him.

Although Takano doesn’t harbor ill motives towards Ritsu, they had a heartbreaking past that was traumatic enough for Ritsu.

9. Mori Jin (The God of Highschool)

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Mori Jin from The God of Highschool is a precious character. No one can come close to Mori Jin when it comes to being carefree and crazy about fighting.

Mori Jin cares about two things in the world besides fighting, his grandpa Jin Tae Jin and his friends Han Dae Wi and Yoo Mi Ra. When anyone hurts Mori Jin, your heart just breaks and you can get rage enough to curse the people who hurt him.

8. Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto had a sad childhood. He was hated by everyone in Konoha. His entire life, Naruto kept struggling for family, love, recognition but no matter the hardship, he never gave up.

Naruto is a precious and well-deserved character who must be protected, but he ends up protecting others. Naruto made sure to reach his dreams and taught everyone the power of friendship.

7. Chii (Chobits)

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Chii is a Persocom or personal computer. She is a Chobits, an urban legend who developed emotions. Chii is one of the most naive and innocent characters who must be protected. Although Hideki takes care of her earnestly, Chii is simply adorable and quite dependent on him.

6. Katsura Kotarou (Gintama)

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No one should mess with Katsura Kotarou or Zura from Gintama. The Jouichi leader Katsura can be a bit dense and naive when it comes to almost everything.

Gintoki often makes fun of him and teases him, but Katsura is one of the characters that must be protected from pretty much everything. Although, Katsura always ends up saving others and is one of Gintoki’s allies.

5. Kyou Souma (Fruits Basket)

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Kyou Souma is one of the most heartbreaking characters in Fruits Baskets. The only person who ever showed him kindness was Tohru and his mentor Kazuma Kyou. Kyou’s own family brutally deserted him and refused to acknowledge his presence.

Kazuma Kyou was the rightful family that truly cared about Kyou and is the family he deserves. Kyou is one of the must protect anime characters because he genuinely deserves all the protection and love in the world.

4. Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura)

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Yukito Tsukishiro is a gentle and kind character in the entire anime universe. His alter ego Yue can be a bit cold and aloof, but Yukito is quite warm. He is one of the characters you possibly can’t think of hurting and want to cheer him up no matter what choices he makes.

3. Baam (Tower of God)

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When it comes to naive, kindhearted, and simpleton characters, Baam from Tower of God probably tops the list. He is selfless and will do anything to protect his friends.

No matter what, there’s hardly anyone who can hate Baam (Rachel is an exception), yet there are people who want to hurt him. This is why Team Rak & Khun want to protect Baam at all costs, as Baam is a soft cinnamon roll who’s too pure.

2. Natsume Takashi (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

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Natsume Takashi from Natsume’s Book of Friends is another example of kindness with a flaw. He possesses the Book of Friends and tries his best to return the names of spirits his grandma Natsume Reiko collected.

His kindness often gets him in trouble, but that never stops Natsume from doing good deeds. Of course, we have Nyanko sensei to protect Natsume so that feels safe.

1. Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

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Nezuko Kamado is Tanjoiro’s younger sister who became a demon after their entire family is wiped out. Despite being a demon, Nezuko tries her best to never harm humans and doesn’t like when people try to hurt Tanjiro.

Nezuko is a character that everyone must protect because she tries her best to help others despite the prejudice she often ends up facing. We love Nezuko and her bond with her brother.

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