The Colossal Titan: Facts You Need To Know

The Colossal Titan: Facts You Need To Know

The Colossal Titan is one of the Nine Titans of the Attack on Titan series.

It was first seen in the Fall of Wall Maria episode, as the attacker and destroyer of Wall Maria.

A dreadful day for the Shiganshina people, who were attacked by a never seen before Titan and made its appearance as the antagonist.

Bertholdt Hoover possessed the ability to transform into the Colossal Titan for the first 3 seasons.

Later, Armin Arlert had the Colossal Titan in his possession completely reversing its role as the antagonist.

The Colossal Titan’s first appearance was in the year 845 and eventually re-emerged in the year 850.


The Colossal Titan was brought into the world by Ymir Fritz. 1,700 years after, it was in the possession of the Eldian people.

The 145th King of the Fritz family, Karl Fritz, relocated to Paradis Island after abandoning Eldia.

After the Great Titan War, the Colossal Titan came into possession of the Marleyan people.

Bertholdt Hoover, a Warrior chosen as the host for the Colossal Titan, was burdened by the conflicts of war. Bertholdt is one of the antagonists of the series.

In the quick turn of events following Bertholdts death, Armin Arlert, one of the protagonists got the titan in his possession.

In the anime world, especially in shonen manga, there can be a switch between the antagonists and protagonists.

This makes the series more interesting due to a shift in the storyline.


The Colossal Titan is different from the other Nine Titans. This Titan is very tall, even taller than the walls.

The height adds to the frightening appearance of the titan.
The titan is muscular with its muscles, bones, and teeth exposed. Due to its humongous size, the pace at which it moves is slow.

This sort of titan, although not the most agile, has a bigger impact while using its abilities. This titan is in a whole new level of destruction.

It has varied abilities. During the attack on Trost, Bertholdt Hoover’s transformation cause the cadets on the walls to fall off.

It was due to the huge gust of wind it produced while transforming.

In conclusion, if the transformation can cause that big of an impact, his steaming ability is on a whole other level of ruination.

The Colossal Titan’s steaming ability is devastating. It emits huge amounts of steam causing anyone near it to burn to a crisp.

As seen with Armin’s vain efforts at stopping Bertholdt in the Colossal Titan form. Armin, sadly was a victim of it.

His injuries didn’t go unscathed, he was scorched to his bones.

The steaming ability has a downside, prolonged use of this ability causes the body to reduce its muscle mass down to its bones.

Downright scary but nevertheless, steam emission can destroy anything.

One way to kill the titan is to aim at the nape of the neck as with any other titan.