Toradora Leads' Introduction WITHOUT SPOILERS

Toradora Leads' Introduction WITHOUT SPOILERS

All Toradora's characters were lovely and unique but the main protagonists were something more.

Toradora is a rom-com series with a breathtaking ending.

Something that we should not miss about this series is a good read about its characters.

So here is a brief leads’ sketch WITHOUT SPOILERS that you must read.

1. Taiga Aisaka

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Taiga Aisaka is one of the main female Torodora Characters.

She is a short, sweet, sarcastic, and short-tempered girl.

She hates when people make fun of her height or call her Palmtop Tiger.

People call Taiga Palmtop Tiger due to her size.

However, Taiga is one kind person.

Her circumstances compelled her to become this aggressive than she is.

Yet, she is well-mannered around her friends.

Taiga is most close to Minori Kusheida and is very honest with her.

But in matters of love, Taiga is very hesitant due to her parent’s broken marriage.

She had a crush on Yusaku Kitamura, but she was very shy around him and acted weirdly.

2. Ryuuji Takasu – Calm & Honest

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Ryuuji Takasu is one of the main male Torodora Characters.

He is a self-sufficient boy. Ryuuji learned everything about life early due to his father’s absence in his life.

Due to his eyes, people often misunderstand him to be a criminal.

Ryuuji cooks pretty well and knows every household work except sewing.

Due to this, he helps Taiga with her household works.

Ryuuji is one good person. He is altruistic and very helpful.

Perhaps he was the only person who was able to stop Taiga Aisaka from her temper.

The best part about Ryuuji was his composure which he never lost.

He even scored pretty well in school.

3. Ami Kawashima- Arrogant & Pretty Young Lady

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Ami Kawashima is also one of the Toradora Characters.

She is a cool attractive young lady.

Although she wants people to be good to her and be friendly, she is pretty arrogant and doesn’t mind hurting people.

Ami is pretty smart. She easily figured out the love triangle of Taiga, Ryuuji, and Minori.

Through the series, she tried to make them see their situation and the attraction between them.

However, in the end, the reasons were pretty clear why they were holding back their feelings.

Yet, Ami got irritated due to their reasons.

4. Minori Kushieda – One of the Most Chilled Toradora Characters

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Minori Kusheida is also one of the main Toradora characters.

She is Taiga’s best friend. Minori is an athlete, a good one actually.

She is the captain of the school’s softball team. All the time, Minori is very cheerful and energetic.

Besides school, she also does part-time jobs like a mobile phone stylist, a waitress at a restaurant, a clerk at a convenience store, a steamboat store, and a karaoke box.

She worked to become independent. Minori dreamt that she would be a part of the National Softball team and go to Sport’s University.

She saved money for all that. However, Minori was a big foodie.

She struggled to go on dieting. She was always chilled maybe because she didn’t want people to see her sad.

5. Yusaku Kitamura- The Vice President

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Yusaku Kitamura is also one of the Toradora characters.

He was initially the vice president of the Student Council and later the president and captain of the boy’s softball team.

Yusaku and Ryuuji were best friends. He was a whole different person.

Initially, Yusaku considered himself to be poor at communicating with girls.

However, Ryuuji believed Yusaku was pretty good at it.

Later, he fell for the student council president Sumire Kano.

After graduating, he followed her to the United States.

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