The Secret Life of Yuri Briar!

How will Yor Forger explain the news to Yuri Briar? What secrets are Yuri Briar hiding?

The Secret Life of Yuri Briar!

Spy X Family has introduced us to the wholesome adoptive family- The Loids. Agent Twilight needs Anya Forger (daughter) and Yor Forger (wife) to successfully complete the mission. Yor Forger grew up without her parents and single-handedly took care of her brother Yuri Briar.

Yor Forger, a well-trained assassin aka “Thorn Princess” forgot the fact that she has a husband and didn’t disclose the happy news to Yuri Briar. Yuri Briar, Yor’s younger brother has been hiding secrets on his own.

What will happen when Yuri Brirar meets Loid Forger? Can Loid Forger keep himself from getting exposed? How will Yor Forger explain the news to Yuri Briar? What secrets are Yuri Briar hiding? Can the unplanned visit become the end of the Forger family?

Who is Yuri Briar?

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Yuri Briar

Yor Forger’s younger sibling Yuri Briar was raised by her sister. Yuri Brirar’s life revolves around her sister. He is extremely devoted to her sister and cares about her well-being and safety.

Yor Forger is hiding her secret and her brother is unaware that she is the deadly assassin “Thorn Princess”. Yuri Briar was in for a surprise when his colleague told him that Yor had been married for a year.

What was Loid Forger’s first impression of Yor Briar and vice versa?

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Loid forger meets Yuri Briar

Yor Briar was determined no matter how great the guy was, he would not improve on him that easily. All set and ready to meet his brother-in-law, Yuri Brirar visited the Loid household.

Since the first meeting, Loud Forger felt uneasy meeting Yuri Briar. Yuri Briar had his guard up and kept drilling Loid Forger and even wished for some alone and quality time with his sister Yor.

It didn’t take long for the master spy Twilight (Loid Forger) to figure out Yuri Briar was hiding something. What gave away was the story concocted by Yuri and the wine brought by him. As usual, the perceptive Loid Forger found holes in the story when Yuri was talking.

What is Yuri Briar hiding?

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It’s ironic how both siblings have a close bond but despite that, they keep secrets from each other. Yor hides her secret of a super assassin meanwhile Yuri was hiding one too.

To everyone’s knowledge, Yuri Briar worked at the foreign ministry civil service department. However in reality was scouted to work in the State Security service. One of the informants was nabbed and when people were having time interrogating him, it was Yuri Briar who used his excellent persuasion skills to get the culprit to confess everything.

What happened at the Forger household?

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Unsatisfied with Loid Forger, Yuri Briar kept trying to find faults in him. Unfortunately, this is agent Twilight he’s dealing with.

Excellent cooking skills, home decoration, and well-placed evidence were ready to convince Yuri Briar about how well-maintained and loved the household the Loid family was and there was no room for doubt.

When Yuri asked Yor why he didn’t tell her about the wedding, she said she simply forgot. It might sound unbelievable, but Yuri believed her sister Yor without a doubt or second-guessing her.

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Yuri is extremely devoted to his sister and would believe whatever she would say. This surprised Loid Forger but at least the crisis was over, or so they thought. Yuri demanded proof of their relationship and didn’t believe them, he outright asked them to kiss.

Without any choices, both Loid and Yor decided to do the deed to avert suspicion. Yuri was speechless to see the dedication and confidence, that he tried to prevent them from kissing. As Yor was drunk she landed up a tight slap and literally beat up poor Yuri. At least they didn’t kiss and Yuri finally admitted his defeat.

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