5 Plot Holes in Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Left Unexplained!

5 Plot Holes in Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Left Unexplained!

The craze of Makoto Shinkai is back with the brand new global release of Suzume no Tojimari. The famous series is back after the much-awaited release with previous works that gained immense popularity with Kimi No Na wa (Your Name), Tenki no Ko (Weathering with You), 5 Centimeters Per Second and others.

While Suzume is definitely a visual treat with Souta san an even better stellar eye-catcher, the subtle references to the Ghibli Universe were uncalled for; albeit a beautiful alignment.

Suzume, the 2022 popular movie just felt so heartwarming, and nostalgic, with the thematic vibe of love, journey, mythology, separation and reunion. 122 minutes movie left us clutched to our seats while Suzume fought every moment to back Souta from the other side while the worms were paralysing Japan.

The exceptional storytelling, visuals, animation, music and characters, Suzume left no stone unturned. However, the plot holes were quite noticeable and concerning leaving a gaping hole with unanswered questions.

5. Daijin’s motive

The entire movie makes us raise a good point. Although Suzume released Daijin who happened to be a keystone placed at Kyushu, his entire presence in Suzume no Tojimari raised a burning question.

What was Daijin’s motive for cursing Souta Munakata? Did Daijin just want to be free from his role as a keystone? Did Daijin want to become Suzume’s pet neko (cat)? If Daijin was not opening the doors and only leading Suzume and Souta, what was his real angle?

Daijin cursed Souta to become the substitute keystone in his place and in the end reprised his role back to free Souta. The aftermath of Daijin’s actions had a very severe consequence but his playful nature remains mysterious. Did Daijin really have evil motives to hurt humans? Well, only the author can answer.

4. How did SaDaijin escape the Tokyo Gate?

It’s a well-established fact that Japan had two keystones to prevent the worms from Ever After from escaping to the human realm. Suzume Iwato accidentally freed the keystone at Kyushu (Daijin), but what about the Tokyo Keystone, SaDaijin?

No one released SaDaijin and even Souta San acted as a replaced keystone on Daijin’s behalf to contain the worm in Tokyo.

So this begs the question, how did SaDaijin escape or become free to conveniently visit Souta’s grandpa in the hospital and later accompany Suzume, Serizawa san and Tamaki san?

Was there something missing that made SaDaijin become free temporarily?

3. Why did Tamaki San lose control?

Kudos to Tamaki san for raising Suzume after her mother passed away. Tamaki san is the definition of a healthy guardian. However, at one moment Tamaki San lost control of her feelings and nearly became evil/possessed when she said some very harsh things to Suzume.

Although Tamaki san always had her best interests at heart with Suzume, it wasn’t explained how she suddenly went all evil and started cursing Suzume. Shortly after SaDaijin appeared so did it have anything to do with him why Tamaki san lost control of her feelings?

2. What happened to Suzume’s mother?

This was a basic fact that was established quite early that Suzume grew up with her aunt Tamaki without her mother. Suzume’s mom was a nurse who passed away during an accident when the Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. How did Suzume’s mother pass away?

Was she lost due to the disaster? Also, whatever happened to the chair that Suzume’s mom made? Where did the fourth leg go? Where and how did Suzume lose it? Poor chair RIP his missing leg!

1. How did Suzume end up in Ever After?

One of the biggest mysteries or inconvenient plot holes in Suzume no Tojimari was the Ever After. Suzume was lost and ended up in Ever After when she was a kid shortly after her mother passed away.

If the living people cannot enter Ever After and only dead people are allowed, so how did Suzume enter Ever After when she was a kid? Even as an adult, when Souta was trapped in the Ever After, Suzume used the door from the ruins of her childhood home to help him.

How was she able to enter Ever After? Even as a closer, people cannot enter. Not only that, did the young Suzume really meet the high school Suzume? Was it time travel? It was never really explained. Was Suzume dreaming?

What exactly was the interaction between them? Well, this remains quite a mystery but overall Suzume was a great watch. Makoto Shinkai never disappoints and if you’re lucky enough to watch it at theatres, that’s quite a well-made movie. Suzume was released globally and is currently aired in several countries.

Do catch Suzume at theatres if it’s airing and watch the amazing experience with quality visuals and music by Radwimps! Have fun~

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