5 Strongest Akame Ga Kill Characters; Ranked

5 Strongest Akame Ga Kill Characters; Ranked

Akame Ga Kill characters are some of the strongest most unique characters seen in dark action anime. The anime follows Night Raid, a group of deadly assassins assisting the revolutionary army to overthrow the corrupt government.

Throughout the run of the show, the characters often cross paths and swords with each other. Here are 5 Akame Ga Kill characters ranked according to their strength.

5. Kurome


Kurome is a member of the Jaegers and Akame’s younger sister. The two sisters were sold by their parents and trained as assassins. They parted ways when they were put into different factions.

Kurome looks a lot like Akame. Additionally, she shares similar character traits like a sweet tooth and social awkwardness. However, Kurome has a darker and more ruthless side to her when it comes to absolutely annihilating her enemies and enjoying it.

Regardless, or perhaps because of this Kurome is one of the most elite soldiers at the disposal of the Royal army. She is one of the most powerful characters and has innate ability and skill for combat.

Kurome is extremely skilled with a sword. She possesses super-human reflexes, as well as super-human endurance, although part of it comes from drug enhancements. Even so, Kurome is one of the most formidable characters on the show.

4. Leone


Leone is the first member of the Night Raid that we are introduced to even before knowing about The Night Raid. She is a witty swindler with very quick thinking. She excels at reconnaissance and making calm cool-headed decisions when necessary.

Apart from that, in terms of brute strength, Leone is one of the strongest characters on the show. She possesses an Imperial Arm in the form of a belt, named Lionel. When activated, it enhances her speed, strength, and reflexes and gives her animal-like characteristics.

To top it off, she has regenerative capabilities which is one of the strongest and coolest abilities to possess. Truly a force to be reckoned with, Leone indeed is one of the strongest Akame Ga Kill characters.

3. Susanoo


The most powerful Akame Ga Kill characters wield powerful Imperial Arms. However, Susanoo is an Imperial Arm himself who exists in human form. Because of this, he can regenerate from any injuries as long as his core is intact.

He is immune to most toxins and poisons. Susanoo uses a stave-like weapon called Wolf Fang Mace with blades protruding from it. He is extremely proficient in battle. Additionally, he is also very adept at housework and cooking and is an obsessive perfectionist.

2. Esdeath


Esdeath is probably one of the most unique antagonists in contemporary action anime. She is one of the highest-ranking Generals of The Empire. Later she becomes head of the Jaegers, a unit formed to exterminate the Night Raid.

Befitting her ruthless cold personality, she wields an incredibly powerful Imperial Arm called Demon’s Extract. It allows her to mold ice seemingly out of nothing and manipulates it to her advantage. She once froze thousands of people to their immediate death.

In addition to her formidable powers, she is considered to be the finest soldier of the Empire. She has unparalleled superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. Esdeath is crazily resilient and tactically smart but at the same time, she is bloodthirsty and enjoys giving pain. Her screen presence is very entertaining and at times downright scary.

1. Akame


Seeing as the show is named after her, it will come as nobody’s surprise that Akame is pretty strong. She had the same upbringing as Kurome and worked under the Imperial army. However, she later defected to the rebels and started working under Najenda.

Akame is the strongest member of the Night Raid and with good reason. She can slay the strongest of opponents with minimum effort. She has superhuman strength, reflexes, stamina, and durability. Additionally, her Imperial Arm Mursame can kill enemies with a single scratch.

The strength of her Imperial Arm increases manifolds when she cuts herself with it. Evidently, she used this to fight against Esdeath and won! This establishes once and for all that Akame is truly the strongest of Akame Ga Kill Characters.