10 Hilarious Naruto Memes That Every Otaku Will Laugh At

10 Hilarious Naruto Memes That Every Otaku Will Laugh At

Memes are great. Whether it’s a sad day or a boring day, memes can get you through the day. Anime memes have made a shelf for themselves. Hilarious Naruto memes are born from otakus who spend time with their photo-editing software. Naruto has provided a decade worth of memes for all the anime fans.


One of the most infamous Naruto memes ever, this one should be on the top of the list. Naruto’s visuals had gotten better over the years but sometimes… when you press pause, you can get a little laugh out of the anime.

Moreover, Naruto’s fights have a few of the best-choreographed fights in anime. On that note, two serious characters who never joke around have starred in one of the funniest Naruto memes ever. Pain can be seen on both Pain (sorry not sorry for the pun) and Sasuke.

pain and sasuke meme


An otaku can totally relate. While we can’t blame the non-anime fans for not knowing, this meme is the embodiment of every anime to non-anime person's interaction. Undeniably, Naruto is one of the most famous lengthy anime out there especially after Dragon Ball Z and this Naruto meme can attest to it.

Every anime has a different art style, so this meme calls out all the stereotypical non-anime watchers. But this is also to praise Naruto, which is still one of the most-watched series after its end and even got a whole series just for his kid, Boruto.

a joke related to naruto and other anime character


This Naruto meme represents the epic battle between the smartest kid in class with the teacher. We’ve all witnessed it and some have even been a part of it. It’s no secret that Orochimaru has always wanted to become Hokage, although all his efforts were in vain.

This battle between Orochimaru and the Third Hokage was intense, and one of the real battles of immense strength seen. This battle especially showed us all the powers of the Third Hokage and gave us a very creepy introduction to Orochimaru.

orochimaru and the third hokage meme

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This Naruto meme speaks for all the non-Japanese speakers. One might even say that a true otaku only watches the subbed version of anime with subtitles. Although dub has been a blessing, there’s just something authentic about the subbed versions.

Some anime has a great sub and dub version while for some, either the dub or the sub is better than the latter. Also, Kakashi fits this meme perfectly- Sharingan is an incredible prowess to possess and Kakashi can handle it very well. We all struggle to watch the subbed version but sometimes, it’s worth the extra effort.

sharingan meme


Indeed, this meme sums up the entire series. As all fans know, the series shows great emphasis on Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship. But, with Sasuke dealing with his own trauma and decisions that led him astray, the Naruto series has a major plot revolving around the two.

The series focuses a whole lot on relationships with others and oneself. Sasuke’s bad decisions have certainly created an interesting plot. Throughout the series, Naruto is always desperately trying to save his dear friend without whom they could not have won the Great Ninja War.

sasuke meme


This is another one of the classic Naruto memes that will make you laugh out loud. If you’ve watched Naruto, you know what this meme means. Orochimaru was always greedy for jutsus and a hope to live an eternal life.

While no one can fully understand his desires, he manages to mysteriously and very creepily, come back to life. He’s unstoppable and extremely dangerous. This meme is so contradictory that it fits him really well. Orochimaru had one thing going for him- his persistence to become an eternal being. It is almost impossible to defeat him because of it.

Orochimaru death meme


Itachi Uchiha is a formidable opponent, even when he was on the verge of becoming blind. This meme has dark humor which is sad but funny at the same time. Itachi’s situation is sad yet he kept going until the very end. It was revealed early on in the series that the Sharingan causes permanent blindness if one abuses its powers. Sadly, Itachi had no choice, much like most of his life. He had to meet his fate. This meme has a funny take on his situation albeit desolate. Itachi knowingly used his prowess to the point where he fought Sasuke blind to his death.

itachi and sasuke meme


If there’s a way to defeat Kakashi, it’s to tell him the contents of his super pervy book, just like Naruto. Kakashi is often seen reading ‘Icha Icha Tactics’ written by the great Pervy Sage aka Jiraiya himself. Also, we got a glimpse of the content when Kakashi had read out some not-so-innocent sentences out of the book to decode a message.

Furthermore, if Fifty Shades of Grey were in Naruto, Kakashi would be its number one fan. You could even say that it’s a signature style of his, which he does while eating, training, and simply to while away time.

kakashi reading a book


We’ve all watched Naruto grow up. We’ve seen him in every stage of his life and the harsh training he went through. So, when he left with Jiraiya and came back, we expected some really cool new powers. Rasengan was no cakewalk, considering the intense training he went through.

And when his cool new power was just a bigger Rasengan, it disappointed the fans a bit. Sure, a big Rasengan can do some serious damage but what about a new Jutsu? We wanted to see some serious changes. Nevertheless, that S-rank jutsu defeated some major villains and became his signature power card in a fight.

naruto meme


Itachi Uchiha might be a formidable opponent who is undefeatable by the average to powerful ninja. But he is a total gentleman. Even though he had to wipe out his entire clan, he was generous where it mattered to him the most.

This meme relates to the scene in the Naruto series when Itachi and Kisame were planning to abduct Naruto for their mission. On that note, even if you’re going to do something bad, why not be polite at the same time? Kind of contradictory don’t you think? Itachi is just one of a kind.

meme related to itachi