5 Reasons Why Gon Is One Of The Darkest Characters Of Hunter x Hunter

5 Reasons Why Gon Is One Of The Darkest Characters Of Hunter x Hunter

Ever since Yoshihiro Togashi has been on a hiatus, Hunter X Hunter fans have been waiting for any and every news related to the return of their beloved show. With the imminent hint towards the exploration of the Western Continent and Gon losing his Nen, there were too many paths left unexplored.

One of the most amazing aspects of the Chimera Ant Arc was the parallel drawn between the ants and humans, especially between King Meruem and Gon. Let us have a look at why Gon might be the darkest character of the show despite being the protagonist.

1. Ends Justify The Means

Gon with kuprakia, killua and liorio

One of the first introductions we have of Gon was during the Hunter Exam Arc, where he meets his friend Killua. Even though throughout the show the rest of the people question the morality of the ways used by Killua, Gon is perfectly fine with Killua's identity as an assassin and that he has killed people.

Even when Netero points out that using assassination techniques at such a young age for a kid is unnatural, Gon does not mind the fact Killua was raised up to be an assassin by his parents.

2. “A person who cannot be appraised” - ZEPILE

Zephile, Gon and Killua

Testing one’s power is a common theme throughout the show. Hisoka, one of the main characters of the show, shows quite an interest in Gon with him showing massive potential. Even characters like Pitou who had nearly no equals in terms of strength, considered Gon as a dangerous person.

It is just not the antagonists but even Gon’s own master, Wing, compared his Nen awakening to the awakening of a beast. While Zephile, an acquaintance of Gon ,views him as someone who is far beyond appraisal and someone to be truly afraid of.

3. Gon vs Killua

Gon faces off against Killua fan art

It is often noted that where Killua generally had tendencies to achieve his target as soon as possible, he was more opposed to hurting people than Gon. Where Killua was brought up as an assassin, Gon had a pretty loving life under Mito-san. Despite all that,

Gon turned out to be a person with no compass for his actions, while Killua learned restraint after all the training he underwent.

It was Killua who saved Gon when the latter was nearly going to lose his life to Pitou in a fit of rage, which is discussed ahead. In the Greed Island Arc, rather than going along with Killua’s plan, Gon took the decisions into his own hands, choosing to overpower him, to the point of passing out himself.

4. The Spectrum of Morality

character having bruises on his face

The sheer willingness of Gon to go to any lengths, not minding the right or wrong in the process is what makes him truly dangerous. At times Gon has shown traits that have been worrisome to his friends. Back when Gon regains his Nen after Knuckle’s timer runs out, he is ready to kill Morel, a teammate of his, if he does not let him continue on the journey to save Kite.

If not for Killua, Gon fears he might have ended up killing Morel. Also, he does not mind the fact that his father left him. He shows no signs of anger or sadness on that part. Leaving Killua or others behind, never caring for the consequences of his actions describes his nature.

5. Dormant Darkness

character with a dark background

As the show progressed, we see the darker side of Gon emerging. With the life of Kite in question, Gon forgets all reason and logic. As discussed above, Gon loses his sense of self, when put under stress, losing his rationality, the only path ahead for him most of the time, it seems, is mutual destruction. Those around him did not matter to him anymore, nor did the fact that what might happen to him.


Gon, clearly states that “It does not matter anymore, if this is the end, I will give it my all.” Gon turned at this moment, giving away his sense of self and humanity. Our hero forgot about his friends, their mission and his sense of self altogether. In a moment of pure rage, Gon reverted into an animal with just one thought in his conscience, to kill the enemy in front of him. A result befitting an Enhancer.

character smiling and giving a victory gesture

Gon’s behavior is morally ambiguous and his actions take only the desired result into account. Although Gon has been a fan favorite and might seem like an adorable and innocent kid, within him lies a darkness that is beyond comprehension.