Sabito's Character Sketch

Sabito's Character Sketch

Sabito was a student of Sakonji. He was a comparatively serious person.

Personally, he thinks that he should act like a mature gentleman.

He was a merciless mentor to Tanjiro. However, Tanjiro was mostly quick and sharp.

He didn’t consider him as the man, and he claimed he was.

Moreover, when Tanjiro asked about the loss of Hand Demon, Sabito was negative in his opinion.

He was confident that no one could take down Hand Demon.

Yet, Sabito still Tanjiro a lot. He was glad that, Tanjiro became one of the best.

The fact that Tanjiro surpassed Sabito as Sakonji’s strongest student made him elated.

He started to acknowledge Tanjiro more.

Sakonji and Him

After the death of his and Makomo’s parents, Sakonji took them in.

He trained them to become potential Demon Slayers.

He went through many demons during his days at Mount Fujikasane.

Sabito even saved many to be Demon slayers.

man training his student

Sabito was one of the most powerful students of Sakonji.

Even the one who killed him noticed that. The Hand Demon was astonished by his power.

Also, Tanjiro said that if he was alive, he would have been one of the best Swordsmen.

This fierce student of Sakonji was indeed a very fascinating swordsman.

He killed almost every Demon on the Wisteria Flower Mountain alone.

He was a true savior. Even our main lead, Tanjiro couldn’t achieve anything as such.

He defeated Tanjiro as long as he was alive.

His speed was amazing. It took almost 6 months of training for Tanjiro to defeat Sabito.

Sabito’s death

When he was in a fight with a morphed demon, his blades broke.

They cut through his name, and Sabito dies.

He was the only person who died before the Final Selection.

Sabito and Makomo’s souls returned to Sagiri Mountain.

They couldn’t reset, however. Later, he and Makomo met after death.

a man fighting with his enemy

Giyu Tomioka thought that Sabito is an honest and kind person.

He believed that Sabito has a strong sense of justice and life.

Giyu was reminiscing the old times. He remembered how selfless this kind soul was.

But, this soul lost his own life while saving others from Hand Demon.

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