The Zoldyck family: Who's the strongest of them all?

The Zoldyck family: Who's the strongest of them all?

The world of Hunters has no shortage of badasses. However, the creme de la creme has to be the Zoldyck family. The secretive filthy rich family has built an empire by having an inter-generational family business in assassinations. Their assassin family’s strength is unrivalled, and they've created a name for themselves thanks to their high success rate. However, how do the Zoldycks stand against each other?

8. Milluki


Milluki is an otaku who hasn't left the Zoldyck family's estate since he was ten years old. A decent assassin, he is able to use Nen, the proficiency of which is unknown.

Milluki has a sneaky side, causing a tourist to turn down Alluka's request for no apparent reason. He is, however, a coward, as he is too terrified of offending Killua, as well as his father and grandfather, to disobey them.

Milluki, unlike his other brothers, spends most of his time in his room, playing with computers. His collection of manga, anime, video games, and figurines is something he is very proud of. He even threatened to murder Killua if he touched his miniature collection.

7. Kikyo


A Nen user skilled in Manipulator techniques, Kikyo is the wife of Silva Zoldyck and the maternal figure of the Zoldyck family. Her overall skill level and strength are unknown. She is still known to be a skilled assassin.

She adores Killua and wants to see him succeed in assassination and the Zoldyck Family's business. Every time Killua shows his coldness, even if it is directed towards her, she is ecstatic.

She has become an overprotective, unbalanced mom as a result of her overwhelming love and great hopes for him, and she is distrustful of every stranger who wants to get close to him, worrying that they would deceive him.

6. Kalluto


The youngest of the Zoldycks, Kalluto possesses exceptional tolerance to poisons and lightning, remarkable agility and physical strength, and skilled assassination techniques as a Zoldyck youngster who frequently participates in his family's murder missions. His physical strength and ability are virtually unknown. However, he was strong enough to fill in Hisoka’s place in the Phantom Troupe.

He's also shown to be calm and in control of his emotions. Kalluto demonstrates that, despite his calm demeanour, he has a sadistic side and a nasty tendency of stretching out fights in order to toy with his victims.

Though Kalluto appears to be self-assured, he has a propensity of doubting his own skills and abilities when he feels inadequate. Despite this, Kalluto is resilient and determined on the inside. Eventually, he may well outgrow the stronger Zoldycks of his family. Kalluto is a highly skilled Manipulator with a perfect Zetsu. A lot of his abilities are still unknown.

5. Killua


Killua was born into a family of known assassins, the Zoldycks, as the middle kid. Killua, who had shown exceptional promise since birth, had received classical Zoldyck training from Silva and Illumi. He had already acquired numerous killing techniques at such a young age, and he was on his way to becoming one of the family's top assassins.

A master Transmuter, Killua is also one of the most quick-witted characters, regularly analysing a situation with ease and precision. Despite his youth, he has the mentality of an adult due to his manner of thinking, knowledge, and practicality. This often gives him an upper hand in most battles.

4. Illumi


Silva and Kikyo's eldest child, Illumi, was raised in the art of assassination from infancy. Illumi's overall power is rated at 95 points by Hisoka, making him more powerful than several Zodiacs.

He has a strong resistance to poison, a high tolerance for electricity, excellent agility and physical strength, and excellent combat capabilities as a result of his training. He was able to eliminate a squadron of over 20 amateur Hunters on his own, without any of them managing to press the emergency button.

Illumi is a Manipulator with an extraordinarily nasty Ren that can be felt from hundreds of metres away. His aura is so strong that if it is infused into a normal human, it will paralyse them for the rest of their lives.

3. Silva


Zeno's lone son, Silva, was born to an unknown woman. He had been schooled in the art of assassination since he was a child, which gave him powers like strong resistance to practically all forms of poisons and a high tolerance for lightning.

Silva is an exceptionally talented Nen user and unarmed warrior, having been a world-renowned assassin and the head of the evil Zoldyck Family. He also battled and killed an unknown Phantom Troupe member three years before the main plot began, and duelled with Chrollo to an unknown outcome.

Silva, a Transmutant, is a stern, calm, and introspective individual who is always cautious when carrying out assassination missions. Silva frequently accompanies Zeno on challenging missions, which is a testament to his power.

2. Zeno


Silva's father, Zeno Zoldyck, is a master assassin with a deep understanding of Nen's teachings and is a master practitioner of them.

He's a Transmuter Nen user, but he can also utilise other Nen varieties. Zeno is said to have invented a slew of Nen techniques of his own, all of which are lethal. In combat, his intellect is part of what makes him so powerful, as evidenced by his ability to deduce Chrollo's Nen ability in a matter of seconds. Phantom Troupe's leader, Chrollo, saw him as a major threat, which speaks a lot about his might.

When Netero faced Meruem, he enlisted the help of Zeno, who was the only one capable of doing it.

1. Alluka Zoldyck


Alluka is Silva's second-youngest kid and possibly the Zoldyck family's most powerful member. Her fearsome powers come from an entity possessing her, whom Killua refers to as Nanika, despite the fact that she doesn't know how to fight.

Nanika, to put it simply, can do literally anything and everything for a price. When and how Nanika came to possess Alluka is unknown, although the two have shared the latter's body since Alluka was a small child.

Under certain situations, Nanika can wipe out the whole Zoldyck family or virtually anyone, no matter how powerful they are, in an instant. As a result, she is the most powerful and terrifying of all the Zoldycks.