Naruto vs Pain: The Best Fight In Naruto Shippuden Season 8?

Naruto vs Pain: The Best Fight In Naruto Shippuden Season 8?

Naruto vs Pain, an epic fight that will forever be etched in the viewer’s memory, Naruto Shippuden season 8, is the most awaited confrontation for the fans. Akatsuki’s invasion had destroyed Konoha entirely.

No one could stand up to them, and the people were rendered helpless. Pain (Nagato) and Konan were the showrunners from the background.

Akatsuki invades Konoha in order to kidnap Naruto and extract the Nine-tails but it wasn’t successful. He was away from Konoha, still trying to master the Sage mode.

Having learned about his mentor’s demise, he was in grief. He was still struggling with the training, trying to take too much natural energy could turn him into a toad or stone. Under Fukasaku’s guidance, Naruto was able to perfect Sage mode and surpass Jiraiya.


The fight between Naruto vs Pain was unfair right from the start. It was practically a 1:6 fight, not in favor of Naruto. But as if Uzumaki was going to lose that easily. Naruto vs Pain was fought between Jiraiya’s mentees, a big surprise!!! Jiraiya trained both Pain and Naruto.

Naruto vs Pain was a legendary battle of the elites, each side having entirely different beliefs. Naruto had larger stakes in this battle, the lives and fate of Konoha rested on his shoulders. Defeat was certainly not an option.

As for Pain’s team, the hunt for Jinchurikis was still on. Their well coordinated but sudden attack to capture Uzumaki felt like a last-ditch effort after the plan to kidnap Killer Bee went under.

Akatsuki’s extreme idea was appalling. The plan to use the Jinchurikis like a massive bomb and control everyone with fear doesn’t fit too well if hypothetically taken into account.

There were so many casualties. As a viewer, your heart will bleed if you share the same sentiments when you see your favorite characters suddenly dying.


scene from a fight

This was an extremely spine-chilling battle that was fought on different fronts led by sub-groups. While the main attraction was the much-awaited Naruto vs Pain fight, the purpose was finding Pain’s real body and restoring the devoured souls.

If I have to pick an MVP that would be Shikamaru, for concluding the whereabouts of Pain’s body, Hinata for coming to Naruto’s aid when he was getting his butt-whopped by Pain, and lastly the Fourth Hokage for sealing back the nine-tails when Naruto was about to give in to despair.

Uzumaki returns from his training at Mount Myoboku and defeats the Asura, Human, Animal, and Naraka Paths, and saves Tsunade. Soon Deva’s path (Yahiko’s body) shows up and the fight resumes.

Nagato controls the body through the rods and body piercings and has full access to the complete field of vision. Pain’s attacks were well-coordinated and without any blind spots.

Pain had an upper hand during the fight, and Fukasaku was caught in the fight, costing him his life. Using the chakra disruption blades, Uzumaki was pinned down. Hinata enters the fight only to be brutally hurt by Pain. Naruto loses his control and goes into a six tails transformation.

The battle arc was beautifully shown. You suffer emotionally and breathe a joy of relief when Uzumaki lands a punch at Pain. Of course, Uzumaki suffers equally damaging blows.

With his perfected Rasenshuriken and Sage Mode, and the help of his shadow clones, he dealt a massive blow to Pain’s sixth body.

The entire duration of the fight was petrifying. What if Uzumaki lost? What if nine-tails were extracted from him? Your mind doesn’t want to go that way but there’s no helping it.

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