Purple Hyacinth Season 2 Review | 6 Reasons To Fall In Love

Purple Hyacinth Season 2 Review | 6 Reasons To Fall In Love

Purple Hyacinth Season 1 Webtoon was interesting, fun and exhilarating. Starting the journey with Lauren Sinclair and Kieran White as the Lune chasing Phantom Scythe criminals was a fun pursuit. Well, Purple Hyacinth Season 1 ended up with a huge cliffhanger with Kieran White joining the ACPD.

What else does the Phantom Scythe have in store for Lune? Curious, let’s unravel the Purple Hyacinth Season 2 Webtoon. A huge shout out to Ephemerys and Sophism for such amazing art, story and of course the soundtracks and OST of Purple Hyacinth.

Well, one thing’s for sure, we missed the funny bantering of Lauren and Kieran, Kym and William. These two not-so-couples breathe life into Purple Hyacinth. The background plotting is just starting to get interesting. Too many people are involved and everyone has their own motive. The comedic relief is on point and yes RIP Harvey but let’s hope Time Sake get’s karmic retribution.

Purple Hyacinth Season 2 picked up from episode 50 and the last chapter is 105.

1. The Lune vs Soleil

It will be surprising if Hermann wasn’t already out to get to Lune. Hermann has a strong dislike towards Lauren Sinclair and would love to pin the Lune gig on Lauren’s head. The truth is Lauren is “Lune”; with the Purple Hyacinth as the legendary duo.

Hermann asked Kym and William to hunt down the Lune in the ACPD secretly and unfortunately, Lauren is on the suspicious list. Soleil with Kym and William start tracking Lune and Kym has suspicion that Lauren may be Lune.

Lauren was never present in any of the arrests made by the ACPD (criminals exposed by Lune). Watching Kym and William cosplay as Special agent White Swan and Black Raven was hilarious and pleasing to the eyes.

2. The Murderous Duo - Tim Sake and Belladonna Davenport

Guess who’s back in town! The overseas weapons agent Tim Sake is back with a huge amount of Nitroglycerine to decimate Ardhalis setting. Belladonna Davenport, Time Sake, Ryan Flemmings, Apostle VII, Messenger VII, and Elvira LLyodforth have grand plans to create a massive tragedy worse than Allendale.

These psychopaths need a new hobby. Jeez !!!

What’s worse is a circus is somehow involved them mostly Davenport who seems to be pulling the strings from behind.

3. Retribution to Tim Sake

Guess who’s driving a knife on Time Sake’s heart. It’s no other than Davenport. When Tim Sake came back unfortunately Lauren’s found him. They had an altercation and Sake was this close to making a confession, but davenport attacked Lauren. Thankfully Lauren is protected as plot armour, Davenport didn’t kill her.

Lauren and Kieran had a falling out in Purple Hyacinth Season 1, but in Season 2 the Lune is getting back together. Lauren and Kieran (Purple Hyacinth) followed the circus ticket found at Flemings and visited the circus performing in the city. Unfortunately for Lauren, she has a restraining order for Tim Sake.

Lune followed Tim Sake who met Davenport and discussed how to eliminate Lauren. Well good for Lauren and bad for Sake, Davenport decided to kill Tim Sake without any mercy. Although Lauren and Kieran left the scene of the murder, Lauren still ended up as a prime suspect.

4. Lauren is cleared of the Murder suspicion

Hermann is out to get Lauren. Maybe the happiest person is Hermann who is overjoyed that Lauren became the suspect in Sake’s murder. With Kieran’s help, Lauren gathers evidence and witness that proved Tim Sake murdered Kevin Chow and framed his wife. They proved Sake’s crime and Lauren was cleared of the murder charges.

5. Lauren’s Past

It was shocking to find the past hidden from Lauren. Lauren’s parents were involved with Phantom Scythe which was Snapdragon previously. Lauren’s parents tried to leave Snapdragon but were murdered.

They might have known the identity of the leader and could have been the founding Apostles. It seems that Tristan Sinclair and Dakan Rhymsel were aware of Snapdragon and the involvement of Lauren’s parents in the Allendale tragedy.

6. Lune’s identity Exposed

After raiding Graychapel and getting significant evidence, Lune decides to expose the nitroglycerine stocked by Phantom Scythe. After accessing the situation, Lune calls the ACPD for backup. Kym, William and Randall arrive to arrest Phantom Scythe and Lune.

white swan and black swan

After physical altercations and being ambushed by Phantom Scythe, Lauren and Kieran helped Kym, William and Randall escape from the trap. There was a battle involved and Kym was almost about to die when Lauren saved her from the clutches of death. Kym and William have found out that Lauren is Lune. They had a feeling that now is confirmed.

Purple Hyacinth Season 2 Cliffhanger

Belladonna is involved with Lady Negra Elena Darcy through their past. Darcy visited Lauren’s New Year party and was supposed to humor William.

Things definitely look shady.

The fake dating of Lauren and Kieran was the high point of Purple Hyacinth Season 2. It’s too good to be true. The arrival of William’s estranged brother Rafael is not a coincidence either.

He’s involved with the circus which by default is associated with Davenport and PS. When Lauren and Kieran followed Tim Sake, Davenport and others there was Messenger VII involved with them.

Lauren saw a tattoo etched on Messenger VII’s hands and the same tattoo can be seen in Rafael and other circus members. They are all connected to Phantom Scythe and Apostle VII who’s planning something disastrous for Ardhalis city.

Sandman’s arrival after Sake’s murder and demanding Lauren to return the picture was a surprise no one saw it coming. Lauren complied with Sandman’s demands and learned about her parents’ past. Turned out Mrs Clara Grayson was Sandman’s daughter.

Unfortunately, PS ordered Purple Hyacinth to murder them in cold blood. Sandman found that Purple Hyacinth and Lauren were Lune, so it’s plausible that Phantom Scythe may be aware of it as well. They ordered Purple Hyacinth to kill Lune after all.

Purple Hyacinth Season 2 ended with a massive cliffhanger. Lauren and Kieran were locked in the basement with timebomb ticking, moments away to send them to their demise. Kieran was definitely going to confess something but genius Lauren had a life survival idea right at this moment.

Yep, fans got trolled big time. Lauren and Kieran took the bomb and got out through the vent but we don’t know if they made it out alive or not. The final scene showed a massive explosion and Kym down on her knees grieving over Lauren.