Why is Phichit Chulanont The Most Adorable Skater?

Why is Phichit Chulanont The Most Adorable Skater?

Phichit Chulanont friends with Yuri K., is a Thai figure skater in “Yuri!!! on Ice”, with the dream of becoming Thailand’s future. Phichit is short for 20 years old, well considering he is South Asian his height is probably just right, 5’5.

He is tan-skinned with black hair and has dark grey eyes shown with winged eyeliner in the 10th episode.

Phichit is a cheerful young man always seen with a smile. He is naturally optimistic in contrast to his best friend Yuri K. who always gets anxious before his program.

Skating Career

Phichit is 20 years old in the series, skating under the guidance of Celestino Cialdini and Satsuki Muramoto.

While he currently trains in his home rink in Bangkok, Thailand, previously he trained with Yuri Katsuki as a part of the Detroit skating club.

As a kid, when he was skating at a local rink in a commercial district of Bangkok, Phichit’s talent as a skater was discovered.

Until recently, I bet no one thought that a Thai skater would land a quad at a Grand Prix Series event! I’ve always believed in myself though!

Always representing Thailand, he wants to show his talent and popularize figure skating in his home country.

Phichit Chulanont is very proud of his country and wants to bring his country more fame with his figure skating.

Also, it is his dream to put an ice show in Thailand with his friends performing there and with hamster-shaped hats.

Phichit has won the third position in the previous skating season at the Four Continent Championship of figure skating.

Phichit and SNS

He, as it seems is very active on social media. Posting pictures and interacting with his fans and audience is something he enjoys a lot.

He takes pictures of his teammates, most of those pictures happen to be embarrassing and posts them on his Instagram account.

Phichit is also the reason Guang Hong Ji joined social media, something both of them enjoy a lot.

He is also the one who posted risqué photos of drunk Victor and Yuri K. Though, he still has yet to upload the photos from the previous GPF, of Yuri pole dancing.

Phichit’s Instagram account name is “phichit+chu”. His caption on the Instagram post reads ‘Crepe❤😂’ in the credit scene at the end.

Phichit Chulanont is a wonderful skater and an even more wonderful friend. He supports both Yuri and Victor in their “engagement”.

Not only that but also as a skater he admires Yuri(Katsuki) and is familiar with his skating style.

He wants to catch up with Yuri quickly and wants to bring his country into the world of figure skating.

In the “Yuri!!! on Ice” fandom, Phichit is called the purest and a precious boy. While on SNS he is, in Asia, one among the three Most Adorable Men’s Figure Skaters.

How many hamsters does Phichit have?

Phichit keeps 3 hamsters as pets and has hamster plushies as gifts from the GP Final. His phone case also features a hamster.

Does Yuri win against Phichit?

Yuri beats his personal best by about 10 points in the short program and ends up in the lead.

Since he's not used to being the one to beat, his nerves are especially bad going into the free skate. Phichit wins first place and Yuri wins second.