Why Is Nina Tucker The Most Loved Character?

Why Is Nina Tucker The Most Loved Character?

Nina Tucker was the youngest daughter of Shou Tucker. Her father was known as the “Sewing-life Alchemist”. She was four years old in the anime which was released in 2003. Nina referred to both Alphonse and Edward as her “Big Brothers”. She called Alphonse her “Big-big Brother” and Edward her “Big-little Brother”. Although this trust in him indirectly leads to her demise.


Nina Tucker was an adorable young girl with blue eyes and long hair to her waist. She usually wore a pink polo T-shirt under her blue dress. She first appeared in chapter five with Edward and Alphonse, when Elric arrived at her father’s estate in the East City. Elric shifted to the East City in order to study biochemistry. Nina convinced them to spend a day with her and her pet dog.

The Chimera: Nina & Alexander

Tucker killed both Nina and her dog, Alexander, who transfused their bodies and turned them into a Chimera. After being alchemically fused with his pet dog, Alexander, by her own father, Shou Tucker, she exhibited a body of a dog-like beast. The creature had a brown mane which was the same as her original brown hair. The chimaera even had the ability to speak.

Originally, Alexander belonged to the breed of Great Pyrenees. So when his body was fused with Nina, he lost his ability to be fluffy and turned into a peach-skinned hybrid creature with thin hair on her back. We can even see that after the transfusion, Nina’s memory became weak. She barely remembered anything from her past. As a clone, she was seen naked, with her long hair being the only thing to cover herself up. Even her hair was seen to be very long at this point. She even looked a bit older than she was.

In the FMA series, the mutated Nina was killed by the alchemist-slaying vigilante Scar. Scar’s tattooed arm allowed him to the de-materialize matter as a part of the alchemical transmutation process, however, he did not reform the material as something new and simply destroyed those who touched it. Nina Tucker died in the episode “Night Of The Chimera’s Cry”. Most of the fans hate Nina’s father, Shou Tucker as Nina was loved a lot by her fans. So it was very heartbreaking to see that she was killed by her own father.

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