9 Tower of God Characters People Love & Despise

9 Tower of God Characters People  Love & Despise

SIU, the Tower of God webtoon series creator gave the readers and fans the best series ever. Tower of God webtoon stormed the world of anime and is the most popular anime series of 2020.

What makes Tower of God so appealing is the variety of characters. Each character is quite unique and flavorful. Imagine the joy of all the readers and ToG fandom when the anime series was out last year.

Watching your favorite Tower of God Characters come to life gives the greatest joy to a fan! Let’s have a look at some of the best Tower of God characters and why they make it The Best Anime Series of All Time. Out of all the Tower of God characters, my personal favorite is the Baam-Khun-Rak trio.

Words aren’t enough to describe their screen presence and the heartwarming manner SIU presents them to the readers.

The trio would go to any lengths to keep each other safe. Karaka and Wangnan are the characters who appear in the webtoon much later, hence they are not in the anime series. ToG is befitting the title of the Best Anime Series of All Time because of the characters.

9. Rachel

Rachel from Tower of God

Rachel from Tower of God is the most despicable and despised character. Her character gets a lot of hate in the fandom.

Baam first met her in the cave and it was she who taught him everything. Rachel’s wish is to climb the tower in search of the stars at the top. She often manipulates Baam, which makes her at crossroads with Khun and Rak. SIU is an interview stating that she is his favorite character.

8. Karaka

Karaka tower of god

Karaka is FUG’s slayer candidate and is a high ranker. He views Baam as a threat as he is a wave controller as well. He has trained under Ha Jinsung in martial arts. His and Ja Wangnan’s exact relationship is unknown. Both of them have the same ring. Karaka is one of the most powerful Tower of God Characters.

7. Ja Wangnan

Ja Wangnan

Ja Wangnan is a D-class ranker who’s possibly either a fisherman or a spear bearer. He is famous as the “Yellow Prince” and the “Prince of the Red Light District.” Wangnan’s relation to Jahad is unknown yet. Karaka has the same ring as Wangnan but Rachel stole his ring. He’s the most humane character other than Baam who doesn’t like sacrificing others.

6. Anak Jahard

Anak Jahard

Anak Jahard is a D-rank regular who entered the tower for revenge. She was in possession of Green April before it went to Yuri Jahard. Anak Jahard is the daughter of the real Jahard princess Anak Jahard. Due to her diluted blood, Anak is only a demi princess. She is both a fisherman and Spear bearer and works with Androssi and Leesoo.

5. Yuri Jahard | The Strongest Female Tower of God Characters

Yuri Jahard

Yuri Jahard is one of the Jahard princesses who belongs to the Ha family. She is a High Ranker who possesses weapons such as the Black March and the Green April. She favors Baam a lot and even gave the Black March to him.

Yuri Jahad is the only princess who possesses 2 13th Month ignition weapons. She is one of the strongest female Tower of God characters.

4. Androssi Jahard

Androssi Jahard

Androssi Jahard is one of the Jahard princesses and a D-rank regular (webtoon). She is friends with both Baam and Khun and is romantically interested in Baam. Androssi is an alias and SIU has not shown her real name. She is a fisherman in Anak Jahard and Leesoo’s team. Androssi is one of the strongest female Tower of God characters.

3. Rak Wraithraiser

rak with khun and baam

Rak Wraithraiser is the self-proclaimed leader of the turtles. He is very protective of Baam and Khun. Rak’s simplicity and straightforwardness leave a strong impression and as a reader, I enjoy his character.

Out of all the Tower of God characters, he is my personal favorite. Rak is an expert spear bearer and can fight well at close and long ranges. Click to read more about Rak Wraithraiser!

2. Khun Aguero Agnis

Khun Aguero Agnis

Khun Aguero Agnis is from the Khun family, one of the ten influential families in the tower. Upon meeting Baam, he expresses a desire to climb the tower with Baam. He is the light bearer of the team but also has ice spear affinity.

This makes him capable of the spear bearer position as well. Commonly known as Khun, he doesn’t like Rachel at all and wants to keep Baam safe from all the dangers.

Khun’s ability to discern a situation and come out with plans is one of the reasons why he’s one of the best Tower of God characters.

1. Twenty-Fifth Baam | One of the Strongest Tower of God Characters

Twenty-Fifth Baam

Baam is the main protagonist of the Tower of God series. He has a close relationship with Khun and Rak, both of them are his teammates.

Baam is an irregular who entered the tower to follow Rachel. Baam is the definition of a simp and one of my favorite Tower of God characters. He is a Wave Controler and he has incredible control over Shinsu manipulation.

Baam is also close to Yuri Jahard. She gave him the Black March. Androssi Jahad often expresses her romantic feelings for Baam in the series.