Why Is Rachel The Most Despised Character in Tower of God?

Why Is Rachel The Most Despised Character in Tower of God?

Rachel from the Tower of God webtoon is the most despicable character in the fandom. Is the hate towards her justified? Why is Rachel the most despised character of all time?

In the beginning, I had faith in her. I thought she was a misunderstood character. The fans sympathized with her. They even pitied her because of her reasoning. We waited for something to change. But, there is no hope anymore. As the series progressed, none of the remaining sentiments left. There was no chance left for her to redeem herself. Rachel is incorrigible.

Set in a world of the Tower of God where regulars or chosen ones, can climb the tower. She met Baam in the cave and she’s the one who names Baam. Rachel is Irregular just like Baam. But here comes the twist. Baam is the one mentioned in the prophecy. Rachel has misguided notions that she is the one who deserves everything that Baam has.

She wanted to climb the tower to see the stars and what was on the top of the tower. She believes that she’s the chosen one! But guess what! Nope, the tower didn’t choose her! She even went as far as to make a deal with Headon to kill Baam. Talk about classic Rachel.

Rachel's Relationship With Baam

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Rachel and Baam have a close relationship. When it comes to her, Baam is blind. She kept manipulating him throughout the series.

During the floor of the test, she went as far as to fake her injury. She deceived Baam and made everyone believe that she cannot walk anymore. And ultimately she killed Baam, or at least she tried to.

The sad part is…Rachel pushed Baam a second time. This girl never learns. She keeps mistreating Baam over and over again.

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As a reader of the webtoon and the fans were so happy when the most awaited moment came. HELL YEAH!!!! Baam finally said goodbye. That scene was so satisfying. The fandom possibly couldn’t be any happier.

Rachel went too far by saying Baam is a monster. The blondie really had to break his heart. Rachel works with FUG. FUG is the anti-Jahad group that has plans to destroy the tower.

What is Wrong with Rachel in Tower of God?

Well, firstly Rachel is weird, and not just simple level weird. Her motives, her reasons nothing ever makes sense. She taught good things to Baam, but then why couldn’t she implement it on herself? Just the empty talk?

Rachel told Baam never to betray anyone when she’s the one first to jump the betrayal train to kill Baam (Quite literally). She didn’t even hesitate for a moment to hurt Baam.

Later in the webtoon, she was the reason why Khun nearly died. If words can describe Rachel, she is the definition of a backstabber like a pro. She is incorrigible.

There’s no scope for Rachel to mend her ways. In simple words, everything is wrong with her.

Does Rachel Hate Baam?

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Rachel is the most dubious character in Tower of God. No one really knows what Rachel is thinking. Does she hate Baam? But the real question is if she even likes anybody?

She’s purely selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Rachel strongly detests everyone who likes Baam. What can we really infer from this?! Honestly speaking, Rachel as a character lacks dimension in Tower of God. She’s just random and envies Baam.

Her inferiority complex towards Baam, Androssi, and Khun is so openly visible that you can barely tolerate her. Rachel does not deserve any sympathy from anyone.

When things don’t go well, all Rachel does is whine, scream and throw tantrums. Rachel’s pushing people from the tower is too OP.

Why did Rachel Push Baam?

Rachel pushed Baam because she made a deal with Headon to weed him out of the tower. Rachel and Headon made a deal on the first floor to kick Baam out of the tower as he is irregular. But that’s simply a superficial reason. She is jealous of Baam and wants everything he has.

According to Rachel, Baam gets everything very easily. She pushed Baam out of the bubble, because she wants to climb higher, wants to see the stars. Her reason is good, but is it ok to push people? Judge it for yourself.

Does Rachel Regret Betraying Baam?

Rachel is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Rachel nonchalantly smothered Ja Wangnan, stole his ring, and is responsible for the death of his friends. Can Ja Wangnan forgive Rachel? Can Rak and Khun stop hating Rachel? Not by a long shot.

She did so many bad things, that in comparison, Slayer White looks like a decent villain. Rachel did not have any character development at all. She’s simply a flat character who only cares about herself and to become the heroine of her story.

Character Analysis of Rachel

  • Rachel has a lot of luck. She gets away with almost anything and everything. I think that is one of her assets.
  • She believes that she is the chosen one.
  • In one of the episodes, Wangnan calls her a psycho. My heart still aches to remember when she stole his ring.
  • Rachel herself has claimed that she is a bad person.
  • She wants to defy destiny.
  • Interestingly Rachel is the definition of a backstabber. You can hardly keep track of how many people she backstabbed.
  • Rachel is very insecure about her looks. I wish someone teach her about self-love. It’s important to love yourself, girl. She thinks her freckles are ugly. Now that’s a bit harsh. If you cannot accept yourself, how can you expect others to do the same?
  • Rachel has very low self-esteem.
  • She is also jealous of Endorsi. The dislike counts keep adding up!
  • Rachel definitely despises Khun as he is closer to Baam. Baam trusts Khun and finally told Rachel to get lost for good. That was definitely a downward impact and an insult to her ego!

One of her typical characteristics is how she complains excessively when things don’t go down the way she wants. Pushing and killing people are her hobbies, if pushing Baam wasn't enough, Rachel has the audacity to kill Khun!

I don’t think Rachel has any notable abilities. She’s just plain and ordinary. As a character, she lacks growth and dimensionality. Even if she’s SIU’s (Tower of God’s creator) favorite character, there’s nothing special about her. She’s predictable and boring. To sum it up, all the reasons are good enough to justify the hate she gets.

She has a severe inferiority complex towards Baam. Rachel is the definition of jealous incarnate. Whatever she wants or desires, Baam has them. On several occasions, she tries to manipulate Baam. She’s well aware that Baam has a soft spot for her. Baam would do anything for her.

Rachel is unredeemable. She tried to kill Baam. She had a direct hand in trying to hurt Khun Agero Agnis. Remember the iconic scene of Baam finally telling her to get lost? Well, that was totally satisfying.

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