10 Least Popular Studio Ghibli Characters Who deserve Recognition!

10 Least Popular Studio Ghibli Characters Who deserve Recognition!

Studio Ghibli has produced several movies which have created several popular characters. There are certain Studio Ghibli Characters who have created a lasting impression and yet have failed to become popular in the mainstream media. Who are the underrated and least popular Studio Ghibli Characters that deserve recognition?!

10. Nahoko Satomi

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First on this list is Nahoko Satomi from The Wind Rises. Nahoko’s role might have been short, but she left a deep impression in the movie. Nahoko Satomi might just be a very underrated and least popular Studio Ghibli character who needs more recognition from fans.

Seldom have we seen a character like Nahoko Satomi who isn’t self-centered and supports her husband in the best ways she could. It was quite sad when the character was introduced with declining health due to tuberculosis in the world war era. The happy moments between Nahoko and Jiro were hard to miss; powerful and tear-jerking.

9. Tamasaburo

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Pom Poko is an underrated gem of a movie from Studio Ghibli. Tamasaburo is one of the characters in Pom Poko who will catch your attention in the movie. Tamasaburo is also referred to as the Third son of the Ghost Forest, Tama.

One of the reasons the movie and the character Tamasaburo is so well made is due to the plot of Tanukis (Raccoons) who can shapeshift and become humans while creating awareness of changing natural environment and destruction of flora and fauna.

Tamasaburo can shapeshift like other racoons. He had a very sensitive personality and is quiet and reserved. Tamasaburo works hard and his unique appearance makes him quite distinguishable. Tamasaburo is one of the closest friends of Shoukichi, the main protagonist.

8. Fio Piccolo

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One of the most memorable yet least popular Studio Ghibli characters is Fio Piccolo from Porco Rosso. Fio is Mr. Piccolo’s granddaughter and a very talented mechanic.

Mr Piccolo is favorite mechanic of Porco. Fio Piccolo is a confident young woman who’s no less than a talented mechanic and has good skills. Her cheerful disposition and carefree nature make her easily likable.

The second half of the movie centered around Fio when Porco and Curtis wage a bet to win her. Of course, we know who won! Fio Piccolo is a character worthy enough to be beautiful with brains and skills. When Porco was in a difficult situation, Fio helped by confronting the air pirates.

7. Anna Sasaki

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The entire set-up of When Marnie Was There was a bit weird and confusing experience. The journey of Anna Sasaki as she meets her mysterious friend Marnie was a life-changing experience.

Anna Sasaki had quite a traumatic experience in early childhood. She became a loner in her school and had misguided opinions about her adoptive parents.

Anna’s journey to rediscover a new experience in the form of Marnie was hard to forget. The reason what makes Anna quite interesting is her non-nonsense behaviour and she does what she wants.

6. Captain Dola

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If you have watched Castle in the Sky, it’s hard to miss Captain Dola. The character had a huge transition and left a deep impression on our minds out of all the characters.

Captain Dola evenly matches with her nemesis Colonel Muska but is a way better character than him. She is a character with grey shades and it’s hard to judge the book by the cover, certainly apt for Captain Dola.

Captain Dola was initially interested in the jewels and treasures of Laputa, but she had a drastic change. She even helped Sheeta and Pazu. Captain Dola was a soft-hearted and kind person despite her exterior tough appearance. She played a crucial role in helping Pazu and rescuing Sheeta from the crisis.

5. Shun Kazama

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The main protagonist of From Up on Poppy Hill, Shun Kazama needs more appreciation. The young male protagonist Shin Kazama was quite stellar in the movie as he captivates Umi.

Mr famous is part of the school journalism club and played an active part to renovate Quartier Latin. He and other students were active to save the building from demolition.

4. Taku Morisaki

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The only reason Ocean Waves was quite bearable was mostly due to the male protagonist Taku Morisaki. Rikaku Muto literally played Taku Morisaki with her unbelievingly attitude.

Taku never once complained when dragged along the whims and wishes of Rikaku who was unapologetically using Taku for her self-eccentric exploits and experience. Taku Morisaki ended up losing his bestie because of her and seriously deserved better.

3. Shizuku

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One of the interesting characters in the Studio Ghibli universe is undoubtedly Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart. Shizuku enjoys reading and writing and has good literary talent. She can easily get into a rage but that’s just Shizuku. Shizuku is a daydreamer but knows what she wants. In a sense, Shizuku is very inspiring for following her dreams.

2. Lin

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If there’s a list and no mention of Spirited Away, quite unlikely. Lin is one of the underappreciated characters in the Studio Ghibli universe. Lin worked at Yubaba’s bathhouse. She took care of Chihiro when she was in the spirit world. Throughout the movie, Lin helped Chihiro.

Lin is a good-natured person who not only helped Chihiro and was quite protective of her. She is one of the characters who comforted Chihiro. What made Lin quite memorable is her sarcastic and bossy demeanor yet caring and protective nature.

1. Nausicaa

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The 1984 movie, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind deserves more recognition. Despite being old, the movie was quite advanced for its time. If you have watched Gintama, Gintoki made quite a reference to Nausicaa (and yes other characters too).

Set in the near future where civilization was destroyed and the emergence of toxic jungles, Nausicaa is introduced as the princess and the future savior. The 11th child of King Jihl, Nausicaa explores the land with her Mehve. Nausicaa is kind and has an attachment to nature.

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