7 Powerful Punches To Prove Why Sakura Haruno Is The Queen of Fists

7 Powerful Punches To Prove Why Sakura Haruno Is The Queen of Fists

Sakura Haruno is a kunoichi and a part of team 7 which consists of herself, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and their leader Kakashi Hatake. Unlike her other teammates who have been dealing with tragedies and loss of loved ones from a very young age, ask her she has led are pretty normal childhood.

In the first part of Naruto, Sakura Haruno seems to be weaker than the rest of the genins. Under the training of legendary sannin and also the fifth Hokage of Konoha village, Tsunade Senju for two and a half years, she evolves her skills and becomes a stronger ninja as predicted by the Third Hokage who states that she has the potential to become a great kunoichi to Kakashi.

Even during the Zabuza arc, Kakashi states that she has very good chakra control. This is acknowledged by different characters in the entire series.

1. Sakura Punches Naruto while Defending Rock Lee

Sakura and rock lee

During the chunin exams, when team Dosu attacks Sakura, Rock lee defends and fights the ninjas from the sound village but falls to the ground after getting beaten up. At this time, Naruto was already unconscious. When he wakes up and asks about Rock Lee lying on the ground, he gets punched by Sakura Haruno.

2. Sakura Punches Naruto when He Returns to The Village After Training

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Naruto goes with Master Jiraiya to train and become a stronger ninja. When he returns to the village after two and a half years, Konohamaru claims that he too has grown and shows the sexy Jutsu to prove his point. Naruto also claims that his one is better and just before transforming, gets punched by Sakura Haruno for still being immature.

3. Sakura’s Punch during The Second Bell Test

a women breaks the roc by punching

To evaluate their growth in the past two years, Tsunade decides to have the bell test taken again by Naruto and Sakura Kakashi. During this, Sakura punches the ground as she suspects that Kakashi is hidden underground. The brute force causes the ground to crack open until a very long distance.

4. Sakura Punches Sasori

women punching a man in his middle section

In the first round of the battle between Sakura Haruno and Granny Chiyo against Sasori, the armored puppet, Chiyo controls Sakura using her puppet strings in order to dodge the attacks.

Chiyo manages to get Sakura as close as possible for her to use her monstrous strength and shatter the puppet. After this Sasori uses his kazekage puppet which uses unique poison on its enemies but Sakura manages to break it into pieces by playing dead and waiting for the right moment to attack.

5. Sakura Punches Fake Neji

women punching a man in a class

During the fourth great ninja war, Sakura Haruno was working with the medical ninjas when they got the intel that white Zetsu can transform into other people and mimic their chakra too.

This is how the white Zetsu was killing the ninjas and spreading panic amongst ninjas. She suspects Neji to be a White Zetsu and deals with the situation cleverly. She lets Neji knows that ton tons legs are hurt but she can still weave hand signs to which the white Zetsu agrees. This is when Sakura punches fake Neji revealing Tonton is a pig.

6. Sakura’s Punch on the Battleground after attaining Strength of a Hundred Seal

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Sakura already had a fine chakra control and because of her training under Tsunade for over two years, her chakra control increased remarkably and so did her physical attacks.

When she got her strength of hundred seals and punched a small part of ten tails, her remarkable strength was noted by Hashirama, Shizune, and also Naruto who thought This type of punch might also end his life.

7. Sakura Punches Kaguya

a women punching a huge creature

Sakura Haruno uses her reserves of chakra to help Obito and other members of team seven and also towards the end punches Kaguya and helps Naruto and Sasuke defeat her.

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