6 Reasons To Read The Romance Webtoon "Nice To Meet You" Season 1

6 Reasons To Read The Romance Webtoon "Nice To Meet You" Season 1

Webtoons have a great number of series but nothing is unlike the Nice To Meet You Webtoon so far. Romantic webtoons have their own genre and different series have different levels of portraying romance. Nice To Meet You Webtoon is sweet, cute and fluffy; it’s just the right series you want to read to refresh your mood.

The Webtoon series Nice To Meet You is created by Wishroomness and is available in Line Webtoon since 2020. Nice To Meet You has two seasons and the second season is currently ongoing.

Nice To Meet You definitely started differently from most of the cliche plots. Meet Mew Appleby, a ditsy but happy-go-lucky university student who decides to play a prank when she found a lost ID card. Mew found Daze Page’s student ID card, but instead of returning the card to the owner, she swaps his card with hers.

It’s Mew’s take on doing a silly prank on Daze, who she wishes to be her muse. Well, the pranks go astray when another student Wyn Willow finds the lost ID card of Daze Page and secretly takes it.

While Mew was hanging out with her best friend Simon Sloss realizing she would not be allowed to take exams without her ID card. One thing leads to another and Wyn decides to return the ID back to Daze but with a condition attached.

Coincidentally Mew and Simon arrive where Daze and Wyn are and tried to exchange the lost items. As if fate would like that to happen, following a series of events, Mew ends up breaking Daze’s ID card into pieces.

Although Daze did get a new ID, his impression of Mew was not good. They interact again and again and through a series of coincidences, Mew, Daze, Wyn and Simon end up having multiple interactions.

As Mew was charmed by Daze’s appearance, she wanted him as his muse. She secretly observes him from a distance (totally not stalking) to get creative ideas for designing. Mew later founds a cat which later Wyn adopts. Wyn and Daze live together and have a cute dog DumDum.

1. Mew and Daze

Mew is a positive fluffball and cinnamon roll that radiates happiness. She is always cheerful although a bit clumsy and ditzy. Mew does not harbor ill intentions toward Daze and started liking him as her muse. Mew and Daze have weird but cute interactions which will melt your heart instantly. Mew is kind and works hard, she is reliable and liked by her peers. Mew often calls Daze by addressing him Daizy or Dazee as she was unsure of his name.

It was a cute mistake.

Daze on the other hand had a cold appearance although he is a warm and caring person. Initially, he felt uncomfortable with Mew and thought that she was weird. Somehow his impression of Mew changed when she rescued the cat (later named Daisy) from the murder of crows.

Mew was worried about the cat and Daze offered that Wyn would adopt Daisy. Daze started opening up to Mew and his impression of Mew changed. When Mew started avoiding Daze, he was worried and felt her absence. When Mew gets taken by Alex and later gets attacked by Lia, he comes to his rescue.

2. The BFFs Wyn and Mickey

Wyn is one of the best characters in Nice To Meet You. He is the proud captain of the Mew-Daze ship and openly ships Mew and Daze. Wyn openly teases Daze and hope Daze accept his feelings for Mew. Mickey is Wyn and Daze’s common friend from high school.

Mickey is overprotective of Daze and doesn’t like random girls approaching Daze for his good looks but later dumping him for Mickey. Initially, Mickey does not have a good opinion of Mew and thinks that she approached Daze because of ulterior motives.

Mickey is one of the most mysterious and underrated characters in Nice To Meet You. His actions seemed creepy and weird in the beginning and he seemed suspicious and a playboy aggressively pinning Mew. He wanted to test Mew and asked her out, but Mew bluntly turns him down and refuses his advances. Mickey needs appreciation because he is a good friend and harbors no ill intention toward anyone.

3. Relationship Between Simon and Mew

Simon and Mew are besties and their interaction is extremely soothing to the eyes. Simon is like an overprotective parent who cares about Mew. Mew’s brother Miles and Simon are acquainted as well and he asked Simon to look after Mew. Mew is naïve and gets taken advantage of. Simon didn’t like Daze in the beginning and even visited Daze and Wyn’s house with Mew to check out Daisy (cat).

4. Mew and Daze’s Past

Mew dated someone in the past who was toxic. He ruined Mew and her life and her grades suffered a lot. Miles and Simon took matters into hands and helped Mew break up with his ex-boyfriend. Daze had a similar past as well. Girls would often approach Daze and wanted to date him because of his appearance.

They didn’t care about his personality or his work life. This is why Mickey weeded out girls who had malicious intentions toward Daze. After Wyn told Mickey to back off from Mew, Mickey decided to respect Daze’s choice.

5. Alex the Chibi

Alex is a junior of Mew and they work in the drama club together. Mew thought of Alex as a little brother and he gave a pretty good vibe. However, never judge the book by its cover. Alex the chibi turned jealous of Daze because he likes Mew.

In reality, Alex thought Mew was sending him the signal and misinterpreted her good intentions. Alex tries to force himself on Mew on her birthday but Daze arrives in time to save her. He realizes his mistake and apologies to Mew. I Hope Alex can redeem himself in the future.

6. The Weird but cute Gang

One of the best things in Nice To Meet You Season 1 was the weird gang. Initially, it was Mew and Simon who got aquatinted with Daze and Wyn. The group increased with Mickey joining them. Their common friends Erik, Anne and Lia went to Karaoke with them.

Lia likes Daze but Daze is not interested in her. Mickey is aware that Lia likes Daze but is not bothered with Lia because he knows Daze will not date her. It was surprising Erik slapped, Lia, when she talked trash about Mew without knowing that Mew was almost assaulted.

Erik gets respect for correcting her friend and not blinding siding with Lia. Lia escapes and Mew follows her. They get into another trouble but Wyn and Daze make it in time to save them. Nice To Meet You Season 1 ends with Mew and Daze opening with each other and the ship almost starts to sail.

But Wyn who was eagerly cheering for them felt pangs in his heart and felt weird. Could this be a start of trouble for Wyn and Daze? Will Wyn fall in love with Mew?