10 Most Unforgettable Studio Ghibli Characters

10 Most Unforgettable Studio Ghibli Characters

Studio Ghibli is a name synonymous with anime fans for memorable movies and good plotlines. There are so many characters in the Studio Ghibli series and some of them are iconic and unforgettable. These Studio Ghibli characters are the reason which compels us to rewatch the movies again and again and we can never get enough of them. Who are the top 10 most unforgettable Studio Ghibli Characters that made you fall in love with them?

10. Ponyo

ponyo and sosuke

The cute little jellyfish princes from Gake no Ue no Ponyo introduced us to the main character Ponyo. She might seem a little weird and odd in the beginning, but soon Ponyo rules our hearts.

The reason why Ponyo is so unforgettable among all the Studio Ghibli characters is because of her determination and willingness to choose the life she wanted to live. Ponyo aka Brunhilde goes against her wizard father to live up in the land with her beloved Sosuke. We stan Ponyo don’t we?

9. Haku

smiling haku

Spirited Away is undoubtedly the most memorable movie by Studio Ghibli. The movie introduced us to Haku. The dragon river spirit was kind to Chihiro and helped her get away from Yubaba.

Chihiro was trapped when her parents were bewitched by Yubaba, well partly they had themselves to blame as well. Haku may seem like a cold-hearted person at first, but he genuinely cared for and protected Chihiro and helped her escape from the cruelty of other spirits. He truly looked out for Chihiro and eventually helped her to go back with her parents.

8. Arrietty

getting ready for action arrietty

The borrower from the Studio Ghibli movie Karigurashi no Arrietty left a deep impact as a fan. Arrietty is one such unforgettable character who is kind, brave and relies on herself to get things done.

Arriety is no less than a strategist who knows how to handle situations. She befriends Sho and changes his life, although they were in danger and had to leave later. Arrietty is a true friend who gave some happy memories to Sho at least.

7. Kiki

kiki and jiji

Who can forget the 1989 movie Majo no Takkyyuubin or Kiki’s Delivery Service? Kiki is a 13-year-old girl, a witch in training. Kiki showed us the experience of beginning an experience, a magical journey and she explored her life to face the adversities of becoming a full-fledged witch.

The reason Kiki is such an unforgettable character is that she always tried her best and never gave up. She is strong and protects her friend Jiji when he was trapped. Kiki may have issues of self-doubts which caused her to lose her witch powers but she knew how to deal with her problems and that was commendable.

6. Jiro Horikoshi


The protagonist from The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi is one of the most memorable and respected characters in the Studio Ghibli Universe. Jiro’s determination, knowledge and selfless love toward his wife were heartwarming.

His passion for aeroplanes and knack for creating designs during the war led him to create the aircraft successfully. What’s most interesting is that the character of Jiro Horikoshi is drawn from the real person of Jiro Horikoshi.

5.Baron Humbert von Gikkingen

the baron

The most charming, dashing and unforgettable Studio Ghibli character who made an appearance in two of the movies. The character of Baron is briefly shown in Whisper of the Heart.

In The Cat Returns movie, Baron Humbert von Gikkingen mesmerised us with his charm, gentlemanly nature and string fighter who protected Haru along with Muuta san. Baron is a popular character from the Cat kingdom who helped rescue Haru and prevented her from becoming a cat person.

4. San


One of the strongest female characters in Studio Ghibli is San from Princess Mononoke. We love San because of her unyielding spirit, bravery, determination and unending preservation which makes her so attractive. San s powerful and a femme fatale truly fitting to be the Wolf Princess. San is beautiful and adamant, however, she changes a lot after meeting Ashita who was exiled from his village to get the cure.

3. Chihiro

haku and chihiro

The female protagonist from Spirited Away Ogino Chihiro made the movie quite memorable and beautiful. Throughout the movie, Chihiro’s growth and how she adapted to the spirit world to rescue her parents was one of the central essences. Her compassion and willingness to learn and do things to make a contribution while caring nature for Haku make her so likeable. Haku is responsible and learns to deal with her fears, while she has the passion and courage to make things right.

2. Howl

beautiful howl

The thirst for Howl Jenkins Pendragon is definitely real. One of the visually appealing characters from Howl’s Moving Castle is Howl. Howl is a reputed, powerful but eccentric wizard who somehow got Sofie involved in his mess. Howl precedes the reputation to mess with women's hearts and well the aftermath is clear.

I mean who can blame Howl right, whether he’s in blonde, orange, black or any hair colour we still like Howl. Don’t we love Howl’s wicked and flamboyant personality, not that he’s any less charming and intelligent!!!

1. Totoro

totoro and the kids

The most memorable, unforgettable and endearing Studio Ghibli character is Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro. Didn’t we all wish at some point to have a magical, cute and caring neighbour like Totoro who would help us whenever we get into trouble?

Totoro is recognised as the mascot of Studio Ghibli and rightfully so. We just love Totoro and even if Totoro never says a word, his actions are loud and clear. Totoro is playful, helpful and caring and would take the sisters on a magical adventure. We can never get enough of Totoro.

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