Prison School Ending Explained!

Prison School Ending Explained!

Prison School is a series of twelve episodes all together filled with hilarious moments of laughter. There comes up a big twist in the Prison School ending. Although the viewers knew that the five boys will not get expelled but the way the ending unfolds was very surprising.

Prison School Ending Summary

The turn of events unfolds from the moment Kiyoshi and the others get a day extra for their expulsion from the school. This occurs when they pursue the chairman to come to prison to visit them. The appeal which Kiyoshi had sent with the help of Meiko was a fake one.

Kiyoshi uses the stack of private photographs which the chairman had buried. In order to get the extension, the boys had to answer one very important question. This question determined whether they would get the extension or not. The question was the preference of the boys: boobs or butt?

After getting one more day, Gakuto quickly formulates a plan. This plan gets to pull down when the boys find out that Hana is the one on duty. Mari figured out that the boys have grown accustomed to Meiko’s behavioral patterns.

Hence, she agrees to Hana being the one on the watch on the final day. As usual, even after finding out that it was Hana, Gakuto formulates a new plan within seconds. He uses the ill-fated relationship between Kiyoshi and Hana to his full advantage. After getting stabbed multiple times on purpose multiple times, Gakuto and Kiyoshi go with Hana to get the bandage.

Their motive was to unlock the door from which Chiyo would enter. Kiyoshi puts up a brave front and manages to embarrass Hana. He succeeds in unlocking the door. Knowing Meiko would be on the patrol, Anzu becomes the sacrifice for Chiyo to move freely.

Hana allows Joe and Gakuto to use the restroom before going to the bed. When the boys are brought into the chairman’s office the next morning, Kiyoshi appears to be smiling. He declares that he has the proof to prove himself innocent.

Meiko figures out that something doesn’t seem right. She shows her strong intuition and figures out that someone else is impersonating Gakuto. When the bandage was opened, the boy turned out to be Joe!

The person who was acting as Joe was none other than Chiyo Kurihara. Soon after this, Gakuto is brought into the office by a group of girls. He then gives the required hard drive containing all the emails of DTO which proves the five boys were not guilty.

View On Prison School Ending

Prison School being an ecchi comedy has all the elements in the series to make it enjoyable for the viewers to watch. The embarrassing moments between Hana and Kiyoshi seem a little unnecessary and stretch towards the ending.

Although the spin at the end shows how intelligent Gakuto is. Gakuto is most probably the sole reason the boys didn’t receive expulsion and were free. The twist at the end is brilliantly carried out.

But more emphasis is put on Hana and Kiyoshi which distracts the viewers from the plot. Overall the Prison School ending is satisfactory.

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