10 Best Moments Of Tomoya and Nagisa

10 Best Moments Of Tomoya and Nagisa

The light-hearted romantic comedy that is Clannad has become one of the best animes, particularly in the Slice of Life genre.

It’s not uncommon for otakus and anime lovers to neglect romantic comedies that narrate the mundane life of high schoolers.

But throw in some really good thematic music, along with some drama that will make you weep, it makes the anime more exciting.

Clannad has been an old favorite of the anime world.

The story follows Tomoya Okazaki and his friends through high school.

His mundane life gets interrupted when he meets Nagisa Furukawa who changes his life.

They started out as friends and ended up becoming lovers.

Nagisa was a frail girl who fell sick easily and Tomoya was the disinterested delinquent.

Their relationship had some very adorable moments both in their friendship and relationship.

So, here are the 10 best moments of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa:

1. When Tomoya helped Nagisa to the Infirmary

a boy helping a girl in the playground

Much modern anime have harem elements to them and Clannad is no exception.

Tomoya is a kind-hearted man which naturally attracts the other female interests apart from the main female love interest.

Tomoya’s protectiveness over Nagisa was shown, confirming that Tomoya had feelings only for Nagisa and no one else.

The wounded Nagisa on the tennis court was taken to the school’s infirmary by Tomoya.

This adorable moment between them was pretty much loud and clear that Nagisa was his.

2. The First Time Tomoya Stayed At Her House

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Tomoya had a troubled childhood. With his mom’s demise and his father's neglect, Tomoya finds himself lonely most of the time.

Even when Tomoya wants to make things right with his dad, it just doesn't seem to happen.

When Nagisa invited him home to stay for a while, their relationship strengthened.

Tomoya was never used to a loving home so when he got exposed to that, he felt strange yet at home with her and her family.

A truly endearing moment we want all our troubled protagonists to have.

3. When Tomoya Confessed

a  man proposing his girlfriend

Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship was as pure as ever.

Nagisa herself is one of the most kind-hearted and sweet girls in anime.

But she can also be oblivious and absent-minded.

Tomoya developed feelings for her after helping her and protecting her and he confessed to her.

It was one of those heart-racing and butterflies in the stomach kind of moments.

With the beautiful sunset rays falling into the empty classroom, this confession was typically the best confession ever.

4. Their First Date

a couple sitting on a bench with a cup cake

It’s always heart-warming to watch the first date, especially in anime.

After Nagisa and Tomoya acknowledged their feelings for each other, they decided to go on a date.

This was a funny yet romantic scene where Nagisa took the help of Mai and planned the date out.

She acted out of her comfort zone and did quite a few embarrassing things.

Nonetheless, Tomoya found it adorable and just asked her to be herself. Don’t we all wish for a Tomoya?

5. The Baseball Confession by Nagisa

3 friends enjoying a game of baseball

There’s nothing that beats the support of a parent. Unconditional love and acceptance bring a sense of gratitude.

We all love Nagisa’s parents. They are probably the coolest parents in the anime world.

While the entire family along with Tomoya were playing baseball, Nagisa’s dad somehow made her confess her love for Tomoya which was hilarious.

She was flustered and so was Tomoya and they couldn’t get any more adorable.

The acceptance from her parents made everything easier for them.

6. When Tomoya Proposed

a couple hugging each other

Proposals are adorable to watch. But Tomoya's proposal was nothing like the fairytale proposals we see most of the time.

One of the rawest proposals where Tomoya realized that Nagisa was the one for him.

This happened right after Tomoya fought with his dad which left him distraught.

Tomoya was blinded by rage and frustration but upon seeing Nagisa’s worried expression, he knew that she would never leave him and let him go.

7. When They First Moved in Together

couple discussing about their home

After they got married, they moved in together.

It was adorable since they both were kind of awkward but soon got used to being each other's presence as husband and wife.

Soon after, they spent their first night together and the rest of the days.

The normal life of a newly married young couple who work towards their everyday relationship is one of the best moments between them.

It is all about finding joy in everyday tasks with each other.

8. When Tomoya Visited Her Workplace

a women serving men their food

Nagisa took up a job as a waitress after graduating and getting married.

She was determined to earn for the family just like Tomoya.

He also supported her just like always.

This hilarious yet cute moment was enough to make us ship them like never before.

As seen before, Tomoya is very protective of Nagisa and will make sure everyone knows she is his.

When some customers were misbehaving with her, Tomoya and her dad scared them away.

9. When Nagisa Announced Her Pregnancy

a women telling about her pregnancy to her mother

Nagisa is adorable and very close to her parents. Their relationship is admirable and is a loving and open-minded family.

Nagisa’s pregnancy was announced in a very embarrassing and funny way.

Sanae, Nagisa’s mother confirmed her pregnancy to which her dad reacted more like pretending to be really angry with Tomoya.

It’s not every day that you hear a parent say “Good job” for a pregnancy.

Consequently, Nagisa openly admitted to her parents that she had intercourse.

A funny and embarrassing moment between them that probably made for a good laugh later on.

10. When They Were a Happy Family Again (Clannad Afterstory)

a couple playing with their child

Clannad is a sad anime that brings about a rollercoaster of emotions.

Though it has its funny and lovable moments, the sad events that happened are unforgettable.

After Nagisa passed away, a few years later, so did his daughter too.

Tomoya had an unbelievably hard time coping with Nagisa’s death and Ushio’s was even harder.

He wished for the universe to go back in time and for them to be a family again.

Somehow, his wish got granted and they went back after which they lived a normal life where no one died.