10 Painful Times That Levi Ackerman Went Through

10 Painful Times That Levi Ackerman Went Through

With pain comes strength and Levi Ackerman is the strongest soldier in humanity.

Ever wondered how Levi became so strong? Levi Ackerman is known as the strongest soldier of humanity for a reason.

His fighting skills are a level above the others and have been seen on many occasions. If there’s a fight that Levi can’t win, it’s probably over for humanity.

That being said, there are times he went through that have brought sorrow into his life. Levi is a very private person.

Throughout the series, there were only a few times where we saw him smile and we treasure them.

His stoic and analytical personality fueled him into a loyal and strong soldier of the Survey Corps.

Being the tritagonist of the series, he’s one of the most popular characters of the Attack On Titan series.

He might be shorter than the rest of the characters but he’s better than all of them.

You’d think with the traumatic childhood, he would turn into an antagonist, but the bigger picture is saving humanity.

On that note, Here are 10 painful times that Levi Ackerman went through that will make you sad for him.

1. Levi Grew Up in Poverty

levi's childhood

On one side, giant man-eating humanoids plague the world and on the other side, poverty ensues.

Levi did grow up in poverty and squalor. Poverty doesn't escape anime either.

He was hungry and malnutrition was evident on his tiny body. He lived with his mother, Kuchel, in the Underground.

Perhaps his obsession with cleanliness is probably due to him living in filthy conditions while he was young.

2. When He Sat With His Mother’s Body

kuchel's dead body

Levi was born to Kuchel, a prostitute, and lived in the underground for a long time until he was taken in by his uncle.

Unfortunately, when Kuchel died, we don’t know how long he sat next to her corpse but it seemed like a long time.

The only family he knew was his mother and losing her must have been a traumatic experience as a young child who was desperate for food.

Furthermore, when he was ravishing on a piece of bread, it was evident of the misery he was in, especially due to hunger.

3. When He was Raised by a Killer

levi practicing with knife

Levi is a brilliant fighter, not only with his 3D Maneuvering Equipment skills but also his hand-to-hand combat which helped him throughout his life.

Levi learned how to fight and defend himself from a notorious killer, Kenny.

Unbeknownst to Levi, Kenny Ackerman turned out to be Kuchel’s elder brother which was revealed later on in the series.

Being trained by a criminal might sound scary but that taught him how to survive in the world of criminals and swindlers.

Titans aren't the only terrifying things in the Attack On Titan world.

4. When He Was Forced To Join The Survey Corps

erwin smith giving commands

Levi was a criminal who was also part of a group that did criminal activities. He did that merely as a means of survival.

It just so happened that he and his friends learned how to use the 3D Maneuvering Gear which was used by the Survey Corps.

Upon being chased and caught by the Survey Corps, mainly Commander Erwin Smith, he was forced to make a decision that changed his life forever.

Erwin knew of his capabilities and thought he could use it to his advantage and gave Levi a choice- either die or join the Survey Corps. He initially hated Erwin for it.

5. Losing His Friends

levi along side carla's dissipated head

It is never easy to lose friends. Especially ones who have stuck through thick and thin throughout your time together.

When he was forced to join the Survey Corps by Commander Erwin, Levi made it clear that his friends would have to join too.

In a truly gruesome scene, Levi discovers the bodies of Furlan and Isabel, his friends, who were killed by Titans.

He then goes on a rampage killing the Titans and avenging them. Yet, the harsh reality of Titans kept persisting in every instance of his life.

6. When The Female Titan Wiped Out His Entire Squad

The Female Titan Wiped Out His Entire Squad

The Female Titan was one of the biggest plot twists in the series. Not only was she a “conscious” Titan, but she also knew how to fight and defend herself, unlike other Titans.

Understanding her goal was unclear at first, but eventually figured it out. She was chasing the Survey Corps, particularly Eren Yeager.

Levi’s squad fearlessly put their lives on the line and got squashed by the Female Titan. A never seen before Titan such as her shook the entire Survey Corps.

7. When He Learnt That Titans Are Actually Humans

levi in confusion

Ever wondered what those giant man-eating humanoids are? How are they so different? Why do some have intelligence and some don't?

It was a huge mystery that clouded the minds of the fans as well as the characters of the AOT series.

The acrid history behind the origin of Titans is a hard pill to swallow.

You’d think someone as tough as Levi would be okay but he was so shocked to learn he was in fact, killing humans.

This was one of those moments when you realize that there is no end to human greed.

8. When He Had to Let Commander Erwin Die

erwin smith dying moments

The Battle of Shiganshina District was one of the most saddening battles of the series. Not only did more than half of the Survey Corps die, there seemed to be no chance of winning.

At the final hour of the battle, and after losing many men, Levi had the injection that could turn anyone into the Colossal Titan.

While Armin was nearing his last breath, so were Erwin and Levi had to make a choice. In the end, he chose Armin yet that didn't mean Erwin’s will was forgotten.

9. When He Fought The Man Who Trained Him

levi fighting kenny

Up until Kenny the MP killer revealed that he was Levi’s uncle, we didn’t know who this new character was. Who was that super-skilled gunfighter who was also a criminal?

When Eren was kidnapped and Levi was going to save him, he encountered his old mentor Kenny.

A battle struck between them which resulted in Levi losing some of his friends.

Though the battle was tough, Levi managed to defeat Kenny and that was when Kenny’s truth was revealed.

10. Permanent Injuries

screenshot from aot manga illustrating levi's permanent injuries

The whole series became chaotic from the 4th Season. During the final chapter of the Attack On Titan series, the Beast Titan blew himself up using the Thunderstorm Spear.

And since Levi was close to him, he got permanently damaged which was a very painful moment to read.

Thankfully, fans can rest assured to know that Levi is still alive and well despite the injuries and the endless trauma that follows him.