Who are the Tower of God’s Strongest Characters?

Who are the Tower of God’s Strongest Characters?

Tower of God Webtoon is an ongoing South Korean web Manhwa. Tower of God’s creator SIU has drawn a wide range of diverse characters with a beautiful storyline. Every character is unique and has a different backstory. Let’s take a look at some of Tower of God's Strongest characters. A question does arise if Baam is the strongest out of all the characters. A friendly warning about potential spoilers ahead!

There are many strong and powerful characters in Tower of God but I have chosen them based on their abilities, fight skills, and appeal. All the ToG characters are closer to my heart, but they left a deep impression.

7. Yuri Jahard

yuri tog

Ha Yuri Zahard, the Ha family princess is a high ranker who possesses the Black March. She used two ignition weapons Black April and Green March without losing control. Yuri has immense strength and shinsu control and she also possesses many weapons. She has offensive as well as defensive abilities and can use teleportation.

6. Hoaqin


White or Hoaqin was the original FUG slayer candidate who got sealed on the Hell Train. He possesses deadly sword skills and has overwhelming shinsu control. Hoaqin is cruel and feeds on souls. He single-handedly massacred many D-rankers which makes him a deadly adversary. He’s undoubtedly one of the dangerous and Tower of God's Strongest characters.

5. Khun Eduan

khun eduan

Khun Eduan is the head of the Khun family and one of the 10 influential families in the tower. Eduan is a high ranker who primarily serves as a Spear bearer and also as a Fisherman. Khun Eduan has not made an actual appearance but we only saw data Khun Eduan in the Hidden Floor. Data Khun Eduan trains Khun, Baam, and Rak on the hidden floor. He is the strongest Spear Bearer in history.

4. Karaka

karaka tower of god

FUG’s slayer Karaka is a powerful and mysterious character. He is befitting the title of Tower of God's Strongest character. His exceptional shinsu control has immense destructive power. Karaka is trained in martial arts under Ha Jinsung. He is a dangerous character to watch out for!

3. Baam

baam tower of god

Twenty-Fifth Baam or Baam is the main protagonist of the Tower of God series. He is a C-rank irregular who is proficient in shinsu control and manipulation which makes him the wave controller of the team. Baam is highly skilled and trained in martial arts techniques. His high shinsu resistance and improved shinsu reading along with his intellect and reflexes make him extremely strong.

2. Khun Aguero Agnis

khun aguero agnis

Khun Aguero Agnis or referred to as Khun. He is a C-class ranker and one of the main protagonists of Tower of God. Khun is cunning, strategic and a person with high intellect. His ability to discern the situation and come up with solutions is praiseworthy. Khun is the brain of the team and serves as Light-bearer.

His Ice Spear affinity makes him capable of Spear Bearer as well. His knowledge, as well as strength, makes him one of the Tower of God’s strongest characters. Khun uses Enna core which makes him deadly, as regulars can’t use this technique.

1. King Zahard

king zahard

Zahard is one of the most powerful and Tower of God's Strongest characters. He is a high-ranked and the famed “King of the Tower”. King Zahard is immortal and this often makes him a target of FUG. He has immense strength and reflexes and extraordinary shinsu control.

There are many other Tower of God powerful characters but I chose them based on their appeal. Tower of God is currently on Hiatus. Hope that the Webtoon will return soon along with ToG season 2. If you haven’t read the series now’s the perfect time to catch up! Happy binging and Happy reading!