Our 5 Favorite Prison School Characters

Our 5 Favorite Prison School Characters

Prison School can be counted on the list of one of the best Ecchi anime. It is quite funny and entertaining. The animation suits the series and makes it more appealing. Although I am not a big fan of the ecchi animes, this was quite enjoyable and hilarious to watch.

1. Prison School’s Chairman

The chairman

The Chairman is one of the supporting characters in the series Prison School. Although he appears for very less screen time in a couple of episodes. He leaves an impressionable impact on the viewers. He seems to be a person of influence due to his post.

The Chairman seems to be a pervert who likes to watch pornographic materials during work hours. The viewers also find out that he has a fetish for woman’s butts and like to watch and collect private photos of South American women. Both of the Chairman’s daughters are present in the series.

He shares an upsetting or tense relationship with his eldest daughter, Mari Kurihara. Mari feels disgusted at her father’s degenerate nature.

2. Jouji Nezu

a severely injured prisoner

Jouji Nezu is one of the five boys who are attending the all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. Nezu seems to be having a frail body and looks very ill also seen wearing a hood over his head all the time.

He’s the odd one out of the five and struggles to make friends even among the boys. Jouji loves ants and seems to be cultivating an ant farm. He can tell them apart even if they all look similar to each other. It was Jouji who imitates Gakuto by wearing a bandage on the forehead and glasses.

3. Hana Midorikawa

Hana critically thinking about some issue

Hana is the secretary of the underground student council. The five boys thought Hana to be a girl of a kind and upbeat kind of personality. Hana loves drinking dandelion tea.

She’s also proficient in karate and shows her anger by certain karate attacks. Hana shares the same ill will to the five boys which the rest of the underground council shares.

At times, she is embarrassed when she’s in certain situations. Hana shares some very awkward moments with Kiyoshi. She plays a major role, especially in the final arc of the series.

4. Mari Kurihara

Mari Kurihara giving an angry look

Mari Kurihara is the president of the underground student council. She is the eldest daughter of the chairman. Due to her father’s perverted nature, a barrier was formed in their relationship. Mari is one of the misandrists in the series.

She was also one of the people to be against boys studying in their all-girls school. She is both beautiful and popular. Mari shows dominance and a sense of authorization as the main antagonist in the first part of the series. Protective of her younger sister Chiyo, she goes to the lengths of plotting to expel the five boys from the school. Mari was the one to start Operation Boys expulsion, also known as DTO to throw the boys out of the school.

5. Kiyoshi Fujino

Kiyoshi smiling

Kiyoshi is one of the five boys who were attending the all-girls school. Also, the protagonist of the show. In the beginning, Kiyoshi seemed to develop an attraction toward ChiyKurihara. Kiyoshi feigns to have an interest in sumo wrestling to get close to her.

Fujino had good leadership skills who united the rest of the boys. He could keep a calm head even in the most troubling times. Kiyoshi could utilize the strength of the five boys to execute the plan perfectly.

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