Sasaki to Miyano | What Does It Mean To Like Someone?

How will you interpret love? What does it mean to like someone? What made Miyano concerned about the confession from Sasaki?

Sasaki to Miyano | What Does It Mean To Like Someone?

The 2022 Winter Anime Sasaki and Miyano is created by Mangaka Sho Harusono since 2016. Sasaki to Miyano is a slice of life and Shonen Ai series. The anime series revolves around the main character Miyano Yoshikazu and Sasaki Shumei.

Miyano is an underclassman of Sasaki who got acquainted when the bullies were bothering his friend Kuresawa Tasuku. When Miyano wanted to intervene, his senpai Sasaki came to the rescue and somehow they became part of each other's life.

It was quite unexpected for Sasaki to take an interest in Miyano and ever since they became good friends or rather a senpai-kouhai relationship.

What Does Sasaki Feel About Love?

the guy looking at the senpai confused

It was probably love at first sight for Sasaki. Even Sasaki doesn’t understand why he tried to protect Miyano. However, Sasaki wanted to get close to his kouhai and wanted to get to know him.

Before Sasaki could realise it, he was already in love with Miyano. Sasaki is aware of Miyano’s secret. Miyano is a Fudanshi who enjoys reading BL novels, mangas, anime or BL series.

One of the best things about Shumei Sasaki is that he’s unlike the other typical characters in a Shonen Ai series constantly pushing the possible love interest for love or being extremely demanding. Sasaki appreciates Miyana and started reading the BL genre to understand the likes and interests of someone he loves.

the senior reading the book and the guy looks at him embarrassed

That’s not the only good thing about Sasaki Shumei. Sasaki is pretty open and non-judgmental towards Miyano Yoshikazu and feels that reading the BL genre is nothing to be ashamed of. He understands why Miyano doesn’t like talking about it in the open and tries to be discreet although does get bused by Ogasawara Jirou.

When getting bashed by Ogasawara, Sasaki defends Miyano and the choice to like the BL genre. Sasaki doesn’t mind reading them. He is pretty understanding, accepting and comfortable towards exploring this genre as a part of discovering his feelings towards Miyana.

Sasaki’s actions can be best summed up as someone who truly wishes to understand the person they like and love. Occasionally, Saski expresses restraint although he gets jealous if someone maliciously approaches Miyana. He was upset on Valentine’s Day because he didn’t know who gave the first chocolate to Miyano.

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Although he was equally happy to receive chocolate and a return gift on White Day and on his birthday. Sasaki instantly cheers up when he’s encouraged by Miyano and is willing to wake up early to commute on the same train with him.

From the perspective of Sasaki Shumei, liking someone means to be there for them, even if it means silently. Sasaki confessed his feelings twice to Miyano and is awaiting a reply. He never once forced or pressurised Miyano for a response.

What Does Miyano Think About Liking Someone?

both of them listening music together

On the contrary, Miyano Yoshikazu secretly enjoys reading his favourite genre, a Fudanshi who loves to pair people up. Surprisingly, he has never once considered Sasaki as a BL pair, even though he constantly sees his senpai Hirano Taiga in a BL couple setting.

Miyano is sure that he likes girls and doesn’t want anything to do with a real-life BL at least in his life. Miyano feels comfortable and enjoys his time with Sasaki when they discuss new series, books, manga and other materials.

Miyano often lets Sasaki borrow his collection and they even tag along when making purchases. It’s conflicting for Miyano because he likes Sasaki as a senpai and never views him as a love interest.

tall guys closes the shorty's eyes

Yet at the same time, Sasaki makes him feel different and gives him butterfly feelings. Miyano feels happy and comfortable sharing his concerns with Sasaki and is aware that Saski always listens to him.

Miyano is struggling because of the confession, yet he doesn’t outright reject him just because he’s a guy. He wanted to take time to think about how he truly felt towards his senpai. Is it respect towards him or love, that’s upto Miyano to decide.

Miyano’s feelings can be seen when he constantly thought about whether to give him something for his birthday while making him wait for the answer to his confession.

It can be seen that Miyano is considerate and doesn’t want to hurt Sasaki’s feelings. Miyano was thinking about what it means to like someone while trying to come up with the answer to the confession.

Why Does Miyano Feel Insecure Or Unsure About Love?

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Miyano often felt insecure about his looks and in his past when a girl he liked forced him into her way of thinking calling him cute. Honestly, that’s outrageous telling someone cute to make them feel uncomfortable.

Miyano’s sense of insecurity towards his looks is a result of his past where his female classmates often talked that “Miyano might make a better girl than a girl” or “how he has a cute or feminine face". That was quite concerning for Miyano who initially wasn’t bothered but slowly started getting sick of it.

It feels contradictory because calling someone cute irrespective of gender; isn’t really wrong or offensive, but trying to make someone uncomfortable to fulfil your fantasies is outright wrong and insensitive.

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There’s a fine line between appreciating someone and expressing the definition of cute. This can be best explained when Toshirou Gonzaburou, Miyano’s friend calls him cute but acknowledges that he’s a guy who has a good personality.

The reason Miyano felt more insecure was that when he asked why Saski liked him, Sasaki ended up blurting that he likes Miyano’s face. Although, there’s much more than Sasaki liking Miyano’s face; he was nervous and couldn’t express what he truly felt.

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Saski’s response made Miyano unhappy and felt insecure. He even wanted to become cool for his senpai. Later, Sasaki clears the feelings of ambiguity and confusion. He explains that he likes Miyano more than his face, he likes everything about him.

Sasaki didn’t like Miyano for his feminine face; or because he was cute. He liked him for who he is as a person. Miyano felt relieved when hearing Sasaki confess he liked him other than his face.

Liking someone can be interpreted in different ways. When you love someone, give them the time and space to understand and reciprocate their feelings. Accept it even if it’s a rejection.

Miyano didn’t reject Sasaki and asked for time because he wanted to understand what it meant to truly like someone.

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