Which One Piece Character Is The Closest To Your Mbti?

Which One Piece Character Is The Closest To Your Mbti?

One Piece includes a varied group of characters with outlandish characteristics. One Piece is a series that emphasizes the importance of willpower; with it, you may achieve incredible heights. The One Piece universe is dominated by individuals with the strongest of wills, and these characters' personalities frequently collide, leading to significant clashes that alter the planet's state.

Whitebeard's battle with the Marines at Marineford effectively ended the Golden Age of Piracy and ushered in the continuing New Age. At Punk Hazard, Aokiji faced off against Akainu, and the position of Fleet Admiral of the Marines was decided. Here are their MBTI placements, which will help you better comprehend these pirates.

Donquixote Doflamingo - ESTJ


Doflamingo is a descendent of the Doflamingo family, a family of World Nobles who was among the nations who joined to form the World Government shortly after the Void Century ended. Doflamingo was raised by weak parents who were never able to lead him along the road he needed to go.

Doflamingo developed a strong sense of self as a result of his genealogy, leading him to conquer an entire kingdom and rule over his people as if he were a god. Doflamingo has an ESTJ personality type, as evidenced by his rigid and commanding approach.

Kaido - ENTJ


Kaido's true nature is unknown, although he is unquestionably powerful as well as demented. Kaido is a recovering alcoholic who displays obvious signs of distress every time he is seen sober.

Kaido has long desired to die owing to the monotony of his surroundings, and he has attempted suicide several times. This reveals one of the world's most physically dominant species' deteriorating mental health. Kaido is a powerful leader who exhibits several ENTJ characteristics.

Big Mom - ESFJ

big mom

Charlotte Linlin is one of the most feared pirates in the world. She has an incredible network that helps her to stay current on news from all over the world. This news network keeps Big Mom informed at all times, allowing her to reign Totto Land in peace.

This also allows her to defend the population of her "utopia," and she functions as the mother of her people, as her name suggests. Big Mom exhibits many of the ESFJ's caring characteristics but in an unconventional manner.

Katakuri - ISFJ


Charlotte Katakuri is one of Big Mom's three Sweet Commanders and the pirates' second most powerful member, second only to the Queen of Totto Land.

Katakuri has remained exceedingly quiet, preferring to communicate through his acts. This only worsened when his sister, Brulee, was attacked by assailants who wounded her because of their hatred for Katakuri.

Katakuri's personality can be difficult to pin down owing to his frigid fa├žade, but once you get past that, it's clear that he's an ISFJ. Katakuri, like many ISFJs, has a strong need to protect people and an inability to adequately convey his true feelings.

Monkey D. Luffy - ENFP


Monkey D. Luffy is a simple-minded individual who frequently exhibits ENFP personality traits. These are some of the most fun-loving and adventurous folks you'll ever meet. Luffy, of course, is ideal for this build due to his desire for freedom and adventure.

Luffy, like all ENFPs, is a very creative person. Luffy's fighting style reflects this since he is capable of converting even the most ludicrous attacks into hazardous moves. ENFPs also have a hard time following rules, as evidenced by Luffy's casual and matter of fact demeanour.

Nico Robin - INTP


After the World Government launched a Buster Call that wiped out her homeland of Ohara, Nico Robin had to develop into one of the world's most resourceful people.

Robin spent years as a thief on the high seas, betraying whoever she had to in order to survive. This gave the viewers a distorted representation of Nico Robin's genuine self.

Robin began to open up after meeting the Straw Hats, and her genuine qualities began to shine through. Robin shares many behavioural features with INTPs, with rational and objective reasoning being one of her distinguishing characteristics.

Eustass 'Captain' Kid - INFJ


Eustass Kid created a trail of destruction along his path to the New World, and the government paid special attention to him because of his proclivity for harming civilians.

This, combined with Kid's destruction of a pirate crew in the New World, has caused many to believe Kid is simply another ruthless evil. He is, however, much more.

The kid has exhibited characteristics of the INFJ personality type. Characters of this personality type, like Kid and his crew, create deep ties with a small group of people.

The kid also feels strongly about his ambition to become Pirate King and would go to any length to safeguard it. Characters with the INFJ personality type have a strong sense of determination.

Killer - INFP


Killer was a level-headed and serene man before Kurozumi Orochi forced him to eat a Smile. However, he has succumbed to the effects of failing Smiles after devouring the counterfeit devil fruit. Of course, anyone who takes a non-working Smile will lose their ability to communicate unpleasant feelings.

Killer's current personality is difficult to nail down, but prior to the modifications, he displayed a pattern of behavior that was consistent with the INFP personality type.

Killer frequently needs to step in as the crew's mediator before things get out of hand since Kid is a hothead. Killer is composed in these situations, which is a feature INFPs frequently demonstrate in critical situations.

Blackbeard - ENTJ, ESFP AND ISTP


After carrying out his magnificent plot to conquer the globe, Marshall D Teach is now one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. After waiting decades to carry out his ultimate plan, Teach is regarded as one of One Piece's most patient and dangerous characters.

Teach demonstrates strong leadership qualities as well as a strong capacity to appropriately assess situations and forecast future results. Because Blackbeard's conduct might be unpredictable at times, many admirers believe he has numerous personalities.

Oden Kozuki - ENFP


Oden Kozuki was a guy who detested the established system and spent most of his early life fighting valiantly to change the Wano Country's way of life.

Oden was despised for his actions, but he persisted in racing forward, boldly blazing the way for his retainers despite the hatred and insults he endured.

Oden was a true man's leader who genuinely cared about each of his subordinates. The ENFP personality type is defined by its compassionate attitude and carefree lifestyle.

Perona- INFP


The Ghost Princess exists in her own little universe, which is an INFP personality trait. Perona might easily get lost among the charming stuffed animals in the One Piece manga. She can be a very nice person, despite her outward appearance.

However, Perona's more negative characteristics, such as her fixation on cuteness, hold her back. With their self-isolation and emotional fragility, INFP personalities can be difficult to satisfy.

Monkey D. Dragon- INFJ

monkey d dragon

Dragons are infrequently seen by the general public. He is a wanted criminal in the One Piece series as the leader of the Revolutionary Army. He wants to leave his mark on the world anyway.

INFJ personalities are mysterious and silent. Dragon is a legendary character with great ambitions. He intends to fight back against the World Nobles, which will be a difficult challenge.

Vegapunk- INTP


Vegapunk is hundreds of years ahead of the One Piece universe in terms of scientific innovation. Given his reclusive demeanor and bright mind, he fits the INTP personality type.

Given his varied experiments on Devil Fruits, Vegapunk has always been a curious individual. He never stops thinking, devoting all of his cerebral resources to his research. Vegapunk is an expert in a variety of fields, including biology and botany.

Kureha- INTJ


This senior physician is a strategic thinker who always looks at the larger picture. This is a characteristic found in INTJ types.

Remember that Kureha is completely aware of D's Will. When she uses a particularly painful procedure, it's to keep her patients from suffering more serious damage.

Kureha has a very high success rate in her medical procedures. Her patients' lives are unquestionably better because of her. Although the INTJ personality appears chilly, she warms up to a few people, such as her "son" Chopper.

Monkey D. Garp- ENFJ

monkey d garp

Garp is an outspoken Marine who enjoys his independence. The Vice-Admiral may easily have been raised to the rank of Admiral. He turned down the offer to avoid working for the World Nobles.

Characters in One Piece frequently praise Garp's leadership abilities, which is a feature shared by most ENFP types.

He has the ability to train new soldiers to be superb fighters. Garp, on the other hand, is overly idealistic. His definition of "peace" differs dramatically from that of his son Dragon.

Sakazuki- ENTJ


Decisive leaders have ENTJ personality qualities. They are adamant about keeping their missions moving forward.

Fans of One Piece may not agree with his ways, but Sakazuki has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities.

Since the Paramount War, the Fleet Admiral has only served to strengthen the Marines. He enlisted the help of many others because of his strong belief in justice.

Sakazuki is always adamant about doing something in the One Piece franchise. He may be merciless in the pursuit of his objectives, but he always succeeds. Nothing can stand in the way of this ruthless commander.

Chopper- INFJ


Chopper sincerely wishes to assist others in his immediate vicinity. In the One Piece series, this medical expert uses his vast knowledge to treat physical illnesses. Even so, he maintains a humble demeanor in person.

Chopper possesses all of the characteristics of an ISFJ personality. He is a loving and caring person who can be harsh on himself at times.

Chopper regrets his current condition whenever he is unable to find a remedy. Despite this, he has a very high standard for himself.

Franky- ISTP


Franky is an astute engineer who has transformed his entire body into a mechanical cyborg. ISTP personalities are recognized for their risky yet practical experiments. He can, for example, boost himself with a particular cola.

He is without a doubt one of the most brilliant characters in One Piece. Franky's innovations are the consequence of his creative mind, as he is always thinking outside the box. Fans of One Piece should not underestimate his battle strategies.

Roronoa Zoro- ISFP


Zoro, like any real ISFP, spends the majority of his time alone. He prefers to practice a challenging swordsmanship style.

Zoro, on the other hand, is always willing to try new things. He wanted to learn different skills from Dracule Mihawk, his major adversary.

Zoro's combat talents are incredibly inventive. He can, for example, generate nine slashes with three swords. This adventurous mindset has taught Luffy a lot. Zoro is a ruthless competitor who aspires to be One Piece's best swordsman.

Trafalgar Law- ISTJ


First and foremost, the Surgeon of Death is a logistician. In a fight, his analytical mindset and attentive disposition come in handy. His technical skill, as well as his complicated plans, are required for the Ope Ope no Mi.

With his ISTJ mindset, Law is very practical. He, unlike his peers, always considers solutions before tackling a problem. He is the brains behind any endeavour he participates in.

Nefertari Vivi- ESFJ


Given her royal family position, Viv has always been a people person. Her sweet personality encourages the Alabasta kingdom. Her optimistic attitude helped the Straw Hat Pirates on their desert adventure.

Vivi is a classic ESFJ personality since she has a strong moral compass and takes her responsibilities extremely seriously.

Her primary concern is the safety of her own people. In the One Piece series, she also established long-term connections.

Despite not having been with the Straw Hat team for very long, Vivi is still an honorary member.

Vinsmoke Sanji- ESTJ


Sanji is a reasonable and simple thinker. In the One Piece series, he is always one step ahead. Sanji has the ability to deceive criminal masterminds like Crocodile, which says a lot. In the right circumstances, he can be quite prompt.

This ESTJ personality's integrity is also highly crucial. This celebrity chef never gets his hands filthy, and he never strikes back at women. He has a conservative worldview, but he also believes in leading by example. His work ethic is practically unrivalled.

The One Piece fandom appreciates Sanji's well-organized lifestyle. He always dresses appropriately for the occasion.

Nami- ESFP


Nami is the life of any party because of her hungry personality. She enjoys being the centre of attention at all times. Nami is just interested in generating a lot of money, thus she must rely on her people skills.

The cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor of ESFP personalities is well-known. Nami is easily distracted by her own joy. She also enjoys flaunting her fashion sense. She is quite the entertainer whenever the spotlight is placed on her.

Nami, on the other hand, might easily become bored when there is nothing going on. She also wants to avoid fights if possible.

Gold D Roger- ENTP


The personality type of Gol D. Roger is ENTP, which is not surprising. He's an explorer, yet he also happens to be the most strong and ruthless combatant in the One Piece universe. That's not to mention his intellect, which is as impressive.

The ENTP personality type ranks fifth among the top five rare personality types. In the general population, 3% of people have this personality type.

ENTP is significantly more frequent in men, accounting for 4% of the population. Only 2% of women have this personality type, making it one of the rarest personality types.

'Black Arm' Zephyr- ENTJ

black arm

The ENTJ personality type describes 'Black Arm' Zephyrs as curious, active, and practical.

ENTJs are strategic thinkers who thrive on organizing change. They are fast to spot inefficiencies and devise new solutions, and they like creating long-term plans to achieve their goals. They are frequently articulate and quick-witted and adept at logical thinking.

Adele- ESFP


Adele's personality type is ESFP, which means she is an artist, a performer, a philosopher, a romantic, and someone who makes people smile and happy.

This is how the rest of the world perceives that type. ESFPs are thought to be laid-back, fun-loving, loving, kind, and generous. They are the individuals who contribute to making the world a better place.

ESFPs are constantly willing to help someone in need. They are constantly looking for ways to improve things. ESFPs are the folks who are continuously trying to find new methods to make others happy.

They go above and above to make others happy. ESFPs are continuously looking for methods to make others happy. ESFPs are also noted for being upbeat, happy, and gregarious in general.

Aisa- ISFP


Aisa's personality type is ISFP, but a very unique combination of a strong introverted sense about my moral commitments and a high extroverted feeling about my strengths. That is why Aisa is in the INFJ role.

Aisa is a young Shandia girl who used to sneak into the Upper Yard to pick up VEarth on a regular basis. She is the daughter of Isa. She sells Cloud Balloons in the Rubber Band Land theme park after the time jump.

The issue about INFJs is that they are motivated by the idea of helping people and making the world a better place, not by the actual people in their life.

It's why I call them "wish-fulfillers" and "people-healers," because they're always striving to improve the world, and the people around them simply happen to be the ones they can reach.

Big Pan- ESTP

big pan

Big Pan is the Foxy Pirates' largest member and a Groggy Monsters' warrior. He is a half-fish-man (loach fish-man) half-giant wotan.

He is a prominent opponent in the Long Ring Long Land Arc as a result of his deeds.

Bepo- ISFJ


Bepo's personality type is ISFJ, which means he is a caretaker. Bepo is a sweet, caring person who is frequently seen looking after his comrades. He's also well-known for his generosity.

Bepo is recognized for being the most caring among his comrades. Bepo is a devoted and protective friend to his fellow soldiers. He is regarded as his faction's "de facto" leader.

Bepo is one of the few people who are aware of the One-Year War and its global consequences. He is the only person in whom the others have entire faith.

Benn Backman- INTP


Benn Beckman has the INTP personality type, which means he is noted for his inquisitive intellect and ability to think abstractly.

Benn Beckman is a character that is inclined to be innovative, but he may also be passionate and vocal. The INTP personality type is known for its high level of independence, which can sometimes border on quirkiness.

They are practical thinkers because they are logical and rational. As a result, they may not comprehend or even appreciate the meaning of a creative expression or idea.

Bellamy- ESTP


Bellamy the Hyena has an ESTP personality type. Bellamy's personality type is ESTP. ESTPs are outgoing, active, and impulsive. They are easy to catch since they are always moving.

ESTPs enjoy having a good time, but they may also be reckless. They are self-assured in their talents and do not readily become disheartened.

Excitement attracts ESTPs, but they lack the emotional stability to deal with it effectively. ESTPs, on the other hand, are devoted to their friends and family.

Basil Hawkins- INTP


Basil Hawkins has the INTP personality type, which suggests he is likely to be creative and imaginative, but he also struggles with interpersonal connections. Introverted Thinking is the INTP's primary function, which they employ to evaluate and process information.

The INTP is a highly analytical person who may flourish in a variety of fields. This analytical temperament, on the other hand, can cause them a lot of stress, making it difficult for them to maintain a good social life.

This is due to the INTP's preference for having all of the facts before accepting an idea or concept. They struggle to deal with assumptions and what others think of them.

Bartolomeo- ESFP


Bartolomeo has the ESFP personality type, which stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Perception. If you want to be even more specific, consider the following ESFP characteristics:

ESFPs are upbeat, energetic, full of life, and optimistic. They are gregarious individuals who enjoy making new friends and being in the company of others.

They enjoy talking about themselves and have a natural ability to make people feel good. They are usually quite adept at complimenting others and are highly excited about minor details.

Bartholomew Kuma- INFJ


INFJ is the personality type of Bartholomew Kuma, which implies you have a strong connection to your inner values. Much of your life is driven by your values, and they shape who you are as a person. What would you use to describe your values?

Bartholomew Kuma's values are based on living a life that is authentic to who he is and how he wishes to live.

His principles revolve around living a life that is genuine to himself; authenticity is one of his ideals. A genuine individual is one who is honest to himself and the world around him.

Baccarat- ESTP


The Baccarat personality type is ESTP, which is the only introverted function among the four intuitive functions (Ne, Fi, Se, Ti). It is also the only one of the four functions that are extroverted.

The ESTP personality type is practical and realistic. They have a keen sense of intuition and like to rely on their abilities and knowledge to lead them where they want to go.

Because the ESTP is very spontaneous people with vivid imaginations, they often have a different perspective on things than others. ESTPs can be overconfident, yet they are also cautious and responsible.

ESTPs have a lot of imaginative ideas and enjoy trying out new ones. ESTPs are adaptable and work well in groups.

Baby 5- ESFJ


ESFJ is the personality type of Baby 5, and they are the most laid-back of all the personalities.

You are a person who is warm, caring, and generous. This is an area where you excel, and you want to help others.

You take pleasure in giving and receiving gifts. You enjoy making people happy and want them to feel loved and appreciated. You despise disagreement and want to keep things simple and stress-free.

Babe "Mr. 4"- ISFP


ISFP is the personality type of Babe "Mr.4". ISFPs are the ultimate creative thinkers and idealists, and they live very joyful lives.

They have a strong desire to learn and like being creative. Due to their desire to meet as many diverse individuals as possible, they frequently have friends from various walks of life.

They're also incredibly creative, and many of them have a creative pastime. They're also straightforward and don't waste any time.

They have a strong desire to be liked and understood by the people they care about, which is why long-distance relationships are so difficult for them.

Catarina Devon- ESTP


Catarina Devon has the ESTP personality type and is a high-energy, type-A dynamo who enjoys working hard and being occupied. She's a quick talker, a chitty-chatty, and a people person.

She considers herself a leader, and she is regarded as the pack's leader. She does, however, like playing and spending time with her children and family. She's a free-spirited, fun-loving individual who enjoys hanging out and having a good time.

Catarina is a leader who cares about others and is always wanting to help them out. When we think about ESTP, we usually think of a bossy, bossy type of person, but she is also a leader who cares about others and is constantly looking to help them out. She enjoys being in the thick of things and is very sensitive to the needs of others.

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