What Makes Toji Fushiguro So Appealing To Manga Readers?

Toji Fushiguro became an instant fan favorite despite his limited presence in the Jujutsu Kaisen story. What makes Toji so appealing to manga readers?

What Makes Toji Fushiguro So Appealing To Manga Readers?

Toji Fushiguro, aka the Sorcerer Killer, is the most feared name in the world of sorcerers, second only to the likes of Gojo Satoru or The King of Curses himself, Ryomen Sukuna.

He is a figure of mystery to many people in the story. Let's unpack some lesser-known facts about the enigmatic and infamous assassin.

1. Toji Fushiguro Comes From The Zenin Family

Despite his last name, Toji was actually born to one of the three great sorcerer families, the Zenin family.

The Zenin Family places a high value on powerful cursed techniques and even rejects members of their own family if their strength isn't acceptable.

Like Maki, Toji was born without any cursed energy due to heavenly restrictions, but with immense physical power.

Toji, like Maki Zenin, has suffered as a result of the sorcerer clans' interests. Ostracized and mistreated, Toji eventually left the Zenin clan and gave up the Zenin name.

He became a mercenary/assassin and married a woman with the surname Fushiguro and took it for himself as well.

2. Toji Was A Mercenary Assassin

Shortly after leaving the Zenin family, Toji became a hire-for-money assassin.

He is absolutely unconcerned with his clients' motives as long as the money is right. Moreover, he rarely conducts extra labor for free.

He uses the jujutsu knowledge he gained from living in the Zenin family to fool even the most prophesied sorcerers.

His plans are daring and dangerously plotted. This earned him a huge enough reputation to attract the attention of the affluent Time Vessel Association for such a crucial mission during the events in Gojo’s Past Arc.

3. Megumi Had Never Met His Father

Toji Fushiguro wasn’t a family man.

In a sequence in season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi recalls how his father married his mother and left almost immediately after Megumi was born.

He sold their son to the Zenin family because he believed in little Megumi's ability to be a true sorcerer, and he named him "Megumi" after the Japanese word for blessings.

Megumi never met his father and probably doesn’t even know he is dead, or rather killed by his mentor, Gojo Satoru.

4. He Is Dead

During Gojo’s Past Arc, Toji was able to execute his final job for the Time Vessel Association. However, when confronted with a resurgent Satoru Gojo, Tojo chose not to run away.

He despised the jujutsu world and the sorcerer families, so he attempted to assassinate the world's most gifted sorcerer as a method to avenge them all.

Toji's pride, unfortunately, cost him his life.

Toji preferred not to say any final words at first, in keeping with his chilly demeanor. However, uncharacteristically, he thought of his ex-wife and their kid in his final moments.

He then told Satoru that Megumi would be sold to the Zenin family in a few years.

This would lead to Satoru being Megumi's close tutor in the future, as well as giving Megumi the opportunity to work as a jujutsu sorcerer.

5. Toji Fushiguro Was Reanimated From The Dead

During the Shibuya Arc, Granny Ogami's Séance Technique brought Toji's soul back to life, transforming him into a walking carnage manifestation.

He would assault anything that crossed his path, with a particular focus on crushing the most powerful opponent available.

During his rampage, he came across Megumi and was almost going to crush his son.

However, in order to protect Megumi, Toji overrode the cursed technique by sheer willpower and committed suicide.

He did so without ever revealing their relationship.

In a bittersweet moment, Toji expressed his delight that Megumi refers to himself as a Fushiguro rather than a Zenin in his parting words.

6. Zero Cursed Energy

Toji was the sole case where a Heavenly Restriction totally removed someone's cursed energy, according to Yuki Tsukumo, another special-grade sorcerer.

Toji's physique was honed to the point where he developed a resistance to curses and was able to identify them with his highly perfected five senses after expelling all cursed energy.

He was also able to control and use a cursed spirit that could store his vast arsenal of weaponry.

Yuki thought he was actually extraordinary and informed Suguru that he shouldn't be ashamed of losing a fight to him.

7. He Played An Important Role In The Shibuya Arc

During the events of the Shibuya Arc, Toji was resurrected by Granny Ogami's Séance Technique.

Toji killed Ogami with a single strike at the outset of his out-of-control rampage and nearly killed grade 2 sorcerer Takuma Ino with his bare hands.

He also faced Dagon, a particular grade-cursed spirit, alone and completely conquered him.

Maki, grade 1 sorcerers Kento Nanami and Naobito Zenin, and Maki alone were unable to overcome Dagon's curse.

Toji, on the other hand, made exorcizing Dagon look effortless, firmly establishing his own reputation as a unique grade.

Toji approached Megumi shortly after, and the latter compared Toji to a fully realized Maki.

Notably, Toji’s instant victory against Dagon’s curse helped our heroes turn the tide in their favour a bit.