10 Must Read Shounen Ai series!

10 Must Read Shounen Ai series!

The Shounen Ai series has been quite popular over the last decade. Thanks to different apps, websites, translations, and physical copies available in different countries, fans can legally read the series in different mediums.

The rise of a number of online platforms and the genre's popularity has allowed the inception of excellent series yet to be discovered by fans. If you’re looking to read some good, heartfelt (maybe not all of them) series with a little angst, look no further and browse the handpicked unique Shounen Ai series worth checking out!

10. Be My Villain

The 2022 webtoon series Be My Villain is intriguing and cute. The series piques our curiosity as to what Mills, a high school student will do when he got asked for a date by none other than Shadowmaker, the biggest villain in town.

Not only Mills was saved by his villain and now they are on cute dates, but both of them are hiding their real intentions. Did the relationship between Mills and his mystery lover change? What will happen to the duo do check it out every Friday!

9. Hirano to Kagiur

The anime Sasaki to Miyano introduced Hirano senpai and barely showed Kagira. Hirano is a second-year high school student and Miyano’s senpai. There is another couple besides Sasaki and Miyano, which are introduced as Hirano and Kagiura.

Kagiura is Hirano’s roommate and they both live in the school dormitory. Does Kagiura feel Hirano is more than a friend and roommate? Kaguira is head over heels and likes Hirano but is Hirano dense, dumb, and oblivious?

8. Whose Baby is it?

The webcomic Whose Baby is it? is no less than a television drama and cheesy cheese opera. (We love it anyway). The protagonist Yi Yun has been in a couple of bad luck strings and decided to have a baby.

Who would have thought that his biracial baby isn’t his and belonged to a rich tyrant CEO, Feng Jin Yao. Due to family struggles and constant conglomerate wars, Feng Jin Yeo decided to hide his miracle baby but ended up crossing paths with an upcoming actor Yi Yun.

What does fate have in store for the couple and their cute baby Rouru? Whose Baby is it?

7. Sasaki to Miyan

The popular Japanese manga Sasaki to Miyano was recently adapted into anime in 2022. The Shounen Ai manga shows the story of Sasaki Shumei and Miyano Yoshizaku.

The cute senpai-kouhai bond over the BL series where Miyano doesn’t want his own BL version. Sasaki can’t help but fall in love with Miyano.

6. Meet me after school

Not to be confused with the Japanese drama, the Manhua/webcomic Meet Me After School is a beautiful story of two high school students who started out with a huge misunderstanding.

Len lives with his grandpa and is deserted by his family (dad). To pay off his debts, he took false blame on behalf of his stepbrother and ended up in juvenile.

After transferring to a new school, Len’s peaceful days were disrupted when Kian started creating trouble for Len because he hurt Kian’s brother. Will the misunderstanding be solved? Will there be karmic justice? Read Meet Me After School in Webcomics App and it’s a completed series.

5. Lone Swan

Who doesn’t like a good Wuixa/Xianxia and angst between different sects or cultivation struggles? Lone Swan Manhua shows the story of Shen Yiqiu, a member of the Decent sect who has lost his memory. He suffers from a rare disease and has lost his brother.

Shen Yiqiu’s life changes when he meets the evil Divine Wind cult member Yan Luofeng. The question is why did Shen Yiqiu lose his memory? What happened to his brother? Do check out Lone Swan for a good read.

4. Prime Minister in Disguis

Liu ChengFeng was once a powerful general who helped the present emperor Li ZhiFan win the throne. Now, Liu ChengFeng’s sister is part of Li ZhiFan’s harem but is mistreated by the emperor.

Now at the request of his sister Liu ChengFong, Liu ChengFeng disguises himself as his sister to enter the harem and teach the emperor a lesson. Liu ChengFeng is the Prime Minister and now has to play the role of his sister and the advisor to the king.

The emperor has many enemies and has taken a liking to the new Liu ChengFong. Or is the emperor faking it? Prime Minister in Disguise is a pretty slow burn but a good military/political full colored manhua is worth checking out. The series is completed.

3. Totally Captivated

The Korean Mahwa Totally Captivated may just be the right series full of comedy, angst, and a good storyline. The possessive mafia boss Mookyul has no intention to leave Ewon without punishing him.

The reason for the mess is his current date Jiho who wants to torment Ewon and make his life miserable. Can Ewon escape the clutches of the evil gang boss?

How will Mookyul’s life change in the presence of kind Ewon who wants to help Jiho despite getting tormented by them?

2. MDZS (The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

The popular novel turned live-action series Untamed and the Donghua has a Manhua. The anime series is completed but we can barely get over The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

The manhua is getting updated so it feels like a good time to check out the adventures of Wei Wu Xian and Lang Wang Ji unraveling the secrets, plots, and betrayals. The Manhua is finished with 260 chapters, so happy binge-reading!!!

1. TGCF (Heaven Official’s Blessing)

Season 1 of TGCF or Heaven Official’s Blessing has us wrecked. It’s the perfect time to read about the adventures of Hua Cheng as he worships his beloved Gege Xie Lian.

The adventures of ghost city might pique your interest. The manhua is currently updating and is so beautiful. Do check it out!

Thanks for reading!!!