How does The First Night With the Duke Webtoon end?

How does The First Night With the Duke Webtoon end?

Are you a sucker for fantasy, comedy, romance and an Isekai series? Look no further while exploring “The First Night With the Duke” Webtoon adapted by Teava from the original work of Hwang DoTol, illustrated by MSG.

The First Night With the Duke series also known as “I Stole the Male Lead’s First Night” is a beautiful story with some unexpected twists, courtesy of Ripley, an extra in the original favorite romance novel.

Except, it’s not who we think it is. If you’re looking for an excellent webtoon series to binge-read this month, The First Night With the Duke Webtoon is a perfect choice.

Here’s why you need to discover the scheme and shenanigans of Ripley! Read to find out how it changes Duke Zernonis’s life, forever. At the same time, the journey might not be so easy for Ripley, as death might chase her. This begs the question; can Ripley survive till the end? Will she get her happy ending? Is Ripley dead?

What is the plot of The First Night With the Duke Webtoon?

Every romance novel has a few things predetermined. A good heartfelt romance, and a kind duke who falls in love with a common female lead and they get their happy ever after.

At least that’s how things should have been. Meet Ripley De Liverpool from the novel universe who decides to change her life because she is sick of it! With the help of Charlatan Isla, Ripley exchanges her life with the other world girl who had read her favorite novel. Viola! She ended up transmigrating in Ripley’s body and now has to live as her.

From rags to riches, the other Ripley (in the novel world) now must deal to make sure the hero and the heroine fall in love and end up together. There’s a catch! Tired of being one of the extras in the novel, a few drunken mistakes change the trajectory of the story.

Duke Zeronis De Inglid was supposed to fall in love with Etoile of the Baron family, but who knew the duke would fall head over heels for Ripley!

After spending the first night together, Duke Zeronis demands Ripley take responsibility. The obvious outcome is getting married! Now Ripley is evading Zeronis to devise a plan to further get involved with him and get the story back on track.

As Zeronis and Lady Etoile were supposed to be the main characters and the endgame of the story, Ripley’s appearance changed everything. Now Ripley must work hard to make Zeronis fall for Etoile, but can she succeed? The obvious answer is no!

Zeronis who had never been denied by anyone in the kingdom, must win Ripley and get married to her at all costs. The Duke isn’t as kind as the story portrayed him. Instead, Zeronis is a cold, unflinching, handsome, powerful rich and ruthless person who enjoys powers no less than the king.

Is Ripley dead?

The only person who was friends with the original Ripley was Lady Rose who was the villainess of the story. Now that the female lead had changed from Etoile to Ripley, Rose is set to get some vengeance and attempt to steal Zeronis.

In a desperate attempt, Rose tries to kill Ripley more than once, but how can Ripley be dead when she’s protected by the plot armour?

Is The First Night With the Duke Webtoon over?

The series is completed with a total of 103 chapters. The final chapter ends at chapter 84 and the rest 19 chapters are specials (spin-off). !

How does The First Night With the Duke Webtoon end?

The problems and solutions are found together by Ripley and Zeronis. Ripley ends up telling Zernois the entire truth and how she’s not the real “Ripley”. Ripley did get into an accident because of Rose and ended up in a coma for over 50 days.

The real Ripley and her meet again and they exchanged lives permanently. Whether Zeronis proposed Ripley or not, do read the webtoon to find out. It was one of the best wedding proposals ever.

They did have a grand and magical wedding. Moreover, Etoile found her love interest and later became her love. Kudos to Lord Wright of the Marquis family who never gave up and proposed to lady Etoile countless times. Ripley was the official captain of this ship!

“...Because Cleaning up your Mess is Fun”- Zeronis

Is 'The First Night With the Duke Webtoon' worth reading?

There are many reasons why one should check out The First Night With the Duke Webtoon. Of course, the handsome, suave, rich and cool Duke Zeronis accounts for half the reason. The real reason is Ripley. She’s not just the female lead and is quite different from typical female characters in a romantic story.

Ripley is humorous, likes to defy others and has good business sense. Together with Etoile, Ripley started her own business which was quite successful. The lovey-dovey interactions between Zeronis and Ripley make reading the series quite worth it.

The character growth of both Ripley and Zeronis would surprise anyone. The cold and uncaring Zeronis cried and really grew up with Ripley by his side. The couple is perfect with their own flaws, but we love them anyway.

Don’t forget to read The First Night With the Duke Webtoon and have fun.

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