The Makeup Remover Webtoon Review

The Makeup Remover is a Korean Webtoon following the story of "The Face of Cinderella" with Yeseul/Toseul & Yuseon.

The Makeup Remover Webtoon Review

There are many mangas, manhwas and manhuas but nothing beats Webtoon especially if it’s a romance Webtoon. Although not all romance plots are tolerable, The Makeup Remover is one hell of an exception. The Makeup Remover is a Korean Webtoon (Manhwa) illustrated by Lee Yone. the series has a total of 129 chapters which is a completed daily pass series in the Line Webtoon App.

Once again, through the webtoon, we get a glimpse of the good and bad of K-society. Honestly, whether it’s real or fiction, the superficial beauty and the extent people can objectify others can be scary. The Makeup Remover Webtoon is a good example that is pretty highly rated.

The Korean Manhwa is worth the read and here’s why! The Makeup Remover Webtoon is available every Tuesday and Friday on Line Webtoon. Meet Kim Yeseul, a college student of photography. Throughout her life, Yeseul was told to focus on her studies and never had the chance to explore makeup and put effort into looking beautiful.

When Yeseul reached college, reality hit her hard. Everyone around her was beautiful and glamorous. This awakened the dire need for makeup in Yeseul’s life and it was an eye-opening moment for her.

There are times when Yeseul questions how makeup influences everyone and the role it plays in society. Taking advice from the family and coming to her senses, Yeseul with a mission in hand to fit in with her peers visits a makeup salon to get transformed.

Yeseul idolises famous internet celebrity Ju Heewon who also goes to her college. She asks the make-up artists to do her makeup and make her look like Heewon. But little does she know, Yeseul and Heewon have different skin tones.

It’s not that Yeseul is ugly, it’s that when people have different skin tones, even makeup can give a different appearance. After getting her makeup done, she leaves for the washroom. This begins her ultimate journey into transformation.

The person who did Yesul’s makeup starts bitching up about her and outright calls Yesul ugly. The person insults her and talks in a very demeaning manner. If you think Yeseul is like any ordinary girl, dismiss that notion all at once.

Yeseul storms out to speak and give that trash a piece of her mind but that’s not who she finds outside. Yesul has a fateful encounter with Cheon Yuseon. Yuseon is a famous makeup artist who is famous for his competent skills besides his good looks.

Whether it’s fate or not Yuseon helps Yeseul get revenge on the trashy scum who looked down on her. Yeseul got her revenge, but it comes with terms and conditions. Yuseon was looking for a fresh face to enter into a competition held by GC.

Heewon wanted to work with Yuseon, but he clearly rejected her which did make her feel a little bitter towards Yuseon and his model. One thing leads to another and Yeseul agrees to join Yuseon in the competition. She has her own terms and conditions as well.

Yeseul asks Yuseon to hide his identity and they enter the competition together. Yeseul becomes Toseul who appears in a bunny costume during the competition “The Face of Cinderella”.

Toseul creates a lot of curiosity and when Heewon meets her she hates her and takes her anger on her. Through circumstances, Yeseul ends up helping Heewon when she’s in trouble and this makes Heewon want to become friends with Yeseul.

There’s also the goody-two-shoes Sunbae (senior) Yeon Seungwoo on which Yeseul has a crush. Seungwoo is a photography major who is seen as a nice and approachable senior. He has a very big fan following and he is almost like a campus prince.

The girls are ready to fall in love with him, but Seungwoo is far from a nice person. Somehow Seungwoo takes an interest in Yeseul and even starts to date. But Seungwoo is classic trash and a scumbag who only has self-interest and has an inferiority complex towards Yeseul.

Although Yeseul did date the jerk for a short time, they broke up it was really satisfying. Yeseul deserves better. Toseul and Yuseong have reached the semi-finals and will face Heewon. They even made it to the final round but only to have many more surprises and shocks.

What will happen to them? Be sure to read and stay tuned for The Makeup Remover to find out what Toseul and Yuseong have stored in their future!

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