What Makes Tsukuyo the Most Popular Female Character?

Tsukuyo is one of the most popular female anime characters in Gintama. She first made her first appearance in the Yoshiwara arc, Gintama Season 3.

What Makes Tsukuyo the Most Popular Female Character?

Gintama is well-known for its female characters. The popular comedy anime feels incomplete without the mention of Tsukuyo. Tsukuyo is one of the most popular female anime characters in Gintama. She first made her first appearance in the Yoshiwara arc, Gintama Season 3. The Courtesan of Death never goes easy on her enemies. As the current leader of the Hyakka, she continues to protect Yoshiwara.

Tsukuyo is a highly-skilled ninja who specializes in using kunai. She is the present leader of Hyakka and the guardian of Yoshowara. Trained under the infamous assassin Jiraia, she scarred her own face to walk the same path as her mentor. She threw away her life as a woman to grow strong.

Tsukuyo hated Yoshiwara as she didn’t want to live as a courtesan, the idea of accepting this life was not like her. Upon meeting Hinowa, her thoughts changed. Hinowa had a positive influence on her and the other courtesans. Tsukuyo’s desire to protect Hinowa and Yoshiwara made her stronger.

She served under Housen. But later to protect Seita and Hinowa, she helps Gintoki overthrow Housen.

Despite her outer appearance, she is a kind-hearted person. Hyakka’s rule dictates killing courtesans who break the law. But Tsukuyo was not willing to kill them. She would fake their deaths or help them escape. Even though she’s a deadly assassin, she never kills people without a reason.

Tsukuyo is merciless when she needs to be. She’s a badass female character and self-dependent. Talk about women empowerment and she is the very iconic definition.

As a true leader, Tsukuyo leads the Hyakka. She is never hesitant while throwing away her kunai. Any kind of harassment or bullying in Yoshiwara isn’t tolerated by her. She doesn’t talk much and has a very serious personality. Even when she makes jokes, it doesn’t feel like she’s humorous at all.

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Tsukuyo with Hinowa and Seita

Tsukuyo’s protective of Hinowa and her son Seita. Hinowa and Tsukuyo often make an appearance together in the series. She treats Seita like her son. They even made school lunches for Seita. She’s an intellectual character. Having a good idea and extensive knowledge about the history of Japan, she tutors Seita. Tsukuyo is friendly and will go to any lengths to help people. Her selfless and compassionate nature is one of her appealing charms and why fans love her.

Tsukuyo is a bad drunk. She has a very low alcohol tolerance. Her violent nature comes out when she becomes drunk. She becomes aggressive and will bet anyone who comes into her contact, Gintoki receiving the blows.

Influence of Yorozuya

Tsukuyo had a positive change after meeting Gintoki and the Yorozuya trio. Kagura calls her Tsukky and is friendly with her. Gintoki and Tsukuyo have a hot-and-cold relationship. She doesn’t hesitate a bit and often ends up hurting Gintoki.

Character Poll Arc

She ranks #10 in the character Poll Arc series. After Kagura, she was the only female character in the top 10. Other female characters like Sarutobi and Otae were pissed at her for making it to the top 10. She leaves a strong impression which makes her the most popular female anime character in Gintama.

Does Tsukuyo Love Gintoki?

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There is no clear sign of Tsukuyo and Gintoki as love relations. But she says that her resolve gets weak if Gintoki is near her. It’s never explicitly said or denied. It’s left ambiguous for the viewers.

She does make a good pair with Gintoki though. Gintoki has rejected Sarutobi throughout the series, but we don’t see the same with Tsukuyo. Sarutobi views Tsukuyo as her love rival and feels threatened by her presence. She and Sarutobi are rivals but they often team up for the greater good.

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