What makes Natsu and Lucy the Best Power Couple in Fairy Tail?

What makes Natsu and Lucy the Best Power Couple in Fairy Tail?

If you are aware of Fairy Tail then you must know about Natsu and Lucy. Natsu and Lucy are one of the two most enjoyable characters in Fairy Tail.

Whenever Natsu and Lucy are on the screen they never fail to make you realize how genuine these two characters are and they are the perfect definition of a power couple in Fairy Tail.

The hot-headed Natsu and the level-headed Lucy make the perfect dream team in Fairy Tail.

Joined by Happy who is definitely not the third wheeler but accompanies them in their journey is worth viewing.

So why are Natsu and Lucy the power couple in Fairy tail when there are so many ships that are equally compelling; what makes them so attractive? Find out in Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Lucy Ship

Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia are some of the most Canon ships in fairy tail. More commonly known as NaLu, the ship is here to stay.

Although at the end of the Fairy Tail series we did not get a proper ending of Natsu and Lucy, like other couples as well, it was disappointing.

None of the Fairy Tail ships sailed and we didn't get to see any official couple, but Natsu and Lucy are one eternal couple in Fairy Tail.

How did Natsu and Lucy Meet?

With fates at work, Natsu and Lucy met in a very special way. The first meeting was almost magical. Lucy left home to explore in venture different places to become the most powerful celestial wizard. Natsu was traveling with Happy in a free-spirited manner like he always is.

blushing wizards looking at each other

Natsu is one of a kind and somehow got entangled with Lucy. After Lucy's mother passes away she ran away from home. Natsu was looking for Igneel and stumbled upon a tip he received in Hargeon Town.

When Lucy meets Natsu for the first time, she instantly feels a connection with him and her heart beats fast and she slowly moves towards Natsu.

The Unofficial Date

the couple and a cat at the dinner table

It was the first unofficial date when Lucy invited Natsu for a meal as a token of appreciation for helping her. Natsu and Lucy exchange conversations and discuss the whereabouts of Igneel and soon part ways.

Soon Natsu rescues Lucy from Salamander and gets acquainted. It was Natsu who invited Lucy into the Fairy tail guild in Magnolia. After Lucy joins the guild she becomes part of team Natsu and together with Happy they often go on different adventures together.

The personality of Natsu and Lucy

the couple and the cat ready for a fight

What's interesting is both Natsu and Lucy have very opposite personalities yet they make the best team ever in Fairy Tail. Natsu and Lucy can be referred to as the Fire and Celestial duo.

It cannot be fire and ice because the Ice Magic user is Gray Fullbuster who has a different ship from Juvia Lickser who is a water user. Gray and Juvia make a good couple as well but nothing like Natsu and Lucy.

blushing girl and cringing boy

Natsu is hot-headed and Lucy is calm and level-headed; the brains of the team. Nathu is carefree and reckless in nature while Lucy is a beauty with brains.

For every situation, Natsu thinks brawls and violence are the answer. However, Lucy prefers not to use fights whenever possible. That doesn't make Lucy any less powerful than other wizards in the Fairy Tail guild.

The Opposites Attract

Natsu is a straightforward guy and fiercely loyal. He is very protective of his friend and the same can be extended to Lucy who's not only fierce but extremely loyal towards Natsu and Fairy Tail.

What makes Natsu the most amazing character of Fairy Tail is that he does not have any perverse tendencies and respects the opposite genders, especially Lucy.

the boy and girl exercising

Natsu loves to fight and his fights always end up causing widespread destruction.

While Natsu always uses brute strength, Lucy always uses strategy and her brain to defeat her enemies. The only weakness that Natsu has is motion sickness.

The Similarities between the Power Duo

The common element between Natsu and Lucy is that they're both passionate, kind, and very forgiving towards others. Both Natsu and Lucy never hold grudges against others and immediately end up forgiving them.

Natsu is fearless and sometimes Lucy gets easily frightened but she has no problems fighting whenever needed and always faces danger with courage.

Natsu and Lucy are some of the closest members of Fairy Tail and have formed a deep bonding. They are team members and partners alongside Happy and often go on adventures together.

the injured couple after a fight

Natsu can be very destructive and childish which Lucy finds quite amusing. Natsu always drops by Lucy's home unannounced and occasionally sleeps in Lucy's bed while waiting for her.

Although Lucy shows irritation and complaints, she never kicks Natsu and Happy out of her house. In a sense, both Natsu and Lucy call each other weird based on their individual standards. Lucy spends most of their time with Natsu.

When Natsu left for a year after Igneel's death, he only wrote a memo for Lucy only saying goodbye.

As Natsu wanted to protect Lucy from any harm and danger he decided to go with Happy leaving Lucy behind. The separation was not for long and they finally reunited.

Fairy Tail was together once again. Natsu and Lucy have a great amount of trust and was sure if anything happens Natsu will always protect her. Lucy became very upset when others called Natsu a demon.

She did everything in her power to sever ties of Natsu (END) between the book. Some of the characters like Levy, Cana, Mirajane, Reza, and others have taken note of how Natsu and Lucy are close and must be seeing each other.

They even say that they are in love or a couple in Fairy Tail.

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