Who is Takumi Sakagmi's Love Interest?

Jun, who had learned to be quiet and not express her feelings, finds herself falling for Takumi, but it seems, Takumi is in love with someone else.

Who is Takumi Sakagmi's Love Interest?

Anthem of the Heart is an anime musical created by Super Peace Busters, the same creative trio that worked on Toradora! and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, centering a young girl who's beginning to discover her lost voice. Takumi Sakagami plays a huge role in Jun Naruse's journey of self-discovery.

Jun, who had learned to be quiet and not express her feelings, finds herself falling for Takumi, but it seems, Takumi is in love with someone else. Who is Takumi's love interest? What happens to Jun? Do they end up together?

Who is Takumi?

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Takumi attends the same high school as Jun. He begins to talk to Jun when their homeroom teacher assigns them to the Outreach committee. Their first encounter is in the teacher's room where Takumi goes to convey that the committee wouldn't work out well.

He picks up a guitar and starts singing a song on eggs. Jun happens to eavesdrop on this private performance. Because an "egg fairy" had seemingly cursed Jun with eternal silence, Jun finds her heart understood by someone for the first time.

Over the course of the Outreach project, Jun and Takumi's friendship becomes more profound. Jun finds a way of communicating her feelings through texts, and Takumi helps turn those texts into a musical.

As we learn later, Takumi had suffered from a very similar circumstance to that of Jun. After his mother divorced his father, he had become a quiet boy who thought speaking his mind was unnecessary.

He never told anyone how he felt and this had caused friction in his previous relationship. But watching Jun speak her mind and stand up for her friends, despite her stomach aches and overwhelming feelings, makes Takumi want to speak up and convey his feelings as well.

He wants to "cheer up" Jun in her musical adventure. He also reclaims his love for the piano that he had abandoned after the divorce of his parents. In other words, Takumi undergoes a transformative experience after meeting Jun.

Why didn't Takumi end up with Jun?

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Although Jun was in love with Takumi, and Takumi seemed to really like her back, it turned out that his affection was entirely platonic.

The day before the musical was set to debut, Jun, unfortunately, eavesdrops on Takumi (this time not so pleasantly) and finds out the hard way that Takumi only sees her as a friend.

As a result, she runs away as fast as she can and encounters the egg fairy again that curses her for breaking the vow and blames her for trying to find a loophole in the curse. She then holes up in the "love castle" where she previously exposed her father's infidelity.

It is amusing that both the "opening up" of Jun's heart in the teacher's room and the "closing" of it take place through the act of eavesdropping — by an illegal transaction between hearts, by knowing what one shouldn't. In a way, Jun had "eavesdropped" on her father's infidelity too.

Takumi eventually tracks down Jun at the love castle. He tells her to confess what she really feels. "You can hurt me", Takumi assures her. As Jun tells him she likes him, Takumi rejects her with words, and Jun finally feels free.

It is then disclosed that Jun always knew that Takumi didn't like her that way, but just couldn't accept it.

Who is Takumi's Love-interest?

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Remember Takumi's previous relationship that we touched on a while ago? Well, the answer's there. The day before the musical, the person with whom Takumi was talking and which Jun eavesdropped on to realize Takumi is in love with someone else — was Natsuki Nito.

Natsuki is a member of the Cheerleader club as well as the Outreach committee. She's the former girlfriend of Takumi in middle school. Although they were seemingly dating in middle school, the divorce of Takumi's parents had made him closed off and invulnerable.

He didn't let Natsuki reach out to him and eventually, they drifted apart. Since they never officially "broke up", Natsuki believed that they were still together in high school.

That's why when Daiki asked her out, she said she has a boyfriend. Natsuki had started thinking that Takumi loves Jun, but as it appears, he clears off the confusion towards the end and says he still very much likes her.

As Daiki is set to express her feelings to Jun, Takumi also starts to do that to Natsuki, but she cuts him off and says that he's only piggybacking on Daiki.

"Another time, tell me properly," says Natsuki. "And I'll give you a proper answer."

It's safe to assume that Takumi and Natsuki found their answers.