The Story of Eri

The Story of Eri

Eri, commonly known as Eri-Chan is the little girl rescued by Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata from Kai Chisaki.

Eri in MHA has the quirk called Rewind, which allows her to reverse a living person’s body back in its previous state.

Because of her quirk, she was used by Kai Chisaki to manufacture a Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Story of Eri and Her Quirk "Rewind"

Eri is a little girl with off-white, bluish hair reaching down her waist.

She has wide bright red eyes.

There is a small brown horn poking out of her forehead which becomes larger when she activates her quirk.

Before her rescue, she was covered in bandages.

She wore a dirty, pale tan-colored dress.

However, after she was taken in by U.A. you can see her in a much cuter outfit.

She also looked better cared for and healthier than before.

She looks absolutely adorable.

a man and a young girl enjoying at School Festival

Eri in MHA is the grand-daughter of Shie Hassaikai’s boss, a yakuza.

She was also disowned by her mother after she accidently activated her Quirk on her father.

She was given to Overhaul, and later ran experiments on by Kai Chisaki.

With all these fearful experiences she developed trauma.

Eri never had anyone to show her any affection. Apparently, it was from Izuku she first felt kindness.

Eri suffered from Kai Chisaki’s influence even after her rescue.

She was unable to enjoy or feel happy about anything because she never experienced happiness.

Despite all this emotional distress, she remained an extremely caring individual.

We have seen Eri put herself in danger while trying to save Izuku and Mirio from Overhaul.

She also decided to trust Izuku right after she met him because she knew this had to end.

We see her freely enjoying herself for the first time during U.A. School Festival when she went to the events with Mirio.

She enjoyed it so much that she an adorably big smile on her face.

She was also very excitedly telling Izuku about all that she did at the school festival.

As mentioned Eri in MHA has a Rewind Quirk.

Her Quirk allows her to undo bodily modification, heal injuries and make someone younger.

The source of her power is in the horn on her forehead.

The horn also accumulates power over a period of time, before it can be used.

What day is Eri's birthday?

Eri's birthday falls on Dec.21, making her a Sagittarius.

Chisaki used Eri’s Quirk because she can even deactivate someone’s Quirk by reversing their evolution.

Eri’s blood is able to attack her target and rewind the evolution before the point of the Quirk phenomenon.

Chisaki manipulated this power to make people quirkless. As we see Mirio lost his Quirk as well.

Eraser Head became her instructor as he is the only person who can shut her Quirk.

He became the safest person to teach her control and for her to be around.

It was also Eraser Head who suggested that her Quirk may also be able to rewind the bodies again and restore the Quirk of those who lost theirs.

However, Eri can only use her quirk on living things.

She trained her quirk for two months before the Paranormal Liberation Front.

She was successful in restoring Mirio’s quirk the day before.

Let’s hope to see more of her interaction with the other characters.

She is working hard to control her power and become stronger.

So, we can only support her and watch her grow.

Who wants her to have more screen time say, Aye!!

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