The Ghoul Investigators Explained

The Ghoul Investigators Explained

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga that also has a TV series produced by Studio Pierrot. The illustrator and author of the series are Sui Ishida.The article is about three Tokyo Ghoul characters, that is, the ghoul investigators: Kishou Arima, Koutarou Amon, and Juuzou Suzuya.

Let's get to know about these three Tokyo Ghoul Characters.

1. Kishou Arima

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Arima was popularly known as CCG’s Reaper. He was a Special Class Ghoul Investigator.

From leading the prestigious S3 Squad to handling a large operation alone, he has gained many achievements.

As a result, he earned the name White Reaper, among others.

Arima was a tall man of 180 cm with snow-white hair and gray eyes.

Always dressed in a professional suit and thin-framed glasses, Arima had a calm apathetic expression.

In his younger days, he had dark blue hair. To hide his quinque, Yukimura 1/3, he carried it in a guitar case.

It also seems that ghoul extermination was kishou ‘s hobby.


Arima has four different types of Quinque.

  • Yukimura 1/3: A kaukaku-type quinque
  • IXA: A kaukaku-type quinque
  • Narukami: An ukaku-type quinque
  • Owl: An SSS-rated ukaku-type quinque

2. Koutarou Amon

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Amon was the last partner of Kureo Mado. His last partner was Akira Mado.

He is a former First Class Ghoul Investigator.

He was promoted to Special Class after he was considered dead because his body was not recovered.

However, he came back as an artificial one-eyed ghoul.

Amon is a 191cm tall and handsome man with a muscular build. He has black hair and teal eyes.

As an investigator, he wore a black suit with a tie. After disappearing, he wears a cloak with a hood.

Also, he has a Kakugan in his right eye and a deformed right hand with only three fingers.

Amon as a child was an orphan which led him to believe that the world was wrong and that he had to change it.

It is after he transformed into a one-eyed ghoul, his perspective changed.

After becoming the very thing he wanted to destroy, Amon was consumed by his feelings of emptiness.

However, once he faced his true feelings he came to accept his new self.


Amon inherited Yoshimura’s quinque.

His other quinque are

  • Doujima 1/2: A koukaku quinque
  • Kura: A koukaku quinque
  • Arata proto II: A koukaku Kakuja quinque

3. Juuzou Suzuya

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In the past, his name was Rei Suzuya. Juuzou is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator.

His first partner was Yukinori Shinohara. Juuzou is now the squad leader of Suzuya Squad.

Juuzou was responsible for the investigation of Binge Eater when he was assigned at the 20th ward.

Later, with his own squad he was given the assignment to investigate the ghoul Nutcracker.

Juuzou was declared as The Next Arima after Arima’s death. He became the strongest investigator and took control of the S3 Squad.

Juuzou is a young man with an androgynous appearance. He has pale skin with dark red eyes. He has white shoulder-length hair.

Suzuya stitches his own body which he refers to as a form of body modification.


Juuzou possess three quinque.

  • Scorpion 1/56: A bikaku quinque that transforms into a flat-headed switchblade.
  • 13’s Jason: A rinkanu quinque that changes into a scythe with a jagged blade.
  • Arata Joker: A koukaku kakuja quinque which can attach itself to the user.

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