Tomodachi Game Ending Explained | Did Yuichi Katagiri Lose the Game?

Tomodachi Game Ending Explained | Did Yuichi Katagiri Lose the Game?

The psychological anime Tomodachi Game left us puzzled and baffled. Yuichi Katagiri and Mikasa Tenji were playing in the third round of the Tomodachi Game. While things were going against their favour, Katagiri Yuichi was determined to win by hook or crook. The K group Leader Shinomiya Kei was something Yuichi didn’t account for. Did Katagiri Yuichi overestimate his abilities? Did Yuichi Katagiri Lose the Game? How did Tomodachi Game end?

Who won the Third game?

Things were difficult for Katagiri Yuichi as Mikasa Tenji was locked up in the hiding spot. Katagiri Yuichi was in for some more shock when Maria (from management) decided to betray him and said with the K group. Katagiri trusted Maria and told her Tenji’s location.

The most fatal mistake was when Maria betrayed them, both Maria and Kei went to find Mikasa Tenji. Unfortunately for Yuichi, the conniving duo found Tenji. Does it mean they won?

That’s what we thought so but it’s not what actually happened. Katagiri was one step further. He held Hyakutaro hostage and blackmailed the fake leader that he would hurt him (Hyakutaro).

In a plot twist, Yuichi hurt himself and psychologically cornered Juuzou Kadokura who finally pressed the give up button. Katagiri Yuichi and Mikasa Tenji won after so many hurdles.

What next?

Winning the third round wasn’t the end of the problems. Sawaragi Shiho went missing while Shibe Makoto was caught for murder. Something happened to Shibe’s dad as he talked to him breaking the rules of the Tomodachi Game.

It wasn’t any less bad when Kokorogi Yutori got captured by Tomodachi Game admins. The admins called both Katagiri Yuichi and Mikasa Tenji to challenge them for the next round. Something was off but Katagiri Yuichi didn’t have time to sit back and relax.

Who is the winner?

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The next round of the Tomodachi Game was quite painful literally. Every kind of torture was done on Katagiri Yuichi who couldn’t do anything. Yuichi silently endured everything because Kokorogi was the prisoner.

Kokorogi being the usual self-centred selfish person she really is, left Yuichi for the torment. It was gruesome to experience as Yuichi was brutally attacked and driven to a corner. He was left at the mercy of the hooligans under the pretext of a game when in reality it didn't even feel like Tomodachi Game anymore.

What happened to Kokorogi?

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In the game of pain, Katagiri Yuichi was definitely winning and losing at the same time. Kokorogi being the weakest link gave up as she chose not to ensure pain. This made Yuichi have to bear the pain thrice the original pain. This is one game where we missed Manabu sensei.

Something was so off from the beginning that it didn’t feel like it was Tomodachi Game anymore. Although the game was designed exactly to sow the seeds of discord and it was going all too well. Who are we kidding though, Katagiri Yuichi is tougher than he looked. He would never hard Kokorogi and let alone fall into the obvious trap.

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In the last round, Yuichi being the unpredictable genius placed a bet against the leader, Kuroki. The game was simple rock, paper and scissors. In one round, Katagiri Yuichi knew how to outwit the so-called leader Kuroki leaving him at the loss of people, rule and faith.

The game was simple, all Kuroki had to do was win and 10 million Yen would be his, or so he thought. It can’t be that easy, the stakes of the game were high. If he lost the game, he would lose a finger, simple and fair enough.

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There was a twist, if he threw a rock, he won’t lose his finger, if there’s a tie there would be no gain no loss. The real game was rock, paper, fingers. Katagiri Yuichi sincerely made the dumb-headed Kuroki believe that he can only throw rock or paper with his hand (bandaged hand).

It was obvious that Katagiri Yuichi had one more hand left! Let’s take a moment of silence for Kuroki’s stupidity. Not only Yuichi incited the mob and promised them an offering of 1 million each, he successfully cornered Kuroki to play the game. Ofcourse Yuichi used his left hand to throw scissors to win the game.

The real Tomodachi Game team came back to save Yuichi and Kokorogi thanks to Mikasa Tenji. Kuroki was an imposter and this was never a real game, to begin with. Sucks to be Katagiri Yuichi. It was Katagiri Yuichi’s tun to exact revenge or serve justice but he passed out. As for justice, it was delivered when he threw Kuroki from his rule.

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The real management locked Kuroki while he was dethroned from the leader spot. Using his intellect, Yuichi easily destroyed all of Kuroki’s connections. Even though he lost his fingers, he lost more. The reaction of management was indeed funny when Katagiri Yuichi passed out. To them, he’s no more than fodder needed to keep them entertained.

Tomodachi Game was far from over as Shibe Mokoto still needed saving. Only Tenji Mikasa is fit (and alive) to play the next game. There is another 500 million Yen debt awaiting them.

Just when we thought Yuichi was passed out, he came back to life literally urging Mikasa Tenji to go for the next round to find the truth. Shibe Makoto is in the next round of the game for patricide.

Things have become interesting only if there’s a season 2 to answer all the questions. Right now Tomodachi Game Season 1 was ended with Shiho missing, Shibe tried for murder, Yuichi is out cold, while Mikasa and Kokorogi need to play the next game!

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