Things You Need To Know About Grisha Yeager

Things You Need To Know About Grisha Yeager

Grisha Yeager is the father of Eren Yeager. He’s got a complicated story that plays a crucial role in the series.

Grisha Yeager’s backstory might just be the key to understanding the story. As seen in Season 1, Grisha was married to Carla Yeager.

The Attack on Titan story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to Titan domination.

The popularity of the series exploded after the first season, especially after the sensational trailer. As the series progresses from Season 1 to Season 3, there’s still a lot to be learned about the inception of Titan domination.

His History

In the initial seasons, the appearance of Grisha did not have much importance apart from showing his recent past. Grisha was known as a smart doctor.

He was often seen on trips far away from Shinganshina District. Grisha until Season 3 was revealed to be a good man. He was calm and passionate. He was also calculative and practical.

When he was young, his hard-headed personality led him to make impulsive decisions.

Despite his mother’s warnings, he took his sister outside Liberio’s Internment Zone. His sister was killed by Marley Public Security.

After that incident traumatized him, he vowed to destroy Marley and restore Eldia. During one of the secret Eldia Restorationists’ meetings, he meets Dina Fritz, a direct descendent of Ymir Fritz.

He immediately falls in love with her, sharing the same passion and goal.

They had a son Zeke Yeager, who was born in the hateful conflicting Marley-Eldian war. Grisha pushed his ideals and expectations on his son. Grisha wanted Zeke to be the Founding Titan to annihilate Marley.

Zeke, who was constantly burdened by his parent’s expectation of fulfilling their mission, ultimately decided to take his own path.

After being turned in by their own son to the Marley Public Security, they were forcefully turned into Titans by the Marleyans.

Filled with fury, Grisha was rescued by Keith Shadis and thus settled within Shiganshina District.

He eventually married Carla Yeager, who is the mother of Eren Yeager.

Grisha didn’t stop there. He continued his mission by turning his own son into a Founding Titan.

Grisha Yeager as a Titan

One of the most surprising twists of events in the series happened to be Grisha Yeager’s role in the series.

Not only was he deeply involved in the history of the world, but his death was felt even more in the present.

a huge creature shouting at men with guns

Eventually, the story falls into place making it one of the best plots in anime. In Season 3, more of Grisha Yeager’s past is revealed.

It was revealed that he had come to Paradis Island in search of the Founding Titan which was in the possession of the Reiss family.

Grisha then forcefully obtained the Founding Titan from the Reiss Family. Despite his “exile” from Marley, he persevered for the sake of the mission.

Grisha, in his own twisted mind, had but one goal after obtaining the essence of the Titan- he made sure his son inherited it.