The Journey Of Yuri and Victor, 'Stay Close To Me'

The Journey Of Yuri and Victor, 'Stay Close To Me'

Yuri and Victor are the two main characters of the anime Yuri!!! on Ice.

The series is a production of MAPPA studio. The writer is Mitsurou Kubo along with the co-creator Sayo Yamamoto.

Yuri has been a huge fan of Victor as a child. So much so that he got himself a poodle and named it after him, Vicchan.

This fondness inspired him to join the Figure-Skating world.

His dream was to meet him on the ice as an equal and surpass him someday.

The Beginning

Yuri, starting today, I’m your coach. I’ll make you win the Grand Prix Final.

Victor becomes curious about Yuri after watching a video of him perfectly performing his free skate program “Stay Close to Me”.

He flies to Japan as he decides to coach him for the coming season.

In Japan, he stays with Yuri and his family and helps him with his skating at Ice Castle.

He is seen teasing him at every chance he gets.

Yuri has a hard time believing everything that’s happening and so he is distant at first.

However, as they spent more time together they both develop a deep bond.

Victor being an inexperienced coach has trouble dealing with Yuri’s anxiety and emotional distress.

In spite of all that he tries had to understand Yuri on a personal level and not just as his coach.

Yuri as well starts putting more effort in order to impress him.

He becomes afraid that his failure may have consequences on Victor and that he would have to leave Yuri.

He asks Victor to continue being his coach until he retires to which he responds by saying that he hopes Yuri never retires. (sobs)..


Yuri on his free skate program, at the Cup of China, changes his final jump into Victor’s signature jump, the quadruple flip.

He dedicated this to Victor for being his coach, which surprises him.

Victor in a response to this knocks him onto the ice with a kiss after the end of his program.

Victor claims it was the only way he could have surprised him more.

First Meeting of Yuri and Victor

Unlike Yuri believing that they first met at the bathhouse when Victor came to coach him.

Christopher reveals about the banquet after Sochi GPF, much to Yuri’s horror.

As it so happened (spoiler alert), Yuri got drunk in the banquet and started a dance battle.

He looped Victor to dance with him.

They danced interpretive and ballroom dances. In the end, a drunken Yuri invited him to Hasetsu and also, begged him to be his coach.

Though he forgot about it all, we do have photo proof.

Engaged or not

Victor’s birthday happens to be on December 25 which is Christmas Eve.

It was also when they were in Barcelona for the Grand Prix Final.

Yuri buys a pair of gold rings and presents one to him as a birthday and Christmas gift.

Victor also places a gold ring on Yuri’s finger.

Later when Phichit asks them if they got married, Victor responds by saying these are engagement rings and that they will get married after Yuri wins the gold at Grand Prix Final.

You don’t have to say anything. Just stay by my side!

(For our heart let’s go along with the engagement theory)

After the GPF at Barcelona, he moves with Victor, to Saint Petersburg.

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