Toradora's Ending Explained: Spoiler Alert!!

Toradora's Ending Explained: Spoiler Alert!!

Toradora Ending is still unforgettable.

The way everything changed with a blink of an eye amazed me. Taiga literally grew with the anime.

Well, Toradora is an anime based on Light Novel. The show aired in October 2008.

It ended in March 2009. It has 25 episodes.

Toradora's Ending & Taiga

Toradora's Ending was something unexpected for me.

The Taiga I saw was nowhere throughout the series. She was mature and content.

During the Toradora Ending when Taiga said,

“I won’t run away anymore. I have to change. I have to accept everything. I will be proud of myself and love Ryuuji.” This was the sign of sheer maturity.

However, Taiga realized she doesn’t want to be a burden on Ryuuji.

She realized the importance of her being. As her character resembled her broken family, she wished to fix it.

Taiga was even ready to leave Ryuuji to make herself a better person.

Well, she thought it will better to mend her own life first.

However, you must not miss the scene after the end credits of the Toradora Ending episode.

Taiga and Ryuuji then were two mature and equal souls.

Ryuuji was no doubt caring and sufficient. But, Taiga now was sufficient for herself. She was independent.

Does Ami deserve a better Toradora Ending?

Further, somewhere we all know that Ami deserved something more.

She should have had a better ending. In the end, every main lead had a plan for the future, except Ami.

Ami had no clear plans for her future. Her personal life was not content enough.

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However, Ami was undoubtedly the most underdeveloped character in Toradora.

However, she was a better person than the way she was portrayed.

Yet, she never got all that she should have received.

Her sarcasm under the sheet of loneliness and fear was hidden for half the time.

But, she changed drastically towards the end. Ami was not selfish anymore.

As a result, she started thinking about others. Moreover, she even did her best for others.

Taiga & Ryuuji- A Perfect Toradora Ending

A tinge of fire to the serenity of ice. That is how our TORADORA was.

Tora represents the tiger i.e, Taiga and Dora represents the Dragon i.e., our Ryuuji. They complete each other.

Ryuuji brought the lost confidence in Taiga. They were always together.

Love just came in between unexpectedly. Yet, these two souls were unaware of the love.

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