Sukuna's Powers, Innate Techniques & Domain Expansion Explained

Ryomen Sukuna's powers, innate techniques and Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine, explained!

Sukuna's Powers, Innate Techniques & Domain Expansion Explained

The King of Curses needs no introduction. Ryomen Sukuna is as powerful as he is sadistic with his skills second only to Gojo Satoru. According to a legend, during the golden age of jujutsu over 1,000 years ago, Sukuna was an Imaginary Demon.

However, in reality, he was a human sorcerer. He became a cursed spirit after his death, and his curse was too severe for his corpse to be completely destroyed. His 20 unbreakable fingers, preserved in tomb wax, travelled through the years as cursed items, gaining in power over time.

Sukuna was reincarnated into Yuji Itadori in the present because the latter ate one of his cursed fingers, which contained a part of his power. Let’s break down Ryomen Sukuna’s innate techniques and domain expansion.

1. Reverse Cursed Technique

Due to his intrinsic power, Sukuna holds massive amounts of cursed energy, confirming his position as the King of Curses. He was able to use his methods indefinitely during his battles without becoming exhausted.

He can employ Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Techniques to masterfully control his cursed energy. The only other being capable of both is the God Satoru Gojo himself.

Sukuna can readily perform a reverse cursed technique to regrow severed limbs in an instant due to his nature as a particular grade cursed spirit. Sukuna's reclaimed limbs are as strong as the rest of his body.

He has the ability to go much further and heal others. This is something only Shoko Ieri is known to be able to do currently amongst Jujutsu Sorcerers.

2. Binding Vow

Yuji and Sukuna have an unidentified Binding Vow. The King of Curses promised to resurrect the boy after his apparent death during the events of the Cursed Womb Arc on two conditions:

1. Yuji would allow Sukuna to take control of his body for one minute, following which the cursed spirit would say "Enchain" and
2. Yuji would forget about the deal.

Yuji was initially opposed to the Binding Vow, forcing Sukuna to pledge not to kill or harm anyone during that minute. However, Yuji still didn't agree with the terms, so he had a duel with the King of Curses, promising to let the deal happen if he lost. Yuji was defeated almost immediately by Sukuma, who forced him to take the Binding Vow.

3. Innate Techniques

Sukuna’s exact techniques are unknown as of now. He has been shown to cut his targets down using his cursed energy. He can also manipulate fire in some instances

4. Dismantle

This is the default cutting attack of Sukuna. It's usually reserved for inanimate objects, but it's also very efficient against cursed spirits.

5. Cleave

A slashing strike that adjusts based on the target's toughness and cursed energy level to take them out in one hit.

6. Fire Manipulation

Sukuna has the ability to manipulate and produce flames for long-range assaults. These talents outperform Jogo's, an unregistered special-grade curse, or as Yuji calls him, Mount Fuji, with incredibly destructive pyrokinetic skills as its defining attribute.

7. Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine

Malevolent Shrine is as gorgeous as it is fatal. The setting for Sukuna's Domain Expansion is a Buddhist shrine. It is surrounded by bull-shaped skulls and has horns on the roof, skulls hanging at each of the corners, mouths coming out of each side.

In contrast to other forms of Domain Expansion, Malevolent Shrine does not create a separate space with a barrier. As a result, it is regarded as a really divine method, as it allows one to realize one's intrinsic domain without the usage of a barrier.

It has been described as painting on the air instead of a canvas.

When a Binding Vow is made by allowing an escape path, which greatly expands the effective area of the guaranteed hit, with a maximum radius of roughly 200 metres.

If desired, the radius can be reduced. Sukuna can use Cleave and Dismantle to mercilessly assault anything within Malevolent Shrine's radius. Sukuna can program it to deconstruct inanimate items and cleave anything with cursed energy to cut them down automatically.

In Shibuya, Sukuna used it to defeat Mahoraga, destroying everything caught within its 140-meter radius in the process.