Suzune Horikita's Relationship with Ken, Manabu, Kushida, Kiyotaka explained

Suzune Horikita's Relationship with Ken, Manabu, Kushida, Kiyotaka explained

Suzune Horikita is the main female lead in Classroom of the Elite. She was not poor at school, but it was a challenge for her to work together and cooperate. That’s why she was put in the D-class. However, with time she developed a decent relationship with others. Here are 4 such people and their relationship with Suzune.

1. Manabu Horikita- Her Elder Brother

Manabu Horikita wearing spectacles
Manabu Horikita

Manabu Horikita is Suzune’s elder brother and the president of the student council. Suzune admires her brother a lot. She always gives her best so that he acknowledges her.

But, he always looked down on her. Suzune Horikita’s admission to D- Class was more like an embarrassment for Manabu. She always strived for his acknowledgment.

However, Manabu was very weird with Suzune. Basically, he was very blunt. Due to her placement in D-class, he even asked her to leave the school angrily.

He reminded her of all the disgrace she had brought to the family. Manabu even tried to assault her. Yet, Suzune kept a portrait of Manabu with her. During the survival test, she even revealed to Kiyotaka that she aimed for A-class. She aimed so that her brother recognizes her.

2. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji & Suzune Horikita – Similar People

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji & Suzune Horikita in forest
Kiyotaka and Suzune 

Kiyotaka’s first interaction in the school was with Suzune Horikita. They met formally on the bus when Kiyotaka realized that they are peas of the same pod. However, Suzune stated that it was a bad coincidence, as they were in the same class.

However, being similar to each other, they started getting along pretty well. Two introverts found peace in conversing with each other. Also, Kiyotaka was the only person Suzune was comfortable around. He even promised to help her in reaching A-class.

However, Kiyotaka saved Suzune when Manabu Horikita was trying to assault her. He did his best to help her. Basically, Suzune admired him. She believed that she can rely on him strongly.

3. Kikyo Kushida – Mere Mates

Kikyo and Suzune having fun
Kikyo and Suzune

Kikyo Kushida and Suzune Horikita initially didn’t get along well. However, as Kikyo had a habit of befriending people, she even approached Suzune to be her friend. But Suzune denied it.

Kikyo even tried to reach Suzune through Kiyotaka. However, she denied it. Perhaps, due to Suzune’s behavior, Kikyo despised her. Kiyotaka even found Kikyo showing hatred against Suzune.

No doubt, Suzune was well aware of this resentment when she analyzed her classmates. However, they still talked normally at times. Kikyo even tried to tease Suzune with Kiyotaka.

But, she resisted. During the survival test, Kikyo asked Suzune to be the leader of the D-class as she saw her real talents of Suzune.

4. Ken Sudo – Thankful to Suzune Horikita

ken sudo looking at his left hand
Ken Sudo

Suzune Horikita had a sober relationship with Ken Sudo. Ken was about to get expelled when Suzune with Kiyotaka saved him.

They even lost 100 thousand points for that. However, Suzune’s blunt attitude did trouble Ken a lot. Suzune later helped Ken when he was accused of fighting with students.

When Suzune Horikita gave her speech, her way of speaking was flawless. It was just apt and perfect. Her personality did help him. Ken thanked Suzune Horikita since she was great to him. He also forgot his initial resentment.

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