10 Fascinating Female Characters In Tower Of God!

Tower of God Female Characters are blessed with both beauty and brains.

10 Fascinating Female Characters In Tower Of God!

Tower of God created by SIU began publishing on the Naver Webtoon platform in June 2010. With over 4.5+ billion worldwide views ToG continues to dominate the Webtoon world. The popular South Korean web manhwa has many interesting characters. But let’s take a look at some of the Tower of God Female Characters and find out the popular female anime characters from the series.

Tower of God Female Characters are blessed with both beauty and brains. The empowered women are in no way behind the male characters in the series. Some of the characters appear in the anime, while some are yet to make an anime appearance. Every Female ToG character has its own charm don't you agree?!

1. Androssi Jahard

Androssi Jahard is the definition of classic beauty. Throughout the series, people always have a crush on her. She is one of the Jahard princesses who started out as extremely cruel, although later her personality had a slow melt-down after meeting Baam.

Androssi is a D-rank regular and fisherman. She’s strong and extremely fierce and will never give up so easily. She is close with Anak even though in the beginning they were hostile towards each other. Androssi Jahard is one of the Popular Female Anime Characters in ToG.

2. Yuri Jahard

Yuri Jahard is one of the Jahard princesses who belongs to the Ha family. She is a High Ranker who possesses weapons such as the Black March and the Green April. Yuri Jahad is the only princess who possesses two 13th Month ignition weapons. She is one of the strongest Tower of God female characters.

3. Anak Jahard

Anak Jahard, the demi princess of Jahard entered the tower for revenge. She was in possession of Green April before it went to Yuri Jahard. Anak Jahard is a D-rank regular and both a fisherman and Spear bearer who works with Androssi and Leesoo.

4. Rachel

Rachel is often shown in a negative light in the webtoon series. She is the most despised character and often receives a lot of hate in the fandom due to manipulating Baam. Although she taught Baam everything, she has a deep inferiority complex towards Baam, Androssi, and almost everyone else. Rachel is SIU’s favorite character.

5. Hwa Ryun

Hwa Ryun is a FUG’s Guide, especially to Ha Jinsung and Jyu Viole Grace (Baam). She leads Baam, Khun & the team to the Floor of Death. Hwa Ryun belongs to the Red Witch species notable as guides.

Hwa Ryun is the only regular who despite having failed the floor test is still able to continue her journey because of her Guide skills. Her expert accurate predictions and ability to fight at close range make her one of the deadly Tower of God Female Characters. SIU admitted that Hwa Ryun is the most beautiful character in season 1. She is also one of the most Popular Female Anime Characters in ToG.

6. Ha Yura

Ha Yura is a famous Idol singer and D-ranker regular. The genius from the Ha family left everything to travel the world with Rachel in search of the stars. After exiting the hidden floor, Ha Yura’s mom gave birth to her. She has excellent Shinsu control and she is a skilful Light Bearer.

She is influential and popular in the tower due to her idol status. The public favors Ha Yura in a positive light. Yura can use her teleportation skills to teleport at least three people including her.

7. Khun Maschenny Zahard

Khun Maschenny Zahard, the owner of the Yellow May is one of the Zahard princesses. She belongs to the Khun family and is the direct descendant and biological daughter of Eduan Khun. She is extremely cunning, arrogant, and has a short temper.

Khun Maschenny Zahard doesn’t get along with Yuri Zahard and always uses a derogatory tone towards her. Maschenny is a spear bearer as well as a fisherman. She is a powerful and very manipulative individual.

8. Kaiser

Kaiser, the name hunter was the previous leader of the Name Hunt station on the 39th floor. Kaiser’s real name is Lo Po Bia Elaine from the Gray Wolf Branch family of Lo Po Bia. Kaiser was nominated to become a Zahard princess when she turned 14 years. She is a D-rank regular and a fisherman.

Kaiser is extremely strong, even Androssi lost her real name to her in the Name Hunt Station. Like Sachi Faker, she is one of the top 3 D-rank regulars. She has a powerful invisible inventory and she is also an expert swordsman. Kaiser is one of the coolest Tower of God Female Characters.

9. Garam Zahard

Garam Zahard is a Zahard Princess. She has many nicknames such as The Princess of the Deep Colored Sea and Hermit in the North City. Garam owns Indigo July and Blue August from the 13 Month series. Unfortunately, she had to kill her sister Yuram after she went crazy after igniting two weapons at once.

10. Yeon Yihwa

Yeon Yihwa from the Yeon Family is a D-rank Regular. She started climbing the tower with Jyu Viole Grace (Baam), and Ja Wangnan of the team Tangsooyook (Sweet & Sour). Yihwa is infamously nicknamed “Yeon Family’s Flare”. Rak calls her Angola Turtle. Yihwa serves as a Fisherman for the team.

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