Who Is Rimuru Tempest's Love Interest?

Who Is Rimuru Tempest's Love Interest?

For anyone interested in watching Isekai anime, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is something you just cannot miss. The series follows the story of Rimuru who is reborn as the unlikeliest of heroes in the form of slime.

Though small, Mr. Slime possesses a boatload of skills and magical energy. His excessive manga knowledge also grants him to outwit his opponents in battle strategies.

A natural leader in his previous life, Rimuru carries the same aura around him in this world too, which attracts various strong figures close to him. Let us have a look at some of the characters who may serve as the potential love interests of Rimuru Sama.

1. Milim Nava

Rimuru hugged by Milim

Milim’s first introduction to us is with the knowledge that she is a demon lord. Now demon lords are creatures at the peak of existence when it comes to the world of our hero. Creatures and beings who have surpassed every known limit that binds a human and have created for themselves powers that are truly great and terrifying in nature. Out of these existences, Milim is one of the great three.

Nicknamed the Destroyer, she is perhaps the strongest amongst all.

Milim is quite childlike in her behavior and when she first meets Rimuru she intended to fight against him. But she was easily manipulated into a friendship with him after having a taste of honey.

Milim is overly affectionate towards Rimuru, going on to call him his best friend. He is the only one among so many whose validation and attention she craves dearly. Rimuru does notice this and is also affectionate towards her in return, going as far as challenging other Demon Lords and ignoring Raphael’s advice.

Though this is about the extent of it. Rimuru has never shown any interest towards Milim along the lines of love. It is also highly likely that the case shall remain so in the future.

2. Shuna

Shuna with Rimuru

Shuna is an ogre who is rescued by Rimuru when they are running away from the attack against their village. Shuna is the younger sister of Benimaru and so is also known as Oni Princess. She is very gentle, care and affectionate in nature. A little shy in nature, Shuna slowly warms up to Rimuru after being named, choosing to remain as close to him as possible all the time.

She is self-appointed as Rimuru’s personal assistant. She loves being around Rimuru and actively competes for his attention with the others. Also, it must be noted is that she is very possessive towards Rimuru, choosing to hold him in his lap all the time when he is in the form of slime.

This sense of possessiveness is especially heightened when Shion is around her.

Shion and Shuna fight over Rimuru

Rimuru on the other hand definitely enjoys Shuna and loves being around her. From appreciating her cooking to her ambient nature, Rimuru has always been very supportive of Shuna.

Is marriage or even a love angle possible then? Sadly the answer is, no. Even though Shuna is considered to be amazing, Rimuru has never shown any emotions close to that of love towards Shuna.

3. Shion

Shion getting  nervous

Shion is another one of the ogres saved by Rimuru. After being named by Rimuru, she not only turns herself into one of his most capable fighters but also a loyal subject of Rimuru. She boldly claims to be his secretary and personal bodyguard of Rimuru.

Shion is the polar opposite of Shuna in her nature. Bold, aggressive, and wearing her heart on her sleeve, Shion is someone who would say exactly what is on her mind. This includes her affection for Rimuru. She has always been greatly attentive towards him and has tried to win his attention in various ways.

Majority of this was through her efforts in cooking, much to the horror of Rimuru.

Everybody in Tempest, the kingdom of Rimuru, knows how bad of a cook Shion is. This, though, does not hinder her in the least and she is always trying to win Rimuru’s affection by cooking up a new storm over him.

Shion treating Rimuru to her cooking

Rimuru is quite fond and also quite scared of Shion, to be honest. He considers it plain torture to eat Shion’s cooking. Any type of feeling towards Shion is that of care and affection but nothing more than that. Chances are highly remote that any such thing can happen in the future.

4. Hinata Sakaguchi

Hinata facing off against Rimuru

Hinata is from another otherworld and just like Rimuru and is also from Japan. She too was reincarnated into this world and was brought under the folds of the Church. The only thing that drives her is her intense need to do things that are in favor of humankind and for their betterment.

She, initially, held great anger towards Rimuru as he was the cause of the death of her teacher Shizu. She kills him, in their first encounter without giving him a chance to explain himself. That pretty much sums up Hinata as a person. A straightforward and diligent girl who just wants to do good in this life.

After their confusion is resolved and the fight ceases the two share quite a warm relationship. Sharing a common background they can connect much more easily than the others. Hinata being a very strong individual is someone Rimuru can rely upon at tough times. They consider each other good friends and always will do so.

So who does this leave us with?

Truthfully no one. Rimuru in his past life was a 39-year-old virgin. When he gets reincarnated he faces three major problems - sleep, taste, and his lack of physical desires. Being a slime, Rimuru does not own a body of his own, although he can take the forms of people and creatures around him, this does not help him with his third problem.

It seems it really is impossible to see Rimuru having a possible relationship of any sort involving love.