Shikamaru and Temari And The Silent Love

Shikamaru and Temari And The Silent Love

Shikamaru and Temari both fell in love silently. They respected and admired each other. They were the only couple who were from different villages but married to each other. Shikamaru and Temari knew each other before the time skip, unlike Choji and Karui.

Shikamaru is exceptionally intelligent with being lazy most of the time. Considering a slightly difficult task to be a ‘drag’. On the other hand, Temari is a kunoichi with a ferocious personality.

She likes to put forth her opinions quite bluntly and is sensible in decision-making. They meet each other for the first time during the Chunin exams.

1. Match Between Shikamaru and Temari

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During the final round of Chunin exams, he gets paired against Temari. He, being the lazy guy thinks of not fighting but Naruto pushes him into the arena. Temari thought he’s not a strong opponent at first. But as the match progress, she is clearly trying her best to win.

While Shikamaru attacks her with the shadow Jutsu, she tries to maintain her distance. She also calculates the maximum distance the shadow can travel. Thus, creating a safe region for her. But Shikamaru keeps on thinking ‘three steps ahead of her.

He prepares a strategy through which Temari gets caught. By using the setting sun which lengthens his shadow, he keeps on striking at her. When she goes to use her giant fan to finish the match, she realizes that she is caught.

Shikamaru uses a hole that was already in the arena due to the last match. His shadow traveled underground and caught her from behind. Even after capturing her, he forfeits the match because he has very little chakra left. Temari marveled at his strategy and intelligence.

2. During the Sasuke Recovery Arc

Temari Fights Tayuya

Shikamaru and Temari meet the next time during the Sasuke Recovery Arc. Temari comes to save Shikamaru from Tayuya. After a strong attack from Temari, Tayuya steps back to protect herself. In the meantime, Temari asks Shikamaru about Tayuya in order to think of a strategy.

After telling her about Tayuya, Shikamaru starts advising Temari. She quickly stops listening and faces Tayuya in her way and wins the fight. This is when Shikamaru also acknowledges her dynamic personality. They come back to the village where he gets to know the condition of his teammates.

Neither her nor his dad who was also present in the room goes up to comfort him. Shikaku explains that these situations will prevail even if he is no longer the team leader.

It might so happen that if he is the team leader, he can use this experience and learn from his mistakes. Temari also knows the same about the mission and also his capabilities of being a team leader. She agrees with his dad but is also understanding how Shikamaru feels being a fellow ninja.

3. Shikamaru and Temari in Shipudden

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They are seen at the starting of the Shipudden series where Shikamaru escorts Temari. He also gets up early in the morning just to see her off. She even acknowledges his intelligence and says that he will get to the rank of Jonin soon.

This makes him feel awkward and is another instance of their silent love. During the Shinobi war, She acknowledges Shikamaru to be so intelligent that he could become the Hokage.

After the shinobi war, when Shikamaru fights Gengo, it was Temari who made his will stronger. They not only loved each other deeply but Also admired each other for their remarkable personality and thinking.

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