Purple Hyacinth Webtoon Season 1 Review

Purple Hyacinth Webtoon Season 1 Review

The mystery is always a mystifying genre. If you’re a fan of mystery Webtoons, look no further and explore Purple Hyacinth. Purple Hyacinth is created by writer Ephemerys and art by Sophism.

There are multiple reasons why Purple Hyacinth Webtoon is so appealing and one of them is the diverse range of characters, the shrouded mystery, the super amazing OSTS and original score, and of course the mystery and unnerving suspense.

Purple Hyacinth is best known for its cliffhangers and amazing art that will captivate your mind. One of the reasons to read the webtoon is Lauren Sinclair and her partner “The Purple Hyacinth”.

Purple Hyacinth - The Beginning

The Allendale tragedy began with the bombing of the Allendale train station bombing on November 13th XX17. The mastermind behind the Allendale bombing was a group of anarchists; the most powerful violent group Phantom Scythe. The incident was tragic on a heavy scale. The casualty includes 243 deaths, 328 wounded, and 176 people were reported missing.

The bombing was targeted toward the previous King Edward who also passed away in this tragedy. The Allendale bombing was the beginning of tragedy for many including our protagonist Lauren Sinclair.

The Present

Lauren Sinclair is an officer at Ardhalis City Police department. She was a detective but due to a case got demoted to an officer at ACPD. Lauren lost all her loved ones in the tragedy and feels guilty about what happened to her best friend Dylan.

Lauren lives with the guilt that she couldn’t save Dylan and has devoted her life to trying to solve the case. It’s been over 10 years but Lauren has never forgotten about it. Lauren has the ability to detect lies and her ability has made her an outstanding officer in the ACPD.

“What if you believed, You knew better than everyone else. Because unlike You, they can’t see the Lies. Yet Ironically, for the past ten years, You Have Been the Blindest of All.” - Lauren Sinclair

Season 1 | Plot

Lauren uses her gift to help make a difference and defend the defenseless at any cost. She has a brilliant ability for deduction and a sharp sense to pursue cases. Lauren works with the Patrol Unit of the 11th Precinct of Ardhalis Police department.

Lauren’s coworker and her best friend is Kym Ladell, Sergeant of the 11th precinct. Lieutenant William Hawkes is close with Lauren and Kym. William and Kym are like fire and ice and always get into fights, with Lauren being the mediator.

Quite funny because Kym and William care about each other, yet not romantically, but don’t have hostility towards each other either. Captain Huges Hermann, Detective Oliver March, Officer Harvey Wood, Officer Lukas Randall (“Grumpy Cat”), and Lila Desroses, the secretary of the Administrative Unit are Lauren’s coworkers.

Chief Tristan Sinclair is Lauren's uncle; he has a strong reputation in ACPD. Lauren has an amicable relationship with her peers except for Hermann who doesn’t like her. The story progresses with Graysons’ murder where someone brutally kills the Grayson family.

The infamous serial killer/assassin and associate of Phantom Scythe, Purple Hyacinth eliminates the Graysons because of the order from the leader. Lauren and Purple hyacinth’s paths cross and a beautiful battle starts in the moonlight.

The Lune

Without knowing that Lauren was dueling with Purple Hyacinth, they fight each other and somehow Purple Hyacinth gets the upper hand. He could have easily killed her but he hesitated; he froze, although she saw her face. Purple Hyacinth’s identity got exposed.

They made a deal together under the moonlight. Lauen and Purple Hyacinth want to find the leader of Phantom Scythe for their own purpose. United under a mutual goal, the assassin and the cop team up.

After returning back to the murder scene, Lauren gets to learn the perpetrator was none other than the “Purple Hyacinth” who she let escape.

a couple dancing with each other

When they team up Purple Hyacinth reveals his real “civilian” identity. Purple Hyacinth or Kieran White and Lauren Sinclair form “Lune” to catch the lower level thugs of Phantom Scythe. They start getting information from people with ties to PS (Phantom Scythe) and target McTrevor.

The second target was Harry Anslow who almost revealed the identity of Lune. Lauren lost her temper and control when she saw a daunting picture in the possession of Anslow. The ACPD on the hunt for Lune were almost exposed due to Lauren, but Keiran (Purple Hyacinth) took control of the situation.

The Players of Phantom Scythe

The Apostles are connected to the leader and may know his identity. There’s a possibility very few people have known the identity of the leader and lived to tell the tale. Kieran (PH) gets messages from the messenger.

The messenger passes the message from the leader and all the orders must be completed. The Apostle VII manages the weapon’s operation in PS. McTrevor, Anslow, Blakesley, and Colden manage the front business to make it look legitimate. Apostle VII has his own vested interest and is secretly working behind the leader’s back to plan a coup.

The Massacre

Lune exposed many criminals of the Phantom scythe. The only person extremely displeased was Hermann. His inflated ego couldn’t handle the incompetence of the ACPD. The leader perceived the Lune as extremely dangerous and wanted to weed out the traitors.

The leader sent the execution order to Purple Hyacinth. Kieran (PH) infiltrated the “Tower” and massacred all the traitors of PS who were exposed by Lune, including Anslow. Lauren was planning to visit Anslow the next day to get information about the picture she retrieved from him.

But she was too late; Kieran slit Anslow’s neck along with everyone on the floor. A furious Lauren attacks Kieran verbally and gets into a heated conversation. Lauren crossed the line and psychologically triggers Kieran. Kieran overpowers her and almost strangles her to death.

The arrival of New Opponents

Belladonna Davenport is a PS assassin infamous for using golden viper venom. On the orders of the leader, Davenport kills officer Harvey Wood. Harvey was the mole planted by PS and got executed for failing to comply with his orders.

The Picture revealed

The reason why Lauren lost her temper was because of the picture Anslow had. The picture showed Tim Sake and her family’s driver Sandman in her parent’s car dated on the day of the Allendale tragedy. Tim Sake was the reason Lauren got demoted.

Tim Sake was involved in the Allendale tragedy, murdered his friend Kevin Chow and framed his wife for the murder. The arrival of Tim Sake means trouble for Ardhalis. Sake was in charge of weapons and is an overseas associate.

He brought a certain “item” and is with Davenport, Messenger VII, and Ryan Flemmings. At the end of Purple Hyacinth, Season 1, Kieran White (Purple Hyacinth) joins the ACPD as the archivist and a secret mole planned by the Phantom Scythe.