5 Passionate Sasuke and Sakura Moments We Can Obsess Over

5 Passionate Sasuke and Sakura Moments We Can Obsess Over

Sasuke and Sakura are two of the main characters of the Naruto series. Since the beginning of the series, Sasuke has had a rocky relationship with everyone including Sakura. Their relationship was a one-sided love from Sakura. As a Naruto fan, you’ve probably thought these were the most endearing and impactful moments of Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship.

Sakura and Sasuke’s ship is one of the most famous ships in the anime world. Fans have given them the ship name SasuSaku. Their relationship, although rocky and one-sided, eventually turned out as one of the most famous couples.

Fans have claimed from the start of the series that they would end up together. Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship is one of the most well-received and admired relationships by the fans. If you’re new to the Naruto fandom or are here for Sasuke and Sakura's affectionate moments, read on.

1. Sakura stops Sasuke from Attacking the Sound Ninja

During the Chunin exams

This scene from the anime and manga kept me at the edge of my seat. Sakura single-handedly fought against the Sound Ninja who was after Sasuke. She fought to protect her teammates from getting killed but the Sound Ninja attacked her brutally to the point where she couldn’t fight back.

As she was going to be attacked as a final blow, Sasuke gains consciousness, immediately assesses the situation, and starts to attack the Sound Ninja with twice as much power. When things got out of control and Sasuke, blinded by his rage could only be stopped by Sakura.

Sakura hugged Sasuke and told him to stop and brought him back to his senses. And he listened to her. Sasuke is the kind of guy who does what he wants and throughout the show made it clear that he didn’t want to be with anyone. But like any other Team 7 moment, his body moved as an automatic response of protection. This moment defined Sasuke’s feelings toward Sakura for me.

2. Sasuke says Thank you to Sakura

sasuke saying thank you to sakura in manga

This moment, unlike the other moments, was heart-rending. Not only did Sakura confess her feelings but she got rejected by her one-sided love. Although Sakura got rejected by him, Sasuke’s “thank you” spoke a million.

The way he thanked her clearly showed his approval of her and that he was grateful for the time they spent together. That was also his way of saying he just couldn’t focus on a relationship right then because of his vengeance.

3. The Shoulder hold between Sasuke and Sakura

The Shoulder hold between Sasuke and Sakura

During the Great Ninja War, Sasuke was trapped in another dimension. Sakura and Obito did everything they could to bring him back. She also used up most of her Chakra to bring him back.

While he did make it back, the way he caught her from falling and the momentary stare spoke more than words ever could. That brief stare, along with the glistening eyes showed their care for each other through their denied love.

4. The forehead tap

sasuke doing a head tap

Fast forward to the end of the Great Ninja War, Sasuke and Sakura get together. Even though their rocky relationship stabilized, he ended up leaving her to embark on a journey to research and save the world from future threats.

Before he set off, he did Itachi’s infamous forehead tap to her. This, for me, is Sasuke’s ultimate gesture of love. We also noticed he only did it to her throughout the series as well as in Boruto.

5. Sasuke’s confidence in Sakura’s abilities

Sasuke boosting sakura's confidence

Sasuke’s acknowledgment of Sakura’s abilities is particularly seen throughout the series of Naruto and Boruto. He acknowledges her intelligence and strength beyond others. During this scene in Boruto, when Sakura gets kidnapped by Shin Uchiha, Sasuke had no doubt that his wife would be able to handle herself.

The whole fight between Shin, Sasuke, and Sakura proved that even though they are apart, their connection never faded and their teamwork was still the same. Again, another defining moment of love between them.