Todd Chavez: The Unexpected Ace Rep From Bojack Horseman

Todd Chavez: The Unexpected Ace Rep From Bojack Horseman

It’s no secret that asexual representation is very rare to come by in popular media, especially American Television.

Imagine the surprise then, when Bojack Horseman, a show about a washed-up alcoholic anthropomorphic horse celebrity of all things, ended up becoming the first mainstream show to commit to an authentic portrayal of asexuality, and through a main character at that.

Who is Todd?

Todd Chavez is a high school dropout who lives rent-free in Bojack’s apartment.

He is a successful businessperson with a number of ventures and initiatives under her belt, including the smoothie delivery service Smoodies and the feminist ride-sharing app Cabracadabra. And his knack for writing appealing melodies and lyrics shines through his rock opera Newtopia Rising and the Halloween store jingle.

Really, there’s no end to this guy. He’s a lovable dummy. And a never-relenting optimist. And a very loyal friend. He’s always there for BoJack, even when BoJack treats him badly or takes advantage of him. He’s hilarious, getting kidnapped by a cult and accidentally becoming the governor of California and stuff. And he’s definitely very, very lucky.

Todd aspires to be someone important in the world as he gets older though and no longer wants to be regarded as a sloth.

So What Makes Todd The Perfect Ace Rep?

Not Reduced To His Orientation

As asexual representation is only starting to make appearances, it is subject to falling prey to the same kind of mistakes other sexual minorities have seen from their representations in older media.

For example, it is very easy for a show to make the entire thing about the character’s asexuality. But that’s not true for Todd.

Remember all the stuff we listed about Todd earlier? That’s the Todd we know and adore. Of course, asexuality plays a significant role in his growth and self-discovery but it’s never been just about that.

Todd is whole. He is not reduced to his asexuality.

Smooooth Development

And that leads us to just how smoothly Todd’s sexuality was introduced and treated, almost cared for. 

It’s always kind of been left hanging there. Every other character had something going on. We have seen them fall in and out of love over the seasons. But the show would consistently shy away from prodding that particular aspect of Todd’s life.

So when the scene came where Todd’s high school girlfriend tried to initiate sex with him, but he found a way to dodge that situation by pretending to be drunk, it seemed like all the unspoken tension from the previous seasons culminated into a wait, so what exactly is your deal, Todd?

Todd’s eventual discovery of asexuality and his immediate discomfort with the idea of a label mirrored the experiences and negotiations that many ace peeps go through at the beginning of a new identity.

Resists Stereotypes

When Todd opens up about his asexuality, especially to Bojack, he is greeted with confusion that is common to most aces. But everyone in the show appears to be very welcoming of his asexuality.

People accept it as a part of who he is. He even finds love with another ace person Yolanda Buenaventura on an asexual dating app.