Teen Titans Go! Raven's Personality, Powers & Love Interest

Raven is a hybrid conceived through human-demonic relations. Being a child of a demon, she has evil harbored within herself.

Teen Titans Go! Raven's Personality, Powers & Love Interest

In the American animated series Teen titans go, there are five superheroes Robin, Starfire, beast boy, cyborg, and raven.

Out of these five, Raven seems to be the coolest of all. Tara Strong is the voice actor for Raven.

Apart from her personality, she definitely has an amazing set of traits that separates her from everyone else.


Raven is a hybrid conceived through human-demonic relations. Being a child of a demon, she has evil harbored within herself.

When she arrives on earth, she meets Robin, the squad leader of Teen Titans.

Upon seeing her ultimate powers, Robin offers her to join Teen Titans.

Annoyed by her father's behavior, Raven decides to join Teen Titans and ends up loving the job.


Raven seems to be a dull and monotonous person. She likes to stay alone and doesn't talk much.

She is more of a reserved, calm, and quiet person.

The cloak she wears is the reason for her introverted personality.

This fact is revealed when Robin steals her cloak in the episode "Legs".

As soon as she gets rid of that cloak, her bright and sunny side of personality comes to light.

In another episode " Raven's emoticlones", Raven is split into five different clones of herself, each having a different personality.

Despite her gloomy mood, she has a love for dancing and really likes to watch "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" an ultra-girly cartoon, which is completely opposite to her personality.


1. Telekinesis

objects in a room floating

Raven is able to control the movements of various objects around her.

She can make things move or float in the air. With the help of this power, Raven is able to construct items out of nothing.

It can be seen in many different episodes when she creates a giant fist to beat someone up or shields during combat.

This is her main power to use for attack and defense.

2. Leg strength

lady legasus

Raven has amazing leg strength which she discovers in the episode "Legs" when she takes on a cheerful personality.

Her cloak is assumed to be the source of her moodiness so Robin steals the cloak and Raven changes from being a lone wolf to a bubbly girl.

She has the burliest legs on her team.

The strength of her legs has been proven to be one of the most important strengths of the team in many episodes.

She also trained the legs of all other Teen Titans for battle when they were unable to defeat Crystal robots. Also, she is the best dancer on the team.

3. Flying

raven floating and pranking his team mate

Raven can fly or float in the air which proves to be helpful during the battle in general.

Be it, landing a surprise attack on the enemy or fighting in general, her flying ability has always proven to be helpful.

4. Teleportation

raven using dark magic

Raven has teleportation powers.

She can use her dark magic to teleport herself or others to different locations or dimensions.

This ability is also helpful during the battle to avoid any fatal attacks.

5. Spell casting

raven's spellbook

Raven can cast spells using her dark magic.

These spells can amplify her powers. The spells can also accomplish various tasks and can do anything.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" is one of her favorite spells.

6. Soul Self

a creature using powers from hand

Most of the powers of Raven arise from her soul-self.

She can project her soul in the ghostly form of a raven.

She can also use this power to enter someone else's brain to communicate.

7. Chakra balancing


The gem/chakra on Raven's forehead has a spell that imprisons her inner demon.

When this gem is broken, her inner demon is released.

Her chakra can also be used to reincarnate Trigon, her father.

Apart from all of the above-mentioned powers, Raven has other powers like time manipulation, power absorption, power distribution, etc.

All of these powers make Raven the strongest character of all.

Love Interest

beast boy and raven

It is seen that Raven and Beast Boy have a love angle in the series.

Beast Boy is a simp for Raven. Raven generally tries to push him away but she secretly has feelings for him.

It is seen in many different episodes.

When Raven is split into five different personalities in the episode "Raven's emoticlones", there is a personality who keeps kissing Beast Boy.

It can be said that Raven loves Beast Boy but she isn't good at expressing her love.

Raven is easily one of the best characters in the series.

She has so many mysterious powers and her mysterious behavior, combined makes her the coolest of all.