The God of High School Webtoon Ending Explained!

The finale of Battle with the Gods - A legendary fight between Mujin and Mori. Only one can emerge victorious.

The God of High School Webtoon Ending Explained!

The God Of High School first debuted on 1 June 2014. Now, the series finale is over. The final chapter was published on 2 December 2022. The Webtoon creator of The God of High School Webtoon Park Youngje introduced this epic action series with 569 chapters including 4 spin-off chapters.

It was an incredible journey to see the main protagonist Mori Jin grow and how he surpassed everyone. The final arc “Battle with the Gods” concluded with the epic fight between Park Mubong (Mujin) and Mori Jin fighting with everything on the line.

As Mujin conspired with Tathagata, the ultimate god to surpass the beings of all the heavenly realms, Mori Jin is yet to face the previous undefeated enemy and have closure.

The only way Mori Jin can let go of everything is to face Mujin Park in the final battle; the difference of opinions, values and faith, yet somehow both of them are fighting for humanity.

How did The God of Highschool Webtoon end, aren’t you curious? Who won the final match? Mori Jin aka Mori Dan (Jecheondaeseong) or Park Mujin (Tathagata)?

Mori Jin vs Park Mujin

2 men staring each other before their fight

In the epic series finale of The God of High School Webtoon, the conclusion between Mori Jin and Park Mujin was nothing less than a bittersweet ending leaving us in awe.

As Mori Jin (or Jecheondaeseong) fought earnestly with everything on the line to face Park Mujin, both of them received severe fatalities.

Only one of them could live but the real question is who would emerge as the Ultimate “God of Highschool” if it even makes sense. Park Mujin used everything he could to stop Jin Mori from gaining momentum. Even the entire solar system is messed up.

The time that flows came to a halt at one point. Mujin Park used the Eighth symbol to give a devastating blow. Previously, Mujin used the Seventh creation to wreak havoc on the different dimensional Jecheondaeseongs, but Mori Jin would never lose so easily.

As if by a miracle from the Prophet of the divine prophecy, Mori Jin gained his old powers back and the fight with Park Mujin was evenly matched. It was not surprising to see Mori Jin surpass the Supreme God Tathagata and Park Mujin. Jin Mori was able to use the power to create and regenerate.

The final attack by Jin was disastrous for Mujin. Mori even asked Mujin to stop, but he wouldn’t stop, at no cost as he waited for a long for the conclusive battle to end. Mujin used Tathagata’s Broken Blade Holy Spear to attack Mori Jin. Thankfully, Mori Jin used Samsara, the last Yeoui to block the fatal attack.

Jin used the Mori Jin Original Extreme Version Hoechook “Perfect Circle” as the final blow on Mujin Park. It was nice to see a glimpse of Mori’s Grandpa Jin Tae Jin as he launched the final blow.

It was exactly at that time, even Mujin realised how Mori has surpassed him and his grandpa. Mujin often recalls and regrets how the only blemish on his perfect track record is Mori Jin’s Grandpa Jin Tae Jin whom he could never defeat.

At this moment, Jin resembled his late grandpa even more. Jin used the borrowed Power Nirvana and launched the attack on Park Mujin. It was surprising but Mujin rejected Jin’s Karma as the Red Wings emerged in Mujin Park.

The red wings symbolized someone precious to Mujin. The red wings rejected the power of Karma.

What happened to Park Mujin?

The final blow left Mujin Park nearly disintegrating and wiped out of existence. All of his powers were sucked in. Mujin and Mori were temporarily warped by Mujin’s daughter Park Tae Jin back to Coax where everything began.

It’s ironic how everything came to a full circle. Coax is where the first God of High School tournament was held. The final ever battle between Mori Jin and Mujin Park will be held.


Not as gods or supreme beings, or borrowed powers, but the power of martial arts, using sheer strength and skills. They fought like mad and crazy and it was evident who the final winner was. No matter how many times, Mori beat Mujin, he got back up to fight one more time.

In a way, both of them needed closure to let go of the past. The hatred, the agony, the suffering, the pain- everything must be over for them to move forward. Sadly, what awaits Mujin Park is death and for Mori Jin, his promise to his sister Ahan Dan and his knucklehead best friends Han Daewi and Yoo Mira.

It would be a heartbreak of a lifetime if Mori was to die again.

“You really are one interesting kid…”- Park Mujin

It wasn’t the battle of the gods; it was the final battle of two individuals who surpassed everything. The only difference is their end goals. While one wants to destroy humanity, the other wants to save everyone. As Park Mujin faded away into nothingness, he expressed how he never won against Mori Jin.

Who won the ultimate "GoH"?

As the war is over, with Mori Jin as the final victor, he contemplates that he might not be able to return back to his friends and sister. Thanks to Ahan and the baby, they leapt through space using Taejin’s power.

It was emotional to see Ahan protect his brother Mori Dan (Jin) as she came to save him. The powerful sibling reunion was the perfect ending. Now Mori’s friends who were at the gate to get the three of them out of the dangerous place, to get out of the wormhole. Hope they escaped safely.

It was reminiscent to see Park Mujin welcomed by Sang Mandeok and Executive R in the so-called afterlife (or hell). We get a glimpse of Mansuk and Executive P as well. The real question is are they too late to escape? Are Jin and Ahan forever trapped?

The God of High School concluded but left a glimpse of 17 years later! The God of High School Webtoon is over. Five Spin-off chapters were released which explained how Mori Jin escaped the doomsday and protected Ahan Dan and the newborn baby, Mujin's daughter!

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